Landscape design suburban area: photos and recommendations for creation of beautiful projects

The cottage is a magical place, where we seek after long working days. There you can relax from the urban bustle, enjoy the solitude, family unity, or spend time in the cheerful noisy company of friends. To stay outside the city was most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, you only need to correctly plan a landscape design suburban area: a photo of beautiful ideas and planning recommendations will help make optimal use of the territory and to organize a real Paradise for unforgettable holidays for the whole family.

In suburban area, you can build beautiful and cozy area

The contents

  • 1 Select the landscape design of the suburban area: pictures and description of styles
    • 1.1 Classic (regular style)
    • 1.2 Landscape style
    • 1.3 Rustic country style
    • 1.4 Japanese style
    • 1.5 Eastern style
    • 1.6 Exotic style
    • 1.7 Alpine style
    • 1.8 Free style
  • 2 Planning phase – the main stages
    • 2.1 Phase 1: planning
    • 2.2 Stage 2: zoning
    • 2.3 Stage 3: lighting
  • 3 Tracks and platforms
  • 4 the Greening of a suburban area
    • 4.1 turf
    • 4.2 Vertical gardening
    • 4.3 Trees and shrubs
    • 4.4 hedge
    • 4.5 Flower beds
    • 4.6 Alpine slide
  • 5 Garden structures
  • 6 bodies of water in landscape design
    • 6.1 How to make a pond at the dacha with his own hands: photo landscape ideas

Choose the landscape design of the suburban area: pictures and description of styles

Many, when purchasing a plot, I want to bring in a private atmosphere, we strive to make country landscape design with their hands, a photo and description of a range of styles will help you to choose right for you. Today you can see many solutions to landscape design of the territory. Consider the most common of them.

Small suburban yard is densely planted with flowers and shrubs

Classic (regular style)

Regular style style its ownership of the supporters of the classical solutions. It has its own rigor, low-symmetric designs and regular geometric shape and a certain pomposity. This style requires meticulous care and a large territory. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to draw with your hands. Photos of landscape design suburban area 15 acres in regular style shows the main thematic emphasis.

Here there is always a center. It can be a fountain, a house or a sculpture. The whole composition is built around the centre: symmetric paths, exactly trimmed bushes and grass, thick hedges, and ornamental flower beds. All lands according to schemes clear geometric lines. Fountains and sculptures temper the rigor and give a sense of calm and unity with nature.

For the classical (regular) characters of symmetric designs and wrought iron furniture

Landscape style

The main rule of landscape style – the impression of a miraculous origin. Landscape elements are arranged freely and naturally as if they were nature itself. Uneven terrain, pond of irregular shape, wild flowers and shrubs are obligatory satellites of the landscape landscape design.

This style will appeal to fans of romance and natural scenery. He is not whimsical care, does not require large financial investments. To create an area of pristine nature you can with your hands. Photos of landscape designs suburban areas of 10 acres in the infinity style will help you to get a General idea about this design direction.

Landscape style in the design of the landscape is free and natural placement of plants

Rustic country style

Country (rustic) style is fun, unpretentious, natural, with a mixture of bright colors. It attracts with its simplicity and carelessness. Used in the design of unpretentious flowers, composition in rustic motifs. Old wooden wheel flowers in wooden carts and barrels suitable for decorating in this style. This style is suitable for the country houses of any size, but more comfortable he will look at sites with a small area (6-12 acres).

A suburban backyard is decorated in rustic country style

Japanese style

Japanese style brings serenity and harmony. Each element is simple and at the same time symbolic. Here I would like to turn away from the mundane and into a deep contemplation of the eternal. As a decor suitable stone bridges, polished boulders, neatly cut shrubs with distinct shapes. Will fit this style for any sites, but the best would be the area of 6-8 acres.

In the garden there are decorative elements typical of Japanese style

Oriental style

For small parcels (6.8 acres) suitable Oriental style. The main demand of the landscape design in this direction is the large amount of sunlight. Appropriate here will be the mosaic patterns of paths and fountains, colorful color for beds, domed roofs and Windows – arrows for the gazebo. For decorative use of mirrors and other bright accessories.

To create an Oriental landscape design suburban area 6 acres with his own hands (photos to prove) no need to purchase expensive materials. Mosaic patterns are easy to make from remnants of ceramic tile and old mirrors and gold paint will help to give the accessories a feeling of expense.

Colorful and bright Oriental style in the design of the suburban area

Exotic style

Exotic style appeals to fans of travel, distant overseas countries and unusual combinations. In this landscape design are exotic plants, arranged in tiers. Natural composition of natural materials — stone, dark wood and a small body of water (a stream or swamp) are intended to give the plot of the natural wildlife.

A sense of the exotic will help to create the specific plants and decorative elements

Alpine style

A suburban area in a mountain style, widespread in our time, the trend of landscape design. Suitable areas with different area. The style is reminiscent of mountainous terrain and pristine nature. Thematic centers can be located on the hill house, rock gardens and rockeries.

Natural stone is present in all decorative compositions. The decoration of the Alpine hills, reservoirs and streams, trim flowerbeds necessarily produced using gravel, slate, granite. This aspect of landscape design characterized by such decorative designs like cascading flower beds and ponds, stone gardens and dry creeks.

Alpine style involves the presence on the site of stone hill and pond

Free style

The name speaks for itself. The basic requirement of free landscape design is harmony and the feeling of peace of mind on this site. In this style there are large trees, vines and an abundance of flowers. It is possible to combine the geometric rigor of the regular style and the ruggedness of the landscape, pristine Alpine slides to modernize small ceramic fountain. It all depends on your imagination. But the main thing is not to overdo it, because the sense of proportion in the mixture of styles – the key to a comfortable and “delicious” design.

Free style is not limited to the rules and allows owners of land to experiment

Whichever direction you choose, don’t forget about the organic nature of the total composition based on the architecture of the home and neighboring properties.

Planning phase – the main stages

Your site was beautiful and comfortable, it is necessary not only to decide on the style, but also to properly plan the placement of major elements. Next we shall consider aspects of landscaping, paving, erection of garden buildings, decoration of bodies of water in landscape design suburban area. Videos and additional information can be easily found on the Internet.

Suburban area is divided into various functional zones

When planning takes into account the following important points:

  • the area and boundaries of the site;
  • orientation to the cardinal points and the degree of opacity of the territory during the day;
  • the topography, soil condition, ground water level;
  • an existing or planned location of buildings;
  • surface and underground communications and electric power supply.

Armed with this information, you can begin to master – the plan of landscape design of your summer plot.

Examples of the original arrangement of vegetable beds and flower beds

Phase 1: planning

Apply to plan parcel boundaries, existing buildings, utilities, gates, reliefs, and other features.

A useful tip! Observe the scale of the development of the plan. This will help you to calculate the distance between objects and the amount of materials needed.

Before you start landscaping, you must draw up a detailed plan on paper

Step 2: zoning

Apply to plan the layout of tracks, platforms, flower beds, pond, trees and shrubs, decorative compositions, and other items that you want to see on your summer cottage. Remember not only about beauty but also about comfort. It is necessary to produce zonal segregation:

  • area of a dwelling house;
  • the economic block. This includes building joinventure, summer shower, toilet, summer kitchen, bath, etc.;
  • a relaxation area. There could be several of such zones and to equip a children’s Playground, BBQ area, etc.;
  • the garden and orchard. The area for fruit trees, berry bushes, and garden beds.

A cozy sitting area with a semicircular benches

Depending on your preferences and area of the site, it is possible to expand one area at the expense of another. For instance, put swimming pool on the site of the vegetable garden, if you like water and have no desire to dig in the earth.

A useful tip! The Playground is best placed under the Windows of the house and the amenities building to “hide” behind trees or bushes.

If the family has small children it would be necessary to provide a play area

Step 3: lighting

Lighting – another important point in any design. At the cottage we spend on the street not only days but also nights and sometimes nights. The right lighting will transform the area in the evening, will emphasize compositional features and will visually expand the boundaries. Landscape lighting is divided into the following categories:

  • functional – used to illuminate the objects, using them in the dark (the backlight of the entrance to the house, car Parking, stairs, steps);
  • decorative sets the mood, makes the emphasis on the songs at night (illumination fountain, Alpine slides, etc.).

Decorative lighting will create a special atmosphere in the area in the evening hours

The Convention is that for functional lighting can be applied with decorative lights.

To create a unique effect, designers use various techniques of landscape lighting. For pools, ponds and fountains that use underwater or floating on the backlight. Necessarily made the lighting of stairs, walkways and ladders. It is not only decorative but also security measures. To create mysterious silhouettes and delicate shades will help backlighting. It also uses the backlight from top to bottom and Vice versa.

Country yard covered with a few hanging garlands

The desired effect will help to create a decorative solar lanterns (ground, overhead, underwater). They are easy to use, charged during the day by solar energy. For other sources, it is necessary to lay the wiring underground, so plan their location in advance.

Good examples of lighting suburban areas

After planning, you can start to work on the landscaping of the site. It is necessary to remove unnecessary structure and plants remove from the soil the roots of trees and debris, lay underground utilities and wiring. Now you can start paving the tracks and platforms.

On the ceiling, summer gazebo placed Chinese lanterns

The tracks and platforms

Paved paths and playgrounds are not only a functional purpose. They create the pattern and style of landscape design suburban area. Photos of various Momeni show how important decorative element in landscape design are the tracks and platforms.

Planning these items, consider land topography, practicality and rationality in the connection zones. Some of the tracks and platforms you want to frame the borders, and it’s not just additional decoration. Border prevents shifting of the paving and prevents the flow of water to neighboring areas.

Track and platform, a platform made of wooden planks

There are many options and coatings:

  • hard surface (stone, tile, brick, wood, concrete);
  • a soft surface (sand, gravel, crushed stone, bark);
  • grass (resistant to trampling herbal mixture);
  • combo (combine multiple types of coverage).

Any option should be in harmony with the overall direction of the design of the suburban area and to ensure its cleanliness and tidiness.

Playground recreation areas with decorative stone

Landscaping suburban area

What plants to plant on the dacha? In landscape design there are many varieties of landscaping.


The lawn is an integral part of any suburban area. He is a bridge and a decorative background for compositions. Additionally, the lawn increases the air humidity, reduced noise levels, improving the overall microclimate of the area. And what could be better than walking barefoot on freshly cut grass?

Lawns are rolled and seeding. First grown in special areas and are sold in rolls. They are very convenient because no need to wait for the grass to grow. The main disadvantage of this lawn is its high cost. Sowing the lawn more affordable, but their arrangement takes time. For a suburban area fit an ordinary lawn from a mixture of 3-4 grasses.

Sowing the lawn creates a uniform grassy surface at the site

A useful tip! Mowing the lawn is necessary when the grass reaches 10 cm and above. After cutting clean it with a rake and pour.

Vertical gardening

Vertical landscaping is used for decoration. It is created using mostly climbing plants. Here are some of them: maiden or Amur grape, hops, clematis, honeysuckle, Chinese Magnolia vine, sweet peas. To raise them with all sorts of arches, garden screens, lattices.

Such supports can be trees, lamp columns or downspouts. The main thing to remember is that the visible poles must be decorative, so as not to spoil the General impression of the composition. For vertical compositions suitable cascades of flowers in pots or a basket of plants (Petunia, begonia). Photo of beautiful suburban areas of 6 acres with examples of vertical gardening can be seen on niche sites.

The original decoration of the gazebo using vertical gardening

Trees and shrubs

The choice of trees and shrubs for planting on a country site depends on personal preference. Many wish to have in the country a source of fresh, organic fruits and berries. Some planted these plants for decoration. However, both options can be combined. In any case, it is necessary to take into account such important factors:

  • the peculiarity of the soil and microclimate;
  • the prevailing winds and lighting;
  • relief;
  • the compatibility of plants, the density and diameter of the crown;
  • seasonality.

Trees on a country site will create coolness and shade during the hottest time of the year

To design landscape projects designers use as a fruit, and nalogovye types of trees and shrubs. Especially popular are the conifers. They are easy to care for, bring coolness in summer and pleasing to the eye in the cold season. Use such conifers as thuja, mountain pine, spruce cushion, juniper. Of shrubs planted lilac, Jasmine, hawthorn, white turf, shrubs, hydrangea, cotoneaster and others.

On a large tree to build a swing set for kids


Special kind of decoration are hedges. With their help, create boundaries between areas and zones, decorate the green room, the facades and walls of houses. For tall hedges use of coniferous plant (thuja occidentalis, Siberian fir, juniper). The average can be grown from barberry, turf, white, cotoneaster. For low ornamental hedges will approach the Japan quince Japanese spirea, dwarf snezhnogorske.

Along the fence are planted cacti and succulents

Flower beds

The flower garden will decorate for any suburban area. Its role is to bring the variety of colors in the overall design. Depending on the style landscape flower beds can be divided into:

  • regular (flower beds, flower borders, modular compositions);
  • landscape (group of plants, creating the impression of natural beauty).

Examples of the original flower beds at their summer cottage

When choosing flowers, you must consider not only factors such as lighting, soil and microclimate of the site. But also think about the time you are ready to pay for the care of the flower garden. Perennials do not require careful maintenance, but can get bored with their monotony. But the annuals will have trouble, but every year you can experiment.

Stone fence adorns the vase with garden flowers

Alpine slide

We should stay on this type of gardening, as the rock garden. This includes the Alpine hills, rockeries, gardens of stone, Alpine retaining wall and a free composition. The rock garden is valuable because it combines a variety of shapes and textures. With the right approach, the perfect combination of nature elements (flowers, stones, water, trees and bushes) will make the rock garden is the highlight of your suburban area. For this type of landscaping are selected mainly perennial and bulbous plants.

Well on the Alpine slide will look crocuses, moroznika, periwinkle, Alpine poppy, bulbous irises, Carpathian Campanula, geranium ground cover, shrub Astra, etc. Naturalness will give coniferous trees (thuja spherical) and shrubs (juniper, barberry). The stones should choose a preferably flat surface with non-uniform and dull coloration (limestone, granite, slate) to composition most like the creation of nature.

Alpine garden with rocks and shrubs

Garden buildings

Another stylistic decoration of the suburban area and a great place for outdoor recreation are garden structures. Their openness facilitates free air circulation. These structures are placed on specially equipped playgrounds, the creation of which must be taken care of in advance. Decorate them with plants in hanging baskets, vertical gardening and planting low-growing conifers around the perimeter. Also suitable for stone sculptures and garden accessories.

Gazebo original form covered with a green roof

Among these structures the most common are:

  • gazebos (covered little houses with no insertion of Windows and doors). They are able to hide from the burning sun and hide from the rain without breaking the connection with nature. Gazebos, depending on the overall style, there are wooden, metal, glass, large and small. It all depends on the preferences of the owners;
  • Belvedere — one of the types of arbors with lattice walls;
  • arch – narrow design. Is rather the decoration of the site. Entwined with plants, it can also be a shelter from the summer heat and rain;
  • pergola – the three-dimensional structure that consists of several arches on top of each other. Pergola is constructed of wood, stone, metal. The pillars and roof of the pergola, usually decorated with twine plants.

The cozy arrangement of a small country yard

These garden buildings it is possible to do with their hands. Photos of landscape designs suburban areas (5 acres or more) arbors, arches and pergolas illustrate the indispensability of these designs for decorating. Locating in the suburban area of garden of construction, it is necessary to consider the overall style of landscape design. The main thing is not to overload their territory, and then the plot will look cozy.

Examples of bright decor garden structures

Water in landscape design

A unique atmosphere of unity with nature on your country site will create water. Proud to be hand made pond for breeding fish. Real water or a smooth flow, a waterfall or fountain will fill the microclimate with moisture, will create a textured contrasts, will transform the space. The sound of flowing water is mesmerizing and relaxing, gives peace and tranquility.

To select water, you need to decide what type of pond will blend in with the size of the plot, style, and personal preferences of the owners. For regular styles suitable fountains for landscape – stable ponds for Alpine – tiered waterfalls, or streams. Decoration of exotic style will swamp the flower beds.

A circular pool with a small wooden bridge

An important component of beauty water are plants. The perimeter can be planted conifers, irises, sedges, ferns, lilies, willow. On the swamp will look better munnik, loosestrife, Veronica porucheynaya. For small shallow ponds suitable plants (calamus, reed, cane, cattail). Deep water lilies will decorate the large ponds. Duckweed and vodokras will give the naturalness of the surface of the pond.

A small pond with a waterfall decorated with stones

How to make a pond at the dacha with his own hands: photo landscape ideas

On a highlight, like a pond at the dacha, everyone dreams. If you approach this question in stages, its creation will not be easy.

An artificial pond with his hands – the reality is, you only have to be patient and follow the recommendations. Getting started you must first choose a location. The right to have the pond at the bottom of the plot in well-lit areas. This will prevent intense seasonal blooms. It is not advisable placing a pond close to large trees, so that falling leaves do not pollute the water, and the root system is not damaged waterproofing.

In the pond on a country site it is possible to breed fish

Form of an artificial pond depends on the style and imagination of the Creator. But the depth shall be not less than 0.5 m. the depth of the pond at the cottage for fish farming should be more than 1.5 m. Typically, these water bodies make three-way. The first stage (up to 30 cm) designed for landing melkoplodnyj plants. The second stage (50-80 cm) for landing deep-sea plants. The third (not less than 150 cm) for wintering fish.

Related article:

The pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo instructions. The creation of an artificial pond in different ways. The choice of location, the rules of decorating and planting plants, water filtration. Preparation of pond for the winter. Read more




The basis for the reservoir can serve as a concrete Foundation, ready-made plastic form or a special film:

  • the concrete base is expensive and troublesome to install, but will last for years;
  • plastic form – acceptable and easy way to build a pond. Tanks can be selected according to the needs and forms. They are resistant to cold, sunlight and mechanical damage;
  • waterproof film is now very popular in the creation of artificial reservoirs. It can help to imagine and create different shapes and configurations. The film thickness must be more than 300 microns. This is the most affordable option.

The garden includes a pond and a wooden bridge over it

First, do the layout and mark the outline of the pond with sand on the previously cleaned area. A swarm of the pit. If you are planning a small pond, the excavation work can be done yourself. For large bodies of water pit you need to dig with an excavator. Dug a pit filled with sand and thoroughly compacted. On the sand laid a geotextile, on top of which is lined with foil. The edges of the film are cut, and refuel dug around the perimeter of the reservoir a trench.

A useful tip! As of geotextile you can use old carpets, blankets, linoleum.

Landscape design can be supplemented with a small fountain

Then the artificial pond is laid with gravel and filled with water. The film will stretch and take the shape of the reservoir. Only after that, the film is fixed in the trench with soil. Later it can be decorated with gravel, stones, etc. Can be equipped with a submersible pond pump. It will circulate water and help prevent stagnation.

As you can see, nothing is impossible. Through practical tips, videos and photos, landscape design suburban area with their hands – this is feasible. Be patient, use your imagination, release the fantasy and this summer you will enjoy a unique holiday in a private cozy corner of nature.




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