Landscape design of the yard of a private house. Photos of modern households and plots

Every owner wants to create beautiful and original landscape design of the yard of a private house. Photos of modern households, represented in large numbers on the web site, affect the unique elements of landscape design that perfectly fit into the overall stylistic decision. To create this beauty yourself, but you need to read the rules, subtleties and nuances of landscaping and the zoning of the space.

The modern design of the site

The contents

  • 1 space Zoning
  • 2 Decorative office areas
  • 3 Tracks and platforms
  • 4 the Landscaping of the yard
  • 5 landscaping yard of the private house. Photo modern courtyards with decorative elements
    • 5.1 landscaping of the yard of a private house (video)
    • 5.2 landscaping the yard of a private house with his own hands (video)

Space zoning

Define the style of landscape design suburban area, necessary to make space zoning. Beautiful and user-friendly yard can not exist without the following functional elements. Often in the yard are organised in the following venues:

  • Parking for guests;
  • the track that separates the space;
  • a place for leisure activities;
  • small house for equipment;
  • artificial pond;
  • flower garden or flower beds;
  • the architectural form.

Pond and gazebo in the yard of a private house

We need to think about additional areas. If the family has children, should equip a children’s Playground. You can provide a place for a picnic on the grass, to build a real pool and even build a Japanese Zen garden. It all depends on how often you plan to operate these sites of the yard.

If the yard is small, you might think about combining some zones. For example, the picnic area can be equipped with a folding table and chairs, bringing the space is easily transformed into a field for sports.

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Such organization of space is one of the most important elements of landscape design of a private house. Photo modern courtyards abound with various options of distribution of functional areas, from which to choose the original solution.

Concrete flower beds for plants

Decorative office areas

To visually delineate territory, you should use all existing features of the yard landscaping. To separate one area of the yard from another, often used in hedgerows, tall shrubs or tall perennial flowers and plants. Playgrounds or picnic can be separated by a small fence from shtaket or wicker fence. Transitions between zones decorate with flowering arches.

A cozy sitting area

If you plan to create a gazebo or a small terrace, and the master funds is limited, you can replace them with a lightweight pergola, landed around her twine roses, vines or clematis. To hide from annoying neighbors for interesting designs – living trellis or trellis. They create a sense of walls, but not clutter the space.

Tall trees in landscape design

In more open areas look good screens or screens made from natural materials. They can be considered unique design elements of the yard of a private home. Photos of modern houses such masterpieces, often performed manually, the eye-catchers. Screens provide additional shade at the yard site and to some extent protect the interior from wind. In them can be river boards, bamboo mats or webs of vines.

The relaxation area is designed paving slabs

A useful tip! In addition to the usual children’s Playground in a secluded courtyard behind a large green bushes you can organise a tent. It will be an original addition to the design and to the delight of children a great place for leisure.

Private courtyard decorated evergreen shrubs

The tracks and platforms

Pretty ugly do not look decorated, Parking spaces and paths between the individual parts of the yard. They look like a trampled lawn. Much original look of the platforms and tracks, are paved with different materials. For these purposes:

  • wild stone;
  • granite;
  • paving;
  • wood saw cut;
  • the concrete slabs.

The scenic design of the site

Laying track, you can leave a small space between the boards and fill it with tiny pebbles, sand, or garden grass. In such intervals, you can plant smaller flowering plants. Suitable thyme, clove, evening primrose and any dwarf plants. The original tracks stand out favorably in virtually any design of house yard. Photo modern yards, in a manner presented below.

The original benches in the courtyard

Tracks are located in the immediate vicinity of the house, should be made in a simple style. It is more appropriate materials such as pavers, concrete, red and white brick. On a more informal areas, e.g., near an artificial pond or in a mini-forest in the organization of the paths it is better to use irregular shapes, materials of different textures and dimensions.

Pond with wooden bridge

A useful tip! Definitely need to focus on the overall style decision of the facade in the design of the yard of a private house. Photo modern courts exhibit a variety of decor options of the site, depending on the material used for finishing the house.

Alpine slide in landscape design

The landscaping of the yard

After separation space, clearance of pathways and other functional areas you can start planting. It is very important to choose and arrange plants based on their size and flowering periods. You should start with the largest plants, shrubs and trees. They help to create shady areas of the yard, perfectly protected, including from wind.

Separately planted instances help to draw attention to the most interesting and significant design elements. Under the large tree, you can position a bench, a small green lawn will dilute bright rose-Bush, and junipers create a restrictive border.

Pool with comfortable Seating area

For landscaping often use bright flowering plants. From whole colonies to create a unique multi-colored or monochromatic lawns or flowerbeds. Planting flowers, you should pay attention to the flowering period of each instance. This approach will allow to organize a flower bed that will attract views all year round. In winter, the flower beds did not seem empty, they should be diluted with small conifers.

A flower bed is supplemented by stones

If there is no time often to mow the lawn, around the yard to place the vases with unpretentious instances. During the cold periods, remove them for storage in the room, and in the spring when the first warm days bring to the street. Thus, it is possible to grow heat-loving plants such as lemon, Mandarin, cypress and others.

The original design of the private yard

A useful tip! The original flower beds can be created from vegetable crops and berry bushes. They will be decorating the yard and at the same time, closer to the fall, will give a tasty and healthy crop.

Lighting garden paths

Landscape design of the yard of a private house. Photo modern courtyards with decorative elements

Upon completion of the main works can begin to design special decorative elements. Experienced designers are used for this purpose large and small sculptures, small fountains, which are placed in rest areas, flower beds and flower beds. The most popular for the decoration of the courtyard are considered to be figures of animals, located in the most interesting and significant sites.

A small pond with a waterfall

The decorative elements include original vases made from scrap materials. It can be old barrels, junk shoes, unused garden tools. Looks good old Bicycle leaning against a wicker fence and lined with flower pots, large jars with a dry imitation of the Creek, and many more, emerged from the imagination.

Landscape design of the yard of a private house (video)

Landscaping the yard of a private house with his own hands (video)


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