Laminate Flooring for Low Budget House Renovation

If you want to build your new home or renovate your current house with minimal budget, laminate flooring would be your house flooring option. It is very popular today and some residences apply it for their house. It is a syntactic flooring product which sub material comes from wood and sometimes stone. But, it could be also made from melamine resin (formaldehyde). This material firstly produced by Swedish company and now days it is well known over countries.

Laminate Flooring is Simply Installed and having some advantages

Some residences apply laminate flooring because it is easy in installation. We can install it practically and keep the surface easily comparing if we use the real flooring wood.  Laminate flooring helps us who have some small rooms in our houses. Not only low in cost, the appearance of this product is also good enough.

Some Characteristics of Laminate flooring and its disadvantages

There are some characteristics of laminate flooring that may help you to decide whether or not this product could be applied in your house. First, this product is durable like resilient or vynil flooring. Second, because it is often made of melamine resin or formaldehyde, it reduces the risk of emission and another potential health effect. On the other hand, we must keep the laminate flooring clean from spots , dust, or other dirt and make it always dry because the team or water vapor are able to make this laminate flooring swelling.

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