Interior design – how to emphasize the individuality

Our personality is manifested not only in our tastes and appearance. House is one of the manifestations of the uniqueness, the character of the owners. Here we spend a significant part of your life, here are concentrated the most important things to us. Taking care of the comfort, you choose the furniture that meets your preferences about beauty and comfort, try to create comfort and to ease the cleaning process – this is your main task. For you it is unacceptable to wear the same clothes? So your home needs to change from time to time! Of course, change the interior design and purchase of new furniture, accessories are not always expensive. The days of our grandparents when everything was built and bought at twenty or even more years, long gone. Now the interior of the house as affected by fashion trends as the clothes that we wear.

Now we are more free to tools that help us to change the look of our house. Not rejecting what we liked and came up earlier, we can afford to combine new and existing things, thereby breaking the link with the past, and purposefully moving into the future. We must, first and foremost, to create an atmosphere that would be good for you, easy to use the space, altering it in their own way or using the latest fashion. After the main types of work you will get ample opportunities of transformation of interior design – decorating, updating separate elements, the change of emphasis. Sometimes it is enough just to paint or glue one or two walls in the room and she immediately becomes completely different. You can use a combination of colors or a single color, but to paint a different technology, or Wallpaper paste to match the colour and texture of the rest of the coating, but, for example, with images of flowers or abstraction. Applying this kind of transformation should take into account the location of walls, its lighting, the presence of Windows or doorways. If the wall opposite the window – the natural light will enhance the brightness.

In General, to make their homes fashionable and exclusive, it is not necessary to use a new color. In 1940-50-ies, it was customary to have smooth painted walls. He subsequently started to introduce more variety of finishes based on the fashion of the past centuries. Before 1990-ies of the apartment and the house looked very modest, almost pathetic due to the plain flat finish. Now that we have all sorts of materials and technologies to create our ideal concept of interior design. No funds for new furniture or no desire to part with cherished things? Through paint or other finishing materials can quickly and simply restore.

The window is a special part of the room. Depending on the window decoration, the room completely changes its appearance. Without curtains the room looks like naked, devoid of comfort. Is it worth it to hang ordinary curtains, and there is an instantaneous transformation. Tradition gives the simple curtains, without any frills. Classic elegance with a touch of modernity will be present in the room with Roman blinds. It is worth noting that things like cushions, covers for sofas or chairs, new linens play an important role in the interior. The presence or change of any thing creates a completely different effect. For example, in the dining room the focus is always on the table. Change the tablecloth or the dinnerware and receive a different style. Bath towels also are a wonderful tool for change, as well as cosmetics set, dressing table, kitchen furniture (if you like to keep everything inside the boxes), pots, cups, jars of cereals and spices (for the kitchen with open shelves).

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