Laying paving on a concrete Foundation: theory and practical advice

In this article we analyze the specificity of such treatments as the laying of paving tiles on concrete base: we denote the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, consider a detailed scheme for its implementation and will discover the essential recommendations for the laying of paving tile coverage using such types of material, as tiles “Brick”, “Old town” and “Diamond”.

“Old town” is one of the most popular and attractive types of paving slabs

The contents

  • 1 brick paving on a concrete base: the feasibility of the procedure
    • 1.1 Paving slabs on concrete: is it possible to put a coating over the concrete base?
    • 1.2 Laying of paving slabs for walkways with their hands on the pavement
    • 1.3 the Advantages of the method of laying paving slabs on concrete
  • 2 the Description of technology of paving: video and recommendations
    • 2.1 Mounting the curb is an important part of laying paving slabs on mortar
    • 2.2 the Formation of the Foundation for laying paving slabs: video tutorials and recommendations
    • 2.3 Paving slabs: how to put on a solution of the topcoat
    • 2.4 the Options of paving Old town: photo and features
    • 2.5 Features and photos of paving “Brick”, “Diamond” and other forms of

Laying paving slabs on a concrete base: the feasibility of the procedure

The order of paving their own hands, they are not only the owners of country houses and cottages, seeks to equip and elevate their infield. Tile covering is popular in urban environments.

As conclusive evidence of such popularity are not only eloquent photo examples of paving that can be seen on the network, but also real solutions that occur on the streets of any city.

The area in front of the private house is paved with tiles “Brick”

Most often, the paving is used for the organization covering:

  • around stores, pharmacies, office and administrative buildings;
  • on the paths leading through the lawn;
  • in Park areas;
  • in automobile Parking lots;
  • the storage space for large equipment;
  • in the squares of cities and other areas where there is increased permeability and burden on the sidewalks (area theaters, railway stations, markets, cinemas, large companies and shopping centers, stadiums, schools, libraries, sports complexes).

Please note! For Parking sites for cars the thickness of paving tiles is selected based on weight. You cannot use the material purchased for the walkways, to the arrangement of the Parking lot. This coating will quickly become worthless.

Tile is a material that is perfect to cover the city’s lanes and paving on the territory of country ownership

Paving slabs on concrete: is it possible to put a coating over the concrete base?

Most people used to think that the installation of tile coating is carried out exclusively on a sandy surface, so the feasibility of the technology laying paving slabs on a concrete base many of them questioned.

In fact, the concrete surface is considered as the most reliable basis for the formation of tracks and platforms of stone blocks. This is because the concrete prevents movement of the tiles on the surface, called “walking”, and is characterized by high resistance to heavy loads. In some cases, violation of technology of laying concrete paving slabs, the result may be reversed. Therefore, it is recommended to clearly observe all requirements and recommendations concerning the construction of such coverage.

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Technology laying of paving tiles on concrete otmostku equally interesting for owners of country cottages and urban residents who have their own shop or any other type of business. By itself, the pavement has many advantages, and in combination with the tile surface can get really optimal in all respects the decision. Due to the slope of pavement water will not accumulate on the surface of the tiles.

Laying paving slabs for walkways with their hands on the pavement

The pavement is treated as an individual design, which is usually formed around the building with a view to its protection. It can be completely devoid of cover. It is recommended to do the tile laying elements on top of it, but it is not mandatory.

Concrete blind area around a private home

A useful tip! To make the exterior of your infield a spectacular and harmonious, use the same type tile coating for arranging the tracks and paving. In the Internet you can find a good photo options of paving “Brick” on the blind area around the house and in the yard.

Despite the fact that the finishing of blind area is not mandatory, it is still worth it, as the concrete surface looks unattractive and can spoil the appearance of the house and yard as a whole. For this reason, you should invest in the purchase of material and call professionals or to perform the procedure independently.

The price of paving on a concrete base ():

Type rubomycine, RUB/м2Снятие top coat (asphalt, concrete, etc)150-600Работы with a ready base of betonusa смесь150Укладка tile поверхности300Подготовка a concrete pad with арматуройПесок15Бетон315Арматурные элементы180Стоимость work специалистов420Подготовка ordinary courts of бетонаПесок15Бетон (thickness of the film 14 cm)315Стоимость work специалистов420Монтаж borrowman (M. p.)70Песок (M. p.)15Стоимость work of professionals (M. p.)75Монтаж vodootvedenie (M. p.)55Песок (M. p.)15Стоимость work of professionals (M. p.)70


The advantages of the method of laying paving slabs on concrete

The benefits of working with concrete surfaces:

  • Simple mounting system for the formation of asphalt pavements will be required to hire special equipment, while laying paving slabs on concrete is much easier and faster and you can do it yourself.
  • Is a strong, reliable and durable basis. The modern range of shops are able to offer special varieties of tile elements that ensure a sliding effect on the surface even if the combination of heavy precipitation.
  • The coating maintains stability even when exposed to sudden temperature changes. It exhibits resistance to various types of damage mechanical properties. In most cases, the manufacturer provides consumers with lengthy warranty periods of operation of decorative materials. They depend on the type of tile coating and can be in the range of 10-40 years.
  • Diagram of the device of pavement of concrete with coating of paving

    Please note! In the winter the structure is not exposed to severe icing, as excess moisture enters the soil through seams and absorbed.

    Due to the extensive range of material expands the possibilities in terms of design. The existing scheme of laying paving slabs “Old town” by themselves are able to offer some unusual designs.

    In addition to this material there are others that differ:

    • size;
    • form;
    • quality;
    • coloring;
    • characteristics and properties.

    You can evaluate the photo of laying paving slabs, their variety and decorative effect that they create.

    The process of laying the pavers in the ground in front of a private house

    Tile coating is easily repairable. It does not need to completely replace all pavement, it is enough to replace only the damaged elements. If you are working on laying paving slabs “Old town” or some other coating, experts recommend to purchase material stock.

    The description of technology of paving: video and recommendations

    There are many options of paving on top of a base of concrete. The deck does not impose special requirements in respect of selection of finishes, so the determining factor is the quality and your personal taste. There may even be a variant of paving on the old concrete base.

    The process of forming the blind area starts with the layout. To complete this phase of the construction will be marking cord, and a set of wooden pegs. They are placed around the home in accordance with the measurements, and then using each of them pulled the cord. How carefully and precisely executed, the markup depends on the quality of pavement.

    Laying paving slabs on a sand-concrete mix

    Please note! Recreating a photo of the pattern of laying paving slabs on the pavement, don’t forget about bias. Most often, this ranges between 1 and 3°/m. there are exceptions to the rule, when the draft angle is 5°/m.

    After performing the marking shall recess the upper soil layer in the zone of the construction works. A large part of the pictured types of laying paving slabs involves the installation of the coating width of 40 cm taking into account this indicator is determined by the recess depth of the upper soil layer. Don’t forget that concrete pavement must rise above the ground level.

    This data is also added to the demands of the slope, which is formed for the device of drainage system.

    Mounting the kerb is an important part of laying paving slabs on mortar

    Even if you are working with one of the simplest variants of paving “Brick” photo as the basis does not ensure a quality result. It is very important to comply with all requirements of technology, and concerning not only the paving of sidewalks, but also the formation of pavement.

    Otmostka the design turns out quite heavy. At this stage, the experts recommend to set the borders that will simplify the work. The fact that any pattern of laying paving slabs is pushed away from the curb, which restricts it. At this stage, it will perform another function – that of a skeleton.

    If you choose not to install curb, its installation will still have to perform late, and work on the deck, complicated by the need for installation of formwork.

    The hole under the border must undergo a deeper level of the pipeline laying. It’s often the bottom drops 30 cm from the bottom of the curb.

    A driveway covered with pavers of different sizes

    A useful tip! Don’t forget to include in these calculations the flow of water. After all, the border should not prevent the waste of water, which can compromise the integrity of the building Foundation.

    Then on the bottom of the pit is formed gravel cushion thickness of 15 cm, the material should be thoroughly compacted. On top of the fills of concrete and mortar 2 cm thick and the erection of the border. To complete the setting and curing will take a day. After ascertaining that the fill is completely dry, you can take the following array of works.

    The formation of the Foundation for laying paving slabs: video tutorials and recommendations

    After installation of the curb plot is leveled and thoroughly compacted to the required slope of the surface. It is recommended that at the bottom lay a few layers of geotextile. This kind of material will prevent the growth of plants. Despite the fact that vegetation are not able to penetrate the base concrete, the geotextile will provide additional protection.

    Diagram of the base under paving slabs or paving stones

    In some cases, used as a lining of the bottom of the bituminous material. The stacking of this material is to increase the waterproofing properties of the coating.

    The scheme of formation of the concrete base:

  • First in the queue layer is formed of gravel. If you have performed the installation of curbs, this step can be omitted.
  • If there are serious load on the roof, to equip blind area of the reinforcing layer. It can be fabricated from reinforcement bars.
  • For monolithic construction under the sidewalk enough height 10 cm Base for the Parking lot must have a minimum height of 20 cm.
  • A useful tip! To produce quality results, use a concrete marking of the M200. It is optimal in terms of quality and cost.

    To perform with video laying paving slabs on a concrete base is very simple. Using recommendations and materials of this process you can execute yourself.

    Paving slabs: how to put on a solution of the topcoat

    If you compare the photo samples of paving, this technology is very similar to the technique of work with the tiles. The hallmark here is the solution with a somewhat different composition and consistency.

    Photo paving the drawings laying of covering elements, are the most diverse. The specificity of the design does not affect the method of installation of sidewalks, and General technology. There are two methods to perform the paving sand-cement mixture and sand-cement mortar.

    In the case of sand and cement mix is a more thick consistency of the solution, than the one that was used in the construction of the base. The mixture does not tolerate the presence of small stones, so the sand must be sifted. This will simplify the work of a self-paving of pavements. The necessary thickness of the applied layer is 2-3 cm, then mixture is leveled with a trowel.

    There are two ways of laying the tiles: use sand-cement mixture and sand-cement mortar

    When using dry method, there is the possibility of shrinkage of the paving. What is the solution put a coating professionals, in this case, it does not matter, because it would require special knowledge. Prices for the purchase of specialized formula is quite high, so better not to risk and give preference to the cement-sand mixture.

    In the second case, can be used cement-sand mortar in the ratio of 3:1, respectively. After the solution is prepared, it should be put on the Foundation, leveled and compacted.

    A useful tip! Paving coating of the pavers, use a wooden or rubber mallet. She is unable to damage the tiles.

    Use to learn the technique of laying paving slabs on mortar, the video posted below.

    After all covering elements are laid, the surface is abundantly moistened with water. For a certain period, the tile dries out, then the seams between the elements of the pavement are filled. To wash the residual cement and dirt covering should be rinsed again with water.

    Variants of paving Old town: photo and features

    Judging by the numerous photos of paving Old town, this kind of coverage compared with other most common. Such popularity is caused by a large list of benefits that carries this stuff.

    Tile “Old city” allows you to create interesting patterns and combinations of elements of the cover. In one pack of this material may be details in four different sizes. Sometimes there is a choice of three dimensional combinations in a pack (without the smallest option).

    Full set includes:

    • large tile;
    • square tile;

    There are many interesting schemes paving tile “Old city”, which will allow you to create a unique design of the site

    • the item, amounting to 1/2 the size of a large tile;
    • element constituting 1/3 of a large tile or 1/2 of a square.

    Due to this dimensional diversity, variants of paving Old town enough. The scheme can be made more complex by adding multiple colors.

    On the other hand, the presence of such a large scale in size may cause a degree of chaos and disorder. If you do not follow a certain regularity in their work, you can get not very good looking coating.

    A useful tip! To some extent, some randomness may even be welcome. Most importantly – avoid the formation of spots composed of accumulations of tile elements in the same size or the same colour.

    If you want to simplify a job, enough to pattern of paving of the two colors, which is appealing.

    Example of a combination of tiles of different types and different colors

    Features and photos of paving “Brick”, “Diamond” and other forms of

    At first it may seem that the mapping of the paving – a rather difficult task. Actually after watching the video brick paving no longer seem difficult. Using the recommendations in relation to selection schemes, you can easily Orient in the choice.

    For example, if you opted for the pavement the form of “Brick”, you should pay attention to the following scheme:

    • styling is of linear type, which can be complicated by shift or at all without it;
    • stacking modular type;
    • paving of the spiral.

    Thanks to rounded edges, this tile is perfectly exhibits their smartness in all of the above patterns.

    Scheme of tile “Brick” is one of the most simple

    Photo of sidewalk tile “Diamond” paving look almost like 3D. As a result of this paving occurs amazing optical illusion, creating the impression of surround effect on the surface of the sidewalk.

    Due to this effect on a photo of sidewalk tile “Diamond” styling, based on the use of elements with different external characteristics:

    • form;
    • surface texture;
    • colors.

    In total a range of more than 40 varieties of tile products with similar geometric data.

    Laying pavers on a concrete base in the city

    Popular polymer-sand tile. The material is able to offer excellent technical characteristics and is suitable for those consumers who want to expedite the installation. Products are based on sand, polymers and dyes and can include elements of very different configurations.

    Shown in the video laying polymer sand paving slabs is a visual representation of how much the simplified and accelerated in this process, paving coating.

    Most modern tile coatings perfectly endure the influence of the sun and low temperatures, durability and high strength, as well as of other less profitable performance. Consumers only need to choose design and colors, which will be performed coverage.


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