Video of paving their own hands: step by step instructions

Modern interior courtyards and landscaping plots unthinkable without the use of pavers. The industry produces several types of it with lots of colors and forms. The cost of this material depends on many factors and varies widely. Even today, there No related posts.


Flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo original ideas

For residents of private homes spring is a special time when your country site it is possible to realize the most daring ideas, transforming the world around them in a magical garden, wild flower garden or an unusual Park. Investing your love and No related posts.


The device gate for a private house. Photo of possible variants

Quality, properly fitted gate not only the question of security of housing, but also the appearance of a private house. They are an integral part of the plot and should easily fit in with the overall design, as well as to harmonize with the other No related posts.


Gazebo with your own hands from scrap materials: photo original solutions

Many gardeners are stored in the workshops of various materials remaining after construction of the main objects: metal profiles, timber, plastic, tiles. Thanks to the resourcefulness and imagination, these residues have been successfully used by No related posts.


Electric snow machine: rating and reviews of the most popular models

The onset of winter and the snowfall it is best to prepare in advance, choosing and buying the necessary snow removal equipment. One of the most convenient options – snow plow-electric machine. Consider what is characteristic of this type of No related posts.


Peculiarities of projects of baths of foam blocks, photos and technology

Undoubtedly, a classic wooden bath superior to any other options in the sustainability and usefulness to the body. However, wood has two significant disadvantages: susceptibility to rotting and high cost. Today a solution is found. There is a No related posts.


A covering for children’s playgrounds in the country: safe play in the fresh air

When building its suburban area, it is very important to foresee all the nuances. This is especially true if we are talking about children’s playgrounds. To build with their own hands the sandpit, slide or swing is quite simple, but besides that, No related posts.


Sewage in a private house: the scheme, the embedding depth of

Sewage in a private house: the scheme, the embedding depth of the pipe outlet, installation rules — all you need to know and to understand clearly before starting the installation. A proper arrangement is the key to a comfortable life. Today, it No related posts.


Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and instructions to create

Very often when constructing a private house or garden swing sets. Similar designs made of wood, tires and other scrap materials. But to achieve really high quality result, use drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions No related posts.


Alpine garden with rocks at the cottage with his own hands: photo rockeries with steps

In the old days, those who tried to give their footage of the picturesque was limited to a simple bed. With the advent of landscape design a garden acquired a stylish look. To build on the land decorative composition for each. Especially popular are No related posts.