Landscape design suburban area 10 acres with his own hands: photo model projects

In the city, with its intense pace of life and automotive smog, there are fewer places to be in nature and enjoy the fresh air. Salvation is a cottage where you can place and Playground, and a gazebo for gatherings, the garden or the orchard. Very easy to design a landscape design suburban area 10 acres with his own hands: photos and tips for design will help to create not only a functional place to stay but also a real design masterpiece.

Well-thought-out design of the site creates a sense of comfort and harmony

The contents

1 Create a landscape design suburban area 10 acres with his own hands: photo and ideas of the best projects
  1.1 Stylistic direction
  1.2 the Beds and flowers
  1.3 Vertical gardening: the benefits and beauty
  1.4 Trees and shrubs
  1.5 Arbors and pergolas in landscape design: photos of layout ideas and decorating
  1.6 Alpine garden, rockery and pond with his hands

Create landscape design suburban area 10 acres with his own hands: photo and ideas of the best projects

Plot area of 10 acres would be enough to build all the necessary buildings, backyard and garden with fruit trees, as well as to implement their creative ideas for decorating the recreation area.

Professional landscape designers begin their work with the project. Follow their example. First you need to draw a diagram of the suburban area with the application of all the buildings and communications. Then define functional areas: leisure and business needs (outbuildings, garden beds, vegetable garden). The dimensions of the zones depend on the preferences and interests of the owners.

Planning is the most important step in creating a landscape design area

The condition of the soil, shading and topography must be taken into account when planning the landscape design of a country house. Photo-diagram shows the optimal solution for the location of all elements.

The option plan depends on what is the function of the owner determines the site. Consider the following variations:

  • dacha just to relax. In this case, the whole territory allotted to a relaxation area. While there is a place for baths and garage under the car. Opposite the house is possible to equip a children’s Playground and/or pool. Arbors, pergolas, patio will be a place for eating and relaxing outdoors. They are best placed behind the house or side, protecting from the entrance with hedges. In terms of design area is quite and allows to build an artificial pond, and multi-level Alpine gardens, and fanciful fountain. It all depends on imagination and financial possibilities of the owners;

An example of land for recreation

  • the country for work. Option for fans of home preservation. In this case, most of the territory (2/3) is given by the beds, greenhouses, garden trees and shrubs. They need sunlight and water, so you’ll have to take care of irrigation opportunities. South-East side is the perfect place for them. The area is small. It is possible to place a gazebo or a bench with a canopy, build a flower bed and decorative compositions;

Solution for those who are interested in growing vegetables

A useful tip! To the garden hose didn’t have to pull across the yard, make the plastic wiring for watering flower beds, or split them near a water source.

  • the combined variant – the most sought after in our time. On a summer residence and you can work, and relax. Is given a place under a small garden for fresh greens and strawberries are combined with groups of decorative plants. Planted several types of fruit trees, berry bushes, and the remaining area equipped for outdoor living. It is possible to install a gazebo or a canopy, make a pond, vertical flower arrangement or a horizontal bed.

Suburban area can be an oasis of relaxation and a place to grow fruits and vegetables

With skillful approach and proper planning you can arrange all the zones and on a small summer cottage. The main thing is to decide what you need the country, and then you can expand some functional areas at the expense of others.

A wise distribution of seats will help you arrange even a very small plot

Seeing in the photos or in the neighbor’s yard, professional landscaping design, many people think that to do it with my hands impossible. Examine the highlights and responsibly and very soon will achieve the same result.

That garden was always well-groomed and youthful appearance you must:

  • consider the style;
  • correctly pick the type of landscaping and plants;
  • consider the location and types of garden buildings and decorative designs.

The design of the site with his own hands

Stylistic direction

From large status villas, decorated by professional designers to order, sometimes it blows cold. Much more soul will stay in the country, designed by the landscape design with their hands. Photos of the most common design directions will tell you how to combine elements and place them on the site.

The idea is simple and elegant design patio

For the average owner of a suburban area does not necessarily adhere to all the requirements of a certain style, but have a view about them still stands.

Regular style calls for accuracy and clear geometric lines. Trimmed lawns, hedges of neat bushes, flower beds symmetrically diverge from the topic centre. As decorative compositions using fountains and sculpture. In each element the hand of man.

The use of sculptures will decorate your site and make it unique

It’s fun! A vivid example of the regular style is the landscape design of the Park of Versailles, in France.

Landscape style more natural. It uses the idea of natural landscape. For landscaping in this style suitable perennial shrubs and flowers, coniferous trees. A pond or stream complement in unity with nature.

One of the varieties this style is Alpine. Tiered beds of wild flowers and plants, conifers, rockeries made from natural stone mimic the highlands.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with styles, use your imagination

Rustic style does not require much effort. Pottery, wicker fence and rattan furniture will suit as decoration. Unassuming flower beds and decorative wooden design in the form of trucks will complement the overall picture and give the feeling of staying in the yard of the old farmhouse.

This style is suitable for the garden and to create with their hands simple landscape design of a private house. Photo examples of landscape projects rustic illustrate how attractive he might be.

Cute and cozy patio in rustic style

There are many other theme styles: Oriental, Japanese, exotic, Mediterranean. But, basically, most owner country areas stops on the free style. It is possible to combine elements of different design directions and bring the look of a suburban area to perfection.


The beds and flowers

Flowers add brightness and elegance. No matter where they grow in the flower beds, in pots placed on the land or on the Windows of the house. They may delight the eye from spring until the first frost. To do this, just right to pick up, given the period of seasonal flowering and planting method.

Flowers are an integral part of any suburban area

The flowers come in annual, biennial and perennial. They can be the same patterned carpet, or serve as hedges. If you are lazy to constantly care for your flower garden, choose perennial and bulbous plants. Every year they will delight you with blooms for your chosen scheme. The variety you can make with the help of the same age.

Different combinations of colors and types of plants allow you to create unique compositions

When creating a landscape garden design with their hands flowerbeds can be issued the following ways:

  • ridges is a band of flowers bordering the lawn. For ridges fit carpet varieties (pelargonium, sedums, Stachys Byzantine, Echeveria metal, silver sagebrush), growing in thick cover. With their help you can create any picture or pattern in the flower bed. The combination of colors will enhance the effect;
  • border. While flowers planted in the borders. To do this, take low-growing annual or perennial flowers (asters dwarf, marigolds, ageratum, iberis);
  • mixborders – beds of different shapes and levels. In mixed borders combine different color groups so that the bed bloomed all the time. For this selected annuals and perennials with different flowering time. It is troublesome, but hard you can achieve the desired result within a few seasons.

Growing flowers in the flowerbeds of various shapes and sizes


Vertical gardening: the benefits and beauty

Vertical gardening is used not only in decorating. It can be used, for example, to hide the ugliness of dull wall or unsightly fence, a gazebo to shade or hide from the eyes of the bench in the back garden.

For vertical gardening using vines such as grape, hops, sweet pea. The most common is the use of clematis in the landscape design. Photo vertical and horizontal gardening with clematis confirm this.

Clematis one of the most popular plants used for vertical gardening

This plant is a striking variety of forms and shades. It can be used in different design ideas. Clematis grows luxuriantly, its thick foliage will give shade in the hot day and can even protect from the rain. It is used as hedges, to decorate the tree trunks, pipes, arches, arbors, pergolas.

Clematis is perfect for decorating various design elements

Also with the help of clematis can be framed rock garden or the alley. Soft color clematis will be a wonderful backdrop for other flowers when creating a flower garden. Landed next to a few shades, you can achieve the effect of green carpet with a bright palette of colors.

Working with this plant, it is necessary to consider some nuances of its use. The foliage of clematis badly miss the sun’s rays, in consequence of which under it can accumulate moisture, so you should not decorate them North of the wall.

Clematis is perfect for landscaping walls

No time cut pagon can braid the window or electrical wires, and fallen leaves with him in case of untimely cleaning can clog plum. Clematis growing strongly and requires constant care, however, this is not a high fee for their beauty and scenic views, which gives this plant.


Trees and shrubs

Area suburban area 10 acres allows you to place fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs. Below the fruit trees dried up and long please you with the fruits and appearance, you should definitely consider the peculiarities of soil and microclimate, illumination and shading of the site, prevailing wind, topography, density and size of the crown.

Planting fruit trees on a country site not only beautify it, but also will benefit

It is important! Fruit trees planted on the North side of the site, so they do not shade the beds during the day. The height of plants should increase in the direction from South to North.

For decorative purposes, designers often use conifers. They do not require nursing care, can serve as a living fence to give shade in summer and to please greens in the winter. Also, from a practical point of view, they can be used as camouflage for the compost pit or outdoor bathrooms.

Conifers will look very elegant in any style of design of the site

Favorite in landscape design are such conifers as thuja, pine, spruce, juniper. Their range is quite wide. Choosing several types, it is possible to arrange the entire plot. Widely used in landscaping arborvitae (photos decorating the site thujas will tell you the best options for their placement).

Variant of the plot of thujas

To make a harmonious composition, it is necessary to know the characteristics of each type of TUI. There are three main categories:

  • undersized of TUI (Danica, little Dorrit, Hosery);
  • TUI used in the hedge (Brabant and Emerald);
  • single bushes (Kornik, Reingold).

It is worth saying a few words about the sorts of TUI. “Danika” has a spherical shape with crown diameter of about one meter. Needle, looking up, to give this sort of accuracy, even without the haircut.

Thuja varieties “Danica” looks great and does not require much effort to care

Crown “little Dorrit” is also spherical, but of slightly smaller Tributaries. The needle is directed from the barrel. With regular trimming this tree will look very elegant. Short stature (about 80 cm) allows the use of this variety in the separation zones on the site.

The hedge of TUI always looks solemn. For this purpose the average height of arborvitae varieties such as Emerald and Reingold. They reach in height of five feet and can not only beautify the area but to protect it from prying eyes. These varieties are resistant to winter and not demanding of care.

The hedge of TUI looks luxurious and not demanding of weather conditions

To a sapling of thuja has taken root, planted it must be well-lit and initially carefully watered.


Arbors and pergolas in landscape design: photos of layout ideas and decorating

Soak in the shade on a Sunny day or enjoy the rain outdoors in the gazebo or pergola. The difference between these outbuildings the fact that the gazebo has major roof and walls with large window openings.

Beautifully decorated gazebo will become your favorite place outdoors

Pergola also represents the canopy supports. Lattice pergola cover for decorate with twine plants (clematis, grapes). This pergola is reminiscent of the miraculous natural gazebo. It can help to create a spatial division of the garden, to protect the area.

Pergola in the garden — your place of comfort

Choice for arbors or pergolas need to prepare in advance. Place them on a concrete Foundation or the tile associated with the house a paved path. The optimum height of the pergola is about 2.5 m. Width and length depend on the preferences of the owners and the available space. If you are constantly going to the big companies, then you should build the pergola or gazebo is more.

A useful tip! Below the pergola is not overturned by a strong wind or cargo, plants, reference pillars shall be of durable materials (wood, metal) and hard to “sit” in the ground.

Landscaping pergolas and climbing plants

To decorate a pergola or gazebo can be used for vertical planting of vines and hanging baskets with flowers. The perimeter is carpeted or decorated with a border of flowers or low-growing conifers. Near the gazebo will be appropriate to break a bed, or an artificial pond, to during your holiday to enjoy a beautiful view.

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Alpine garden, rockery and pond with his hands

Naturalness and wildness can be played on a country site with artificial lakes, rockeries and Alpine slides (photo of landscape designs demonstrate a variety of design options and placement of these decorative designs).

Ideas to create a rockery with a water feature

Many people think that these decorative items are hard to reproduce a person without a diploma of the designer, but it is real. One only has to examine the basic steps of creating these designs and stock up on the necessary materials.

Before you begin construction of the rock garden or artificial pond it is imperative to choose the right place. The purpose of these natural objects should be pleasing to the eye, so it is best to place them in a prominent place near the rest area.

You can create in your garden a real piece of untouched nature

Also important is the lighting. As rock gardens and ponds, decorated with plants, a prerequisite would be to place them in well-lit areas. For ponds sunlight is necessary to prevent excessive seasonal flowering.

It is important not to forget about the drain, it will save the rock garden from the natural processes of destruction by wind, precipitation and groundwater.

Stages of creation of the Alpine garden or rockery:

  • create drainage. The depth of the pit should be at least 30 cm First poured gravel, expanded clay, broken bricks or construction debris. You then need to fill coarse sand and cover with soil. Drainage is ready and you can proceed to laying the stones and planting;

The process of creating the Alpine slide is a lot of fun

  • the main attribute of the Alpine slide is a natural stone. Most suitable are granite, shale and limestone rocks with a flat rough surface. The laying is carried out, starting with the large stones and ending with small in a chaotic manner. This hairdo will match a natural mountainous landscape. Stones slightly deepened in the ground, crevices between them are filled with a mixture of humus, peat, humus and sand. The soil should be compacted and let settle for 2-3 weeks;

A useful tip! It will be perfect if the slide will stand after laying the winter and spring to produce the planting of plants.

  • the landing of plants. Suitable for Alpine plants typical of the natural flora of the mountainous terrain. Usually it is a low maintenance groundcover perennial flowers, mountain shrubs, and coniferous trees.

Options landscaping rockeries

A bit easier to create a rockery – stone hill. It consists of stones of the same breed and has little vegetation or does not have it at all. When creating rockeries, it is necessary to drain. But the placement of rockeries without plants and artificial water bodies is permitted in the shaded area of the plot.

Effectiveness the Alpine hill or Rosario will add a pond, cascading from the stone gorge waterfall or swamp, decorated with water-loving plants. And how to make this man-made miracle prompt photos landscape design ideas with various reservoirs.

The idea of design man-made pond on the property

As you can see, with persistence and the right approach, it is possible to equip not only functional but also a beautiful garden area. And the realization that he created with his own hands, will give a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility that you will want to return again and again.


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