Insulation of the ceiling under the suspended ceiling

Hostage annoying noise could be anyone. Just as anyone can be the victim of noisy neighbors, and cause them anxiety. A solution to the painful problem is the insulation of the ceiling. Modern technologies constantly offer new kinds of materials that help absorb sound waves. Insulation of the ceiling under the suspended ceiling is not extremely difficult, but requires careful consideration of basic concepts.

For tight stacking shumoizolyatory the step of sheathing the frame should be slightly less than the width of the material

The contents

  • 1 Soundproofing ceiling: the advantages of a stretch ceiling
  • 2 Materials for soundproofing ceiling
    • 2.1 the Mineral wool is a proven method of sound insulation under the suspended ceiling
    • 2.2 Polystyrene foam: the pros and cons of its use for suspended ceiling with noise insulation
  • 3 sound Insulation of the ceiling in the apartment: modern materials
    • 3.1 the Latest adaptation of the process noise
    • 3.2 How to make sound insulation of the ceiling with a tube
  • 4 Insulation of the ceiling under the suspended ceiling: the secrets of Assembly and its pitfalls
  • 5 How to make sound insulation in the apartment: frame and frameless method
    • 5.1 Frameless method

Soundproofing ceiling: the advantages of a stretch ceiling

Itself suspended ceiling already assumes a certain percentage of noise. According to experts, it “extinguishes”is about 5 dB. Standing between him and a concrete slab air space reduces the propagation of sound waves. Mount it to the walls, not the floor slabs reduce sound propagation. Of course, the airspace inherent in the suspended ceilings. But here’s the system profile, which is attached to the drywall, will serve as a bridge for sound propagation.

In order to effectively reduce noise, you need to choose the right insulation material for decorating the ceiling

It often happens that only the quality of the stretch ceiling will not be enough. So you have to resort to various methods of solving this problem. Each of these methods is the choice of material. It used material will be the fundamental criterion in the process of soundproofing the ceiling. In addition to selecting material, to determine its thickness. Its rate is directly proportional to reduce noise in the home. Today’s market offers the latest materials that are able to efficiently reduce the volume of the sounds and not take such important inches.

Suspended ceiling absorbs some of the acoustic waves

Materials for soundproofing ceiling

The choice of material depends 99% effectiveness in getting rid of the noise. To reliably understand the principle of operation of the entire system, it is necessary to define and distinguish two concepts. The materials are sound-absorbing and soundproof.

Sound-absorbing material has a fibrous, porous, soft structure. First, there is deceleration, then the total absorption of the sound wave. The fiber from which they are composed, their properties provides the desired result. These include mineral wool, basalt slabs, felt and polyester plates.

Three-layer sound-absorbing and sound-insulating material Vladtel on the basis of fiberglass

Soundproof is the opposite of the previous view on the principle of action. This material absorbs and reflects sound. It needs to be tight and sturdy in its structure to reflect wave, and she would be unable to shake him. These include brick, concrete, etc.

A useful tip! The best method of application of those or other materials for soundproofing ceiling in the apartment is the use of representatives of both categories simultaneously.

Sandwich design, with inside sound and outside is surrounded by a massive soundproof material, the most advantageous in practice. This composite structure will significantly affect the reduction factor of the noise. Attenuation generally depends on the correct choice of material, its thickness and quality. The modern market offers a lot of the well known and proven products, and a lot of new, just starting to get reviews: cork, membrane.

Combined acoustic membrane with a layer of acoustic felt

Mineral wool is a proven method of sound insulation under the suspended ceiling

Mineral wool stands first in the list shumoizolyatsionnye materials. It should be noted that its use will not only give this effect and other advantages:

  • good insulation;
  • easy installation;
  • relatively inexpensive price.

These qualities are very important when selecting a material. If we talk about the installation of noise insulation of the ceiling in the apartment with his hands, you will need to construct the wooden frame. Form release coating of the roll or Mat. Their width determines the range of distances at which each of the rake from each other. To wool held firmly on the ceiling, it should fit, with an interference fit to go under the rail. Therefore, the distance between them should be less than the width of shumoizolyatory. To be sure his fall is sometimes practiced by nailing the insulation with nails.

Mineral wool — eco-friendly material with good sound absorption properties

Minus the technical characteristics of mineral wool is its instability to moisture, which it swells and loses its shape. The solution was the use of the following materials in this order: waterproofing membrane, mineral wool, vapor barrier.

Important! Steam rising from inside the premises, threatens to damage shumoizolyatory. Therefore the mineral fabric must be protected from two sides.

To protect the fibrous sound-absorbing materials from moisture when installing additional equip hydro – and vapor barrier

Polystyrene foam: the pros and cons of its use for suspended ceiling with noise insulation

Quality insulation can be organized with the help of such material as polystyrene. It is easy to use, has low thermal conductivity and vapor permeability. The technological process of its manufacture is a saturation of polystyrene balls of gas, and as a result the increase in the amount of 50 times or more. This increase gives a large coefficient of elasticity, resistance to compression and lightness. Ease of installation provides its output in the form of plates with a thickness from 2 to 10 cm, the attenuation of the polystyrene also has a high level: from 23 to 25 dB. Mount the Styrofoam plates to the surface of the floor decks are carried out using the special adhesive “liquid nails”, foam. For stronger adhesion use of attachment-“fungi”.

Installation of Styrofoam ceiling is produced using a special adhesive

Insulation of the ceiling in the apartment: modern materials

Latest technology in any field provide customers with the opportunity to choose an alternative. For soundproofing ceiling under the suspended ceiling such option was the production of insulation membranes. Protectors a thin layer of such membranes will effectively cope with its task. Due to their small thickness, they are very benefit in comparison with mineral wool and polystyrene, which take a considerable inches of ceiling height. Such an acoustic membrane made from the natural material of aragonite, so are extremely environmentally friendly composition. They are available in rolls, are flexible and plasticity, however, is a rather dense kind of insulator. This combination of important technical characteristics of sound absorption membranes are becoming increasingly popular.

Membrane “Tecsound” on the basis of aragonite — a modern sound-insulating material

The latest adaptation of the process noise

Special fabric – a new word in insulation. Sound system is a fabric with great number of holes. This micro has an excellent ability to absorb noise. The sound wave is constantly reflected from each hole. However, she loses energy until until fading inside the polymer holes.

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How to make sound insulation of the ceiling with a tube

Cork has excellent sound insulation qualities. In addition, a number of other advantages:

  • natural and eco-friendly;
  • has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity.
  • has a high level of sound insulation (it should be noted that this material is better at absorbing high-frequency waves);
  • soft, stretchy, moisture resistant;
  • thin, not “takes away” the inches of ceiling height.

You need to consider that when you use cork for the device of sound insulation of the ceiling in the apartment, the price of the material will be quite noticeable. Also need a more expensive special adhesive for assembling this material.

Cork is a natural material, has excellent sound insulation characteristics

Insulation of the ceiling under the suspended ceiling: the secrets of Assembly and its pitfalls

Installation of noise flood the apartment under the suspended ceiling can occur in three ways:

  • bonding;
  • laying between the profile batten;
  • pinning with dowels – “fungi”.

The choice of method of installation depends on the used insulation material, design of the room, the desired outcome and the availability of engineering communications in a Plenum area (wiring, ventilation, etc.).

Dowels-fungi are used for fixing sound insulation materials for ceiling and walls

Before proceeding directly to the mounting ceiling surface must be prepared. The carrier plate should be carefully examined for cracks and holes, and irregularities. Small cracks just shpatlyuyutsya, large can be repaired with foam. Every seam must be perfectly smooth. After this procedure should clean the ceiling from dust and debris. Often used in any construction field element primer. It increases the adhesion between superimposed on each other layers.

Important! Do not forget about the lighting. Making a soundproof ceiling, a must withdraw the hook. Later on it will be mounted chandelier.

The cracks on the ceiling close up proofing sealant

Another issue for consideration will be the device of sound insulation in the house with wooden overlappings. It is usually done on the second floor. The floor of the second floor is the ceiling first. Any construction and manipulation is easier to do with the floor than a ceiling. The process goes like this: crate is made of wooden beams, the cavity of which laid shumoizolyatory. One such material is granular sand. It has excellent features to absorb sound waves and therefore used quite often.

How to make a noise insulation in the apartment: frame and frameless method

The first method makes it clear that its basis is a frame. Most often it is used metal profiles or wooden beams. If you believe the reviews, the sound insulation of the ceiling with this method many do.

Insulation of the ceiling is a good way to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet in the apartment

At the beginning of the works is the markup around the perimeter of the ceiling. Parallel profiles must be placed at a distance of about 60 cm from each other. Distance from end of profile to the wall – no more than 10 cm Drilled holes, set the whole crate and you can go directly to the gasket of anti-noise material

Frameless method

Frameless method of noise insulation of the ceiling in the apartment is less time consuming than the previous one, as it eliminates the installation of complex structures. In the course of the work uses a special glue mixture. Recent innovations in the field of insulation materials have a distinctive feature: one side adhesive. Here is important properly and smoothly press this side to the floor slab and all will be ready in a very short period of time. It is this feature isolated as the biggest plus in the choice of materials for soundproofing ceiling in an apartment. Reviews guarantee that after having spent in their purchase, everyone will be able to save afterwards. Further installation does not require the purchase absolutely no additional materials.

Scheme of a frameless way of soundproofing the ceiling with the use of “Termoguajira”

The second subspecies frameless method is the method of installation of insulation with dowels-“fungi”. Its application is also required rough markings, can be used for additional sizing of panels. “Fungi” must be secured at the corners of the plates and preferably in the center.

Quality insulation of ceilings in the apartment under the suspended ceiling must be done as evenly as possible, without cracks and gaps. This will allow to obtain the desired result. By following the above tips, you can perform the insulation of the ceilings with their hands. And stay in your own home will bring you only pleasure. “Loud” tenants of the upper floor will not be disturbed. At the same time, you can be sure that they don’t know all the details of your personal life.


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