The kitchen is “home” , the preservation of which from ancient times a sacred duty . Kitchen in many modern homes remains the center of not only the culinary wizardry , but also a favorite place to dine , sincere communication , recreation. The kitchen interior should be such that people felt comfort in the kitchen . The design of a kitchen may have completely different properties.

Modern kitchen interior planning involves creative and unconventional design space .

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There is a tendency to greater mobility and portability. Kitchen is becoming increasingly Central feature of the dwelling. The modern kitchen is suitable both for cooking and for a pleasant stay in it.

The kitchen interior design involves not only its appearance , but also the location of all items of kitchen furniture and utensils at the places where they will be most convenient for you and others. Kitchen design should combine compactness , convenience , functionality and a pleasant appearance. The kitchen is not limited only to organization of working space. The materials you choose for the walls and floors , and furniture , standing in the kitchen should be pleasing to the eye. The correct design of the kitchen also brings the mistress home comfort , wide space for action , in consequence of which you’ll spend less time on cooking , and the presence at the plate will be for you to turn a pleasant pastime.

The color of the kitchen should be chosen based on how it is comfortable for the hostess or if in the kitchen , not only cooking , but also to eat , taking into account the wishes of all family members.

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Styles of kitchen furniture and kitchen interior:

Country or rural ( rustic ) kitchen – interiors kitchen in this stilanalyse and homely . A characteristic feature of country style is the use of noble materials : solid oak , ash , maple .

Hi – tech kitchen – the kitchen interior in this style reflects the most advanced technology. – Patronage cuisine- a cuisine , furnished to meet the needs of the skilled Chef.

Not kitchen – kitchen interior , you’ll be newboolean , freestanding kitchen furniture.

Color in the kitchen interior

The kitchen area in an apartment , as a rule , always less compared to the other space .

Small design tweaks in the color design interior kitchen design kitchen interior in red color is not accidental: the red color ( orange and yellow) excites and increases the appetite , stimulates digestion during eating. However, since the color not only creates a certain emotional atmosphere , but also visually adjusts the size of the space in a small sized kitchen, it is undesirable to use a large amount of saturated shades of red-orange , bright ocher and yellow : they visually make the room more cramped. In addition , it does not use “yummy” red , if only in the kitchen preparing food but not eating . In this case the red is more suitable for the dining room and kitchen interior can be arranged in the cold , “refreshing” the shades of blue or green associated with natural , nature , health. You can use yellow , Sunny , bright and clean , reminiscent of the aroma and freshness of lemon , and for kitchen appliances white suit. However, white should not be too much to the kitchen , as we have said, was a “laboratory” . For example , the kitchen can be designed in the same pastel color , based on the combination of two “contiguous” colors : pale green and pale yellow , for which the beautiful backdrop will serve as a light gray tone

If the owners of the house or apartment does not set an objective to bring the focus to the kitchen , this room can be arranged in the same color scheme as the entire interior, but it is permissible to paint the kitchen walls in a brighter tone than the walls of living rooms . It is advisable to choose bright and clean colors, like shades of light blue and light green , silvery-grey or light cream color. It can also be light pink , lemon yellow , light orange and other shades of warm colors. With these tones, even a small area of the kitchen will visually look more spacious. However, despite the fact that the kitchen , which is dominated by cool tones , will seem more spacious , you should also consider that most kitchen cool colors can do too “desert” , and this may not every woman will like.

Typically, when choosing colors of walls the question about the color of the furniture. The kitchen can be very elegant , placing on a background of pale yellow wall Desk , wall Cabinet and similar pieces of furniture painted in light blue , light green or light pink color. Looks very cheerful kitchen decorated in a bright and clean saturated natural colors – blue , yellow , turquoise , terracotta combined with white.

By the way , the color and texture of the material in modern kitchen decoration play a special role. In particular , it effectively looks bright wood . Tiled light wall boards will blend in perfectly with the wooden kitchen furniture , bright enamel kitchenware and modern appliances of colored plastic.

It should be noted also that there are so-called “forbidden” colors for kitchen: dark shades of brown and black that can cause Association with the mud and suppress appetite. In addition , optically dark colors make the room more cramped.

This should be considered when choosing furniture for the kitchen , because the color of cupboard , occupying a limited space kitchen a significant place , will inevitably dominate the color palette of the kitchen .

Small kitchen size is not recommended to furnish dark wood furniture.

19 Photos of the KITCHEN DESIGN

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