Laminate which company is better to choose for the apartment: the consumer reviews and prices

Starting repairs in the apartment, I would like to Express their individuality. For this we prepare and execute each area of the home in harmony with their habits and character. The floor finish is one of the most important moments in repair. Many people want to feel under foot the noble parquet or wood, but these materials are expensive and demanding in care. A great alternative is laminate flooring. Today the market of building materials, you can find laminate flooring from various manufacturers, any design taste and with different characteristics. Before buying you should study the information about laminate which company is better to choose for the apartment: the customer reviews, product prices and other information will also be useful.

Laminate — modern decorative floor covering

The contents

  • 1 What is laminate flooring
  • 2 Laminate which company is better to choose for the apartment: the customer reviews. TOP 10 best manufacturers
    • 2.1 Quick-Step (Belgium)
    • 2.2 Balterio (Belgium)
    • 2.3 Egger (Germany)
    • 2.4 The Company Tarkett (Europe)
    • 2.5 Pergo (Sweden)
    • 2.6 BerryAlloc (Belgium – Norway)
    • 2.7 Parador (Germany)
    • 2.8 Kronotex (Germany)
    • 2.9 Haro (Germany)
    • 2.10 Wineo (Germany)
  • 3 types of laminate flooring: what you need to know for the right purchase
    • 3.1 Grade laminate: which is better to choose for the apartment
    • 3.2 Size and shape
    • 3.3 Locks the connection: Click or Lock
    • 3.4 Environmental safety
    • 3.5 Design of laminate: interior photos of the apartment
    • 3.6 Texture: the effect of touch
  • 4 the Substrate under the laminate flooring: what to choose
  • 5 laminate with a bevel or without: which one is better
  • 6 Quality and price of the laminate for 1 square meter

What is laminate flooring

Laminate flooring, which in common parlance is called “laminate” was invented about 30 years ago by the Swedish company Perstorp Flooring AB. After a few years the coating began to be applied in the decoration of floors. Today laminate flooring is very popular. A variety of types and grades of laminate flooring, various design decisions of colors and styles allow it to be used as a floor covering for different types of premises (residential, office, retail, etc.).

Technical characteristics of the most popular type of laminate

For General concepts on the structure of the laminate, briefly analyze its structure:

  • the bottom hard layer consists of a waterproof melamine which serves as protection from deformation;
  • this is followed by the basis is a panel of fiberboard or particleboard, which performs most of the mechanical load;
  • the next layer – decorative. This paper, inscribed with patterns that mimic different types of wood, leather or other material;
  • on top of the laminate is covered with a laminated film. For its production using melamine or acrylic resin. The thickness of this layer and the amount of it affects of melamine plate resistance to wear and mechanical damage.

The structure of the laminate

Laminate which company is better to choose for the apartment: the customer reviews. TOP 10 best manufacturers

The entire laminate is almost the same in structure, but its quality depends on many factors. First and foremost is the company-manufacturer. Despite the appearance in the construction market of laminate domestic production, leadership still remains with foreign companies. For example, the TOP 10 popular manufacturers consider laminate which company is better to choose for the apartment. Customer reviews will help you make the right choice.

Leading manufacturers offer a wide selection of sizes, textures and colors of laminate flooring

Quick-Step (Belgium)

This company is one of the leaders in the world market of laminate flooring. Its products are in demand not only in Russia and Europe, but also in the United States. Only this company has a patented locking Uniklic, which allows to simplify the laying of laminate. Team Quick-Step is constantly working on improvement of material and design, so the products of this brand always goes up over time. Collections are constantly replenished with new models and colors, all products have premium quality and environmentally safe.

The popularity of the company allows it to set a pretty high cost for their products. Reviews of laminate flooring Quick-Step is possible to see different opinions, positive affect quality and long time service coverage. The negative reviews say the instability to damage and poor quality of products manufactured at the Russian factories, while buyers complain about the high cost.

Laminate beveled “Sawn oak” from the collection Wide Eligna by Quick-Step, 32 class, the size of the Board 1380х190х8 mm

Balterio (Belgium)

Balterio laminate flooring is in demand all over the world. This is a relatively young company, but the quality of its products has ensured her a place among the world leaders in the production of laminate flooring. Balterio also has its own patented system of interlock Click Xpres, bond slats that lock provides durable seamless connection.

Laminate is made of durable HDF Board, ensuring strength and durability. Special decorative layer created by high-precision stamping, the structure reproduces natural materials.

Laminate beveled “Montana Oak” from the collection from Balterio Quattro Vintage, Board size 1257х190,5×8 mm

The opinion of the customers about the laminate flooring from this company is also controversial, however, this product has a lot of positive reviews:

“A year has passed, the laminate is excellent, no creaks, no cracks and crevices. In one corner had to shift partially — managed myself, everything fit perfectly, it is necessary to be accustomed. In the house live 2 cats, their claws are not afraid of him. A scrap of laminate lay year in the garden, i.e. snow, rain, frost, heat, ends like new/just washed down – not swollen!”

Sergey Novikov, Kaluga

Some consumers note the creaking in the first operation and the appearance of scratches.

Laminate beveled “Elm Caramel” from the collection from Balterio Xperience, Board size 1257х190,5×8 mm

Egger (Germany)

The flooring from this company in the design focused on fashion trends. Quality material, attractive appearance, long-lasting laminate flooring from Egger is an incomplete list of his virtues. Special attention is given to the marking of aqua products, which means high moisture resistance of the laminate and the ability to use it as flooring in the bathroom and the kitchen. Positioned high durability and environmental safety.

Laminate beveled “Oak of Zeus” from Egger, Board size 1292х245х10 mm

For this stamp in the reviews, the buyers are these claims:

“Put the laminate Oak Loft white, ordered it online, was a disappointment. Very bad to clean, collect dust, not pretty, need to be washed frequently. And in the bedroom, for the year, selling under the bed, and visible joints, is a major disadvantage. Will lay another laminate, this worn out already.”

Yevgeny Ishchenko, Orel

However, there are a lot of positive reviews about its high resistance to damage, ease of installation, etc. for Example, a master of laying laminate write on the forums that the products of this company is collection of 8 mm has almost no defects and the best ratio price – quality.

Laminate beveled “Nut Mansoniya” from Egger, class 33, the size of the Board 1292х245х10 mm

The Tarkett Company (Europe)

The group’s products are produced in Sweden, Germany and Serbia. Tarkett produces coatings 32 and 33 class, which is used both in residential and public buildings. High quality laminate flooring this is a layer of Kraft paper, locking system T-lock, high durability. Different surface structure, rich choice of color and thematic range allows you to choose a model for any interior.

Company Tarkett is the only manufacturer of laminate floor coverings in Russia, which has the eco-labeling “Leaf of life”. Opinions about this laminate is very diverse. Found reviews of the same purchaser purchased different collections and Tarkett floors in the kitchen and in the hallway. In the kitchen the laminate has worn away, and the corridor went up at the seams.

Laminate “Golden Oak” from the WOODSTOCK collection from Tarkett, 32 class, the size of the Board 1292х194х8 mm

Pergo (Sweden)

The products of this company is characterized by innovative design, sophisticated décor and a variety of textures. All collections are produced in three grades of durability. But the main advantage is the patented surface treatment technology TitanX™ that delivers the highest degree of wear resistance. At its Pergo locking system PerfectFold™ 3.0, which simplifies the process of laying laminate. Floors from laminate flooring this company is environmentally friendly.

Laminate “Oak Midnight” from the collection Long Plank from Pergo, 34 class size 2050х205х10 mm

BerryAlloc (Belgium – Norway)

Norwegian company Alloc, with a long history and rich experience in producing high quality floor coverings and panels of wood, in 2012 teamed up with a Belgium company. The result is a manufacturer that produces a laminate with the use of HPL and DPL technology, which is characterized by excellent quality.

The company has the exclusive aluminium locking connection of the lamellae and produces environmentally friendly laminate. A wide range of models with various colors and textures will satisfy the preferences of any buyer. The product has high wear resistance and moisture resistance, so it can be used as a floor covering in the kitchen. High price of this laminate is quite justified by its quality.

Laminate “Oak Basalt” from the collection BerryAlloc Elegance, the size of the Board 2033х241х9 mm

Parador (Germany)

The products of this company has excellent technical characteristics and unique design. It has high quality, original texture, a repeating pattern of natural materials: wood, stone, etc., the Parador has patented two technologies of interlock – Automatic-Click and Safe-lock, which guarantee a reliable fastening of the panel at any load.

For the manufacture of a laminate company uses HDF-boards and special water-repellent impregnation, which increases the moisture resistance of laminate flooring. Positive reviews products collected thanks to the ProAir, which is designed to reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the premises. With high quality, do not expect low prices, however, Parador, they are easily accessible.

Laminate no grooves “goddess of nature” from the collection from Parador TrendTime, 32 class, the size of the Board 1285х330х8 mm

Kronotex (Germany)

Well-known German manufacturer of laminate flooring. The collection of this company is diverse and will satisfy the most demanding customers. The laminate has a high resistance to abrasion and fading, easy mounting system with Click-locks and guarantee environmental security.

For the production of laminate flooring uses HDF-plates made of natural wood. Kronotex products are manufactured at the Russian factories has cost lower, however, and it will get worse. Original products of German production won positive reviews.

Laminate “Blues” from the collection from Kronotex Amazone, the size of the Board 1380х157х10 mm

Haro (Germany)

A family business, founded in the NINETEENTH century. Until today it occupies a worthy place among the leaders in the production of parquet and laminate flooring. Multi-layered construction of laminate flooring HARO always retains resistance to stress and wear.

Special aquaTec system (a combination of HDF carrier plate with water-repellent treatment aquaResist® and specially impregnated protective layer surface) provides high wear resistance and moisture-proof effect. This allows the use of covering in premises with high humidity.

Laminate beveled “Eiche Altholz” from the collection TRITTY Haro, Board size 1282х135х10 mm

Wineo (Germany)

Laminate flooring from this company combines such criteria as ease of installation and quality. Plates are manufactured from compressed wood fibers. Products are positioned wear resistant, not afraid of moisture and UV rays. Easy system patented locks connection LocTec® makes it easy to fasten the panels together. Laminate floor from Wineo has a different structure of surfaces (glossy, matte, with embossing), as well as a variety of colors.

Laminate beveled “Virginia Oak” from the collection medium 500 Wineo Wineo V2, 32 class, the size of the Board 1288х195 mm

To determine with the help of forums which laminate flooring is better to choose for an apartment can be quite difficult, because the opinion is absolutely the opposite of each of these firms has both positive and negative feedback.

Types of laminate flooring: what you need to know for the right purchase

Thanks to its attractive appearance, the main characteristics and affordable price, laminate is a great alternative to expensive hardwood floors and is most often used for the flooring in the apartments and private homes.

When choosing a laminate it is necessary to focus on such characteristics:

  • the class of the laminate;
  • the shape and size;
  • the types of locks connection;
  • environmental safety;
  • design;
  • the texture of the surface.

Creative design laminate in retro style

Class laminate: which is better to choose for the apartment

To laminate flooring last a long time, must be correctly chosen in accordance with the class of durability. These specifications determine the possibility of resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, moisture resistance, sound insulation, reaction to light, etc.

What grade of laminate flooring is better suited for a particular room is determined depending on its usage.

If the apartment has Pets, you need to choose a laminate with the highest class durability

European Association of manufacturers of laminate flooring (EPLF) were approved by the standards for laminate flooring. According to these standards identifies six classes of laminate:

  • Class 21. Designed for residential applications with low level loads: bedrooms, libraries, offices. Has low resistance to abrasion.
  • Class 22. Suitable for rooms with a medium level of activity: children rooms, living rooms. Moderate resistance to abrasion.
  • Class 23. Used in premises with a high degree of load: hallway, kitchen. Has the highest abrasion resistance.
  • Class 31. Used in public areas with mild loads: small offices and conference rooms, is an indicator of high resistance to abrasion.
  • Class 32. Designed for public spaces with average degree of operation: classrooms, offices, reception areas, boutiques. Very high resistance to abrasion.
  • Class 33. Most durable laminate with high resistance to abrasion. It can be used for the flooring in public areas with heavy load: shops, gyms, restaurants.

Correspondence table: durability, room type and service life of the laminate

Today the biggest demand is laminate 31, 32 and 33 classes and is widely used for the flooring in the apartments and houses. Modern manufacturers, taking into account the preferences of consumers is increasingly limited to the production of laminated flooring these classes. It is more expensive than household laminate, but the quality and the service life is several times higher.

There is another class of laminate – 34, which has superticket to abrasion. Used in apartments, rarely because of the high cost. The laminate of this class is recommended to lay in rooms with a very intense workload.

The size and shape

The laminate produced mainly in the form of rectangular panels that mimic wood surfaces. Standard sizes of laminate does not exist, therefore, we focus only on the limit values, and also on the most popular sizes. The minimum parameters of the laminated boards: length 300-400 mm, width 90 mm, thickness – 6 mm. the Maximum settings accordingly: 1845х 330х12 mm. the Most popular is the laminate with average parameters: length from 1260 to 1380 mm, a width of 185-195 mm and a thickness of 8 mm.

The dimensions of the laminate panels, manufactured by Haro (Germany)

It is worth noting that shorter boards are placed easier. When using long panels it is important to maintain the geometry of each strap to the operation of the laminate is not deformed. Width is chosen based on the room geometry and the desired appearance (imitation of wooden floor, parquet, tiles, leather). Note that thicker coatings more durable in terms of loads and has a low thermal conductivity, but such coverage is expensive. These criteria will help to decide which is better the thickness of the laminate to choose.

Found laminate and square shapes. The most common pattern it mimics ceramic tile. Width is 330 mm. Square cover is easier to fit and requires no substrate, in contrast to rectangular variants. But the cost of it more expensive, and to repair damaged tiles is more complicated than the classic laminate.

Wide laminate panels are visually reminiscent of the massive wooden floor

Important! When calculating the required number of laminate must keep in mind the cost of pruning. When direct laying is 7% of the floor space, with a diagonal from 10 to 15%.

Before buying, make sure that you have selected the shape and size of the laminate will be in harmony with the geometry of space. For large rooms suitable strap longer and wider, and a small, it is more appropriate to use a narrower panel.

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Locks connect: Click or Lock

The bonding strips of the laminate can be in one of two ways: Click or Lock. Let’s find out what kind of locking laminate better.

The principle of the drop-Lock type Lock is to connect the laminate planks together through the clogging shaped protrusion on one plate in the groove of the other. Accordingly, each plank has a groove and a ledge with combs, which do not allow the boards to separate.

The principle of clicks of the locks Click and Lock

The advantage of such a laminate in a low price. Locks the type of Lock is not suitable for rooms with heavy traffic, because a constant load leads to their abrasion and consequently, failure. Laminate with Lock, locks must be placed on a perfectly flat base to avoid “sagging”. Styling should be handled by experts, inexperienced master can break the bar while rapping.

Lock Click installation is simple. Lay laminate click-lock will be able even a novice. It is necessary to fasten one Board to another at an angle of 45 ° and press until you hear a clicking sound. Laminate with this type of lock is not afraid of loads and fairly easy to repair, it can be dismantled and put in another location in case of moving. It is obvious that the comfort and reliability will have to pay more, but the result is worth it.

Laying laminate with a locking connection Click

Environmental safety

Environmental safety is the main criterion for the quality of any finishing material for homes. According to the norms of EPLF, is considered to be safe laminate E1 class. It contains permissible amount of formaldehyde, harmless to human health. Choosing a laminate with an appropriate marking, it is worth remembering available the fakes. In this case, you should pay attention to the price: a laminate of a famous brand may be unreasonably cheap.

You should also pay attention to information about the possible implementation of a laminate only in certain regions (as a rule, non-European countries with low requirements for the composition of floor coverings). This coating is better not to buy, as it is made can be joint ventures, for which there is no need to comply with European requirements for environmental safety.

For a child’s room is better to choose a laminate with the marks of safety class E1

A useful tip! Buy laminate in specialized stores with a good reputation. At the time of purchase open the same package: if there is a strong chemical smell – refuse such coverage and look for the laminate, smelling of sawdust.

Design laminate: interior photos of the apartment

Considering the collection of modern laminate flooring, it is possible to speak about high professionalism and inexhaustible creative inspiration of its producers. To achieve originality in his cause all sorts of pictures, create the effect of imitation of natural materials (wood, leather, stone, metal), experimenting with surface texture.

Laminate caramel shade with imitation wood Board

What are the design options of laminate flooring offer a modern manufacturers?

Wood laminate version of the classic floor design, which successfully replaces the expensive parquet Board. Meet panel with simulated picture oak, maple, birch, etc. the Maximum effect of naturalness is created using various textures of laminated planks, which will be discussed below.

For those who prefer luxury, fit interior with laminated coating “under the skin”. It is not a budget option, and will cost it dearly, but the result is worth it. Walk on the floor of the “crocodile skin” will give pleasure to everyone.

Laminate flooring in the living room

In such design areas as high-tech, minimalist or loft style bright and will look to finish a laminate floor under the metal that simulates the raw steel, zinc, chrome, etc.

Floor laminate stone-more will appeal to fans of classic design. Will look good in laminate “stone” style in the living room (especially with the fireplace), hallway, dining room, bathroom and kitchen. A variety of collections resemble such stones as agate, onyx, slate, volcanic stone, etc.

Interior room is designed in bright solid colours

The most original and versatile you can call designer collections of laminate flooring, offering exclusive patterns, unpredictable textures and absolute originality. For example, the German manufacturer Parador in TrendTime and Edition collections, introduced variations on the theme of the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci; animal print simulating skins of animals; abstract art in the form of drawings in ultra bright colours.

Designer laminate can be found in Kronotex, Classen and other companies. Very popular among these producers use the children’s collections of laminate flooring.

On the kitchen floor-a living room with moisture-proof laminate

Texture: the effect of touch

It is important for the overall appearance and feeling of comfort in the room is the texture of laminate flooring. It can be very diverse:

  • classical wooden surface simulates the relief of natural wood;
  • the effect of aged wood is achieved through imitation of significant irregularities inherent in the worn-out wood. Perfect for the interior in the Provence style;
  • glossy surface will create the impression of a lacquered hardwood flooring planks;
  • laminate with a natural surface that looks like wood with a natural pattern, characteristic of this breed;
  • oil tree. Typical of such laminate surface is a matte finish coating and the effect of well-oiled wood;
  • laminate flooring with a waxed surface creates the effect of a rubbed wax wood and gives the panels a massive;
  • coverage country has a topography that simulates the fresh and lightly sanded planed wooden boards.

The various textures of surfaces, offered by the manufacturer Wineo (Germany)

As can be seen, the range is large enough and allows you to apply laminate flooring in the most unexpected variations. Therefore, when deciding which laminate is best for the house, start from the General interior of the home and their own preferences.

The substrate under the laminate flooring: what to choose

Even high-quality laminate flooring may not last for long, if one does not care about the quality of the grounds on which it falls. So that the laminate does not bend, between the base and the laminate must lay a substrate which will act as a shock absorber and reduce the noise. There are several types of underlay:

  • cork underlay under the laminate. Pros and cons: natural material with a long service life, has good performance of sound and thermal insulation, perfectly evens the base. The disadvantage is the high cost and risk of cracking in conditions of high humidity.

Cork underlay has high levels of acoustic and thermal insulation

  • extruded polystyrene foam. The substrate of this material is moisture resistant and not amenable to processes of decay, has a sound absorbing effect;
  • Tupleks – durable three-layer substrate. The bottom layer is polyethylene which has the perforations, which provides ventilation. The middle layer of expanded polystyrene granules, and the upper polyethylene;
  • the substrate is made of polyethylene foam on a budget. Has sound-absorbing effect and is not afraid of moisture, but can collapse from heavy loads.

Laying laminate on a substrate made of polyethylene foam

A useful tip! You can not stack sheets of the substrate overlap. To avoid the formation of bubbles and irregularities you can seal the joints at the junction of sheets of the substrate tape.

Any of these substrates will extend the life of your floor, so saving it is not worth it. What is the best thickness of the substrate under the laminate depends on the class of the selected cover, the lock type and material of the subfloor.

Three-layer substrate Tuplex c polystyrene granules

Laminate with a bevel or without: which one is better

Depending on how the processed edges of the slats, the laminate can be:

  • no chamfer. Edges of the slats cut at a right angle;
  • with the chamfer. Edge cut at an acute angle. Between the lamellae during installation, a groove depth of 2-3 mm;
  • with mikropascal. Different from the previous one only by the depth of the groove, in this case it is 0.5 – 1 mm.

The chamfer is two-way (applied only along the long edges of the slats) and quadripartite. The bevels can have a V – or U-neck.

Various types of chamfer on edges of laminate

The presence or absence of chamfer will not affect the technical characteristics of the laminate, and only affects the appearance and price of the product. Coverage without the chamfer will be cheaper, and the floor will look like a smooth solid surface. Laminate top with chamfered edge is more expensive, it looks bulkier and visually resembles natural wood floors.

The quality and price of the laminate for 1 square meter

The cost of laminate flooring depends on the manufacturer, the durability, relevance of the collection, surface structure, systems connections, environmental safety, etc.

A square meter of laminate premium will cost 1300 rubles and above. The cost of the laminate average price starts from 600 rubles/m2. At an affordable price, you can buy laminate Russian and Chinese manufacturers. The average price for laminate economy class 250 RUB/m2, however, and expect him durability and high strength is not necessary.

Laminated flooring in the bedroom

Remember that when buying flooring, you make an investment for years to come, so you must remember the saying “miser pays twice.” With high-quality, durable and safe laminate flooring your apartment will be more comfortable and be presentable.


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