Kitchen without handles – new perspective in design for supporters of minimalism!

The minimalist interior is not only a distinct style in design, rich in brevity, precision, restraint and austerity, but a whole way of life thanks to its new innovation facilitates home working, saving time and effort.

A kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment and for many homes it is the heart and soul of family life. Sleek lines , hidden storage, and modern aesthetics, austerity fits into any stylish home, which is a key cuisine in a minimalist style.

The most affordable option – a mechanical opening support system Tip –On – incredible comfort opening No. 1. Close and open narottam light on the facade. System Tip –On has many advantages for the user: as simple as opening a light press, secure locking in the closed position with magnet TIP –ON, reliable, and convenient mechanism, durability and high quality.

Servo – Drive Blum ) – a system that will give your kitchen more comfort and ease of use of furniture. It is enough just to click on the facade, and the drawer will automatically open with the electric drive . The only drawback of the system Servo – Drive Blum ) – the price matches the quality: not cheap.

The use of Servo – Drive, Tip-On in the interior will allow Your kitchen to become the embodiment of contemporary design today!


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