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Not all small apartment it is possible to change the capital by the demolition of walls and construction of new, curved baffles. This drastic method is, of course, possible to modify the whole interior of the apartment, making it more spacious, but sometimes the layout or design not allows its use. Typically, the first drawback is that the demolition of walls – employment is difficult, and requires time, effort and material costs.

Change the layout of the apartment cannot be conducted based solely on your desire. Demolition of wall and erection of new, not declared in the plan of the apartment, fraught with difficulties emanating from the many authorities that control housing. To carry out alterations, you will need to obtain the consent and to put a bunch of signatures of employees of state organizations. You can seek the help of firms that specialize in obtaining such permission, but their services will cost you dearly. So, let’s go the path of least resistance, that is not going to break anything and build anew.

Much easier careful planning and thought. Even a small and uncomfortable apartment is able to transform beyond recognition.

Draw on paper a detailed plan of your apartment and all its contents. Then take your measuring tape and make measurements of height, length, width. Don’t forget to measure all the wrong corners, niches and projections. Usually in apartments the walls are not perfectly flat, so you need to do 4 measurements on each of the walls. Start the measurement with the width near the floor, the ceiling, measure the height in corners. The total area develops so: large width and height of each wall are summed, then the resulting values are summed.

The area of the ceiling is calculated in the same manner – at large sizes.

To determine the size you need to measure the window opening from the top, bottom, set the height of the Windows on both sides and calculate the area of the sill.

After all the measurements apply a floor plan on graph paper, putting the scale will follow. The most convenient is considered the scale of 1:50 and 100. That is, the scale is 1:50 every metre on the plan will be equal to 0.5 cm do Not forget the height of the doors, Windows, walls. For ease of understanding the drawing, mark the outer walls with a double line of 0.5 cm thick, and the inner double lines thinner. Window note the rectangles with the restriction from two sides, and glass or two lines inside. The rectangles should strictly correspond to its size in compliance with the adopted scale. The door looks on the plan as oblique line, is rotated in the opening direction.

Similarly, make measurements of the furniture. To specify the location and the view on the plan, imagine that you are looking at it from above. Furniture will appear in the form of simple geometric shapes – rectangles, circles, squares. For example, a table with chairs will be provided in the form of a rectangle with the squares around the relevant number of chairs. Seat lamps and chandeliers are denoted by crosses, and those line items that overlap each other, are drawn with dotted lines.

A good help in visualizing the plan apartments will be a special computer program. If you know how to use them – very well. Set the desired size and ascertive plan, you will be able to obtain a three-dimensional image, the ability to move furniture, evaluating the results in a particular location. No, but the desire to master it there? Get House Beautiful. With this app it is easy to work with and for practicing professional design is what you need. Actively use the help or tutorial, and you will be able to simulate your apartment as you like.

If the first method is for any reason unacceptable to you, you can do the following. Cut out figures of furniture from cardboard (color is more appropriate), and move them according to the plan of the apartment, as you like. Or take tracing paper and move it over the surface of the plan, labeling it the outlines of the furniture in new places. Select from options for the best and convenient for you.

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