Landscaping a small area: methods of expanding space

Landscaping a small area is a complicated but feasible task. How to place in a small area all necessary commercial facilities and elements of design? For this you need to read some rules to increase the visual space.

With proper planning on a small area you can create a beautiful landscape

The contents

  • 1 landscaping a small area: erase the boundaries
  • 2 the Right of the garden path
  • 3 the Water mirror
  • 4 a Tree is life
  • 5 Vertical gardening
  • 6 Tiered garden
  • 7 landscaping in front of the house with his own hands
  • 8 is an Exemplary diagram easy flower beds
  • 9 landscaping a small area (video)

Landscaping a small area: erase the boundaries

There are many ways through which you can visually expand the space of small area, using the techniques of landscape design. First you need to fix or hide the objects that physically make the area of the garden limited.

Solid fences create a sense of enclosed space, visually reducing the plot to the size of the box. Therefore, a small garden it is best to fence fishnet or mesh fences, adorning them with beautiful climbing flowers.

The scenic design of the suburban area

If part of the fence on the plot are disturbing the neighboring buildings, their walls can also be used as a landscaping element. By adding a large spherical mirror can visually enlarge the space due to the distortion of the reflection garden. The effect of “stressing eyes” transformerait even a small lawn in quite a wide lawn.

Arrangement of plants, rocks and wooden bridge

The right garden path

In landscaping a small area techniques work great the curvature of space, much-loved science-fiction writers. It is possible to build curves of the garden path. The winding path seems much longer than normal straight and anyone reaching it would give the impression that the site is bigger than he really is.

Stone path in summer cottage

Look great track lost in the Bush, even if they run directly into the fence. Fenced, hidden behind the vegetation, is a continuation of the path and a feeling that the garden lasts indefinitely. For greater persuasiveness near the fence you can create a blooming arch that will mimic the arched doorway.

The original winding path

The water mirror

Spectacular items located in different parts of the small garden, distract any viewer from the fact that the space is actually small. As a diversion, you can use reflection. A perfect reflecting surface is a small pond. Pond, established on the site, don’t take up much space. It may be a small stream, a two-level pond or lake with a waterfall and a small bridge.

A small pond on the property

If very little space, can be equipped with a small fountain as the basis of which will be ceramic or stone bowl. However, the noise of running water may disturb the neighbors, so the creation of such element of landscape design of a small area is better to agree in advance.

Alpine slide and a small pond

A useful tip! In the regeneration of the recreation area should consider the location depending on the world. The Western side is less preferred, because in summer most of it illuminated by a bright, burning sun.

A small circular pond

The tree is life

Many believe that if on a tiny plot to place large trees, the space will be much less. However, when the location of a large tree in the center area of the garden will seem more voluminous. As a complement edges can be positioned a small bushy plants. All together the composition creates the effect of “stairway to heaven” and the garden will seem much bigger.

Trees and shrubs in landscape design

When planting a large tree, you should use a circular layout. Around the main zone you can create a dark green fence. In this case, in the center under the tree, this can be the area, which will open a unique view, simulating presence in a large overgrown garden.

Under the trees creating a comfortable area to relax

Vertical gardening

To create a unique landscape design small area will help the techniques of vertical gardening. This method of planting allows you to pull the space. As a basis for vertical gardening, you can use:

  • high arches;
  • pergolas;
  • fences;
  • screen;
  • part of the arbors;
  • trellis;
  • facades.

To build a vertical gardening using wooden arches

Most often for these purposes use different varieties of wild grapes, sweet peas, ornamental beans, climbing roses, and others. Look good vases, in which are planted flowers of different sizes. Located on the growth of such plants create a cascade effect or a green waterfall.

You can use the cascading principles of landscape design front of the house. Multilevel planters, messy, will periodically change the look of the site a few times per season.

Pergola for climbing plants in the garden

Tiered garden

Landscaping a small plot also involves the creation of unique items of stones, wood and other materials. Any garden with no artificial or natural irregularities will seem empty and flat. Planting flowers on tall pedestals or creating paths of stepping stones, to ensure that the area will seem wider and taller. When you make more you can use the 3D effect, experimenting with the material for paving in different colours.

Steps in the design of the landscape

A useful tip! Nice to look round the vegetable patch in the landscape design. For their construction using decorative pumpkin or Turkish beans.

A small stone staircase surrounded by garden flowers

Landscape design front of house with his own hands

The front of the house performs many very important functions. It is the border between the house and the street, adorns the facade, complementing the overall ensemble. For the improvement of this area will fit the following design elements:

  • path leading to house;
  • artificial pond;
  • beds;
  • flower gardens;
  • trees;
  • of original statues and figurines;
  • hedge.

Picturesque flower bed

With the right alternation of the plants flowering at different times of the year, you can create a unique beauty of its flower garden, pleasing hosts almost all year round.

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Rules for planting plants:

  • flowers planned to land close to the house, should be combined with the color of the outer walls;
  • bright and eye-catching element of landscape design front of house will be quite large flowers with big leaves;
  • if a piece of the front of the house is located on the North side, you should include planting shade-loving plants;

Modern design small area

  • the concept of landscape design small area recommends to be planted against the facade of the flowers of cold colors;
  • below the garden front of the house has not lost its appeal in the winter, it is necessary to dilute a certain amount of conifers.

A useful tip! The original decision of garden design can be considered shaped formation of bushes. Pruning of trees and shrubs allows to realize practically any imagination and to build on the land a unique green shapes.

Wicker furniture at their summer cottage

An exemplary diagram easy flower beds

If you really want to see the results of their labors this year, you can try to use the ready-made scheme of planting. However, as described below, the composition requires a lot of sun and are suitable for areas in front of the house, located on the South or East side.

Small flower bed

The background for this beds is the fence. Directly near the fence of the land stock rose 2-3 flowers and ornamental sunflowers. Following a number of it is best to fill with bright Icelandic poppies and cardinal Lobelia. Here you can make a darker, bluish accent to plant Catnip or a bell Pozharskogo. On the end going to look good geyhera red and blue catananche.

Landscaping small area (video)


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