The design of the hallway in the apartment: photo of modern interiors

Creating a good hallway design in apartment is not less important than the interior in all the other rooms, and often requires even more attention than a good repair in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. It is in the hallway begins and ends with your No related posts.


Rods for curtains. Types, photos of the new design

Dot the “I” in the design of any interior put curtains. How gracefully they fall and functionally to move largely depends on the type of cornice. Designers and manufacturers offer more and more advanced rods for curtains. Types, photo models and No related posts.


Cellar of plastic: a good solution for compact food storage

Traditionally, the cellar is used as storage for vegetables, fruits and various conservation. Cellar of plastic, which is also called caisson, is an interesting alternative to the traditional dug in the ground storage, and has a number of No related posts.


What is the best septic tanks for cottages: depending on site conditions

The septic tank is the most suitable device for the diversion of liquid waste in any country house or cottage. What is the best septic tanks for cottages to choose from their available diversity, try to understand. There are simple homemade setup No related posts.


Braziers made of metal with your hands. Sizes, photos of finished products

Indispensable helpers in a private house or dacha grills are made of metal with your hands. Dimensions, photos of the finished braziers provided in this article will help to cope with their own arrangement. These products are often used during the No related posts.


Gate with their hands. Drawings, photos and videos

When building a fence around the house or suburban area necessarily raises the question: how to make gates with their hands. Drawings, photo and video materials provided in this article will help to understand the process of installation of such No related posts.


A fence made of profiled sheet with his own hands: photo of interesting solutions

Opt for a fence of corrugated Board, you’ll get an elegant design that not only outline the perimeter of the household, but also protects the yard from prying eyes. Variety of colors allows you to select material in tune with existing cladding and No related posts.


Drawings polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands from a shaped tube

Thanks to a combination of mechanical and translucent properties of the profile and polycarbonate greenhouses made of these materials, are widely popular. Construction of a greenhouse, even a small starts with the development of the project. You can No related posts.


Beautiful fences for private houses: photo of interesting fences

Modern fences have not only a protection function and designate the boundaries of local area, but also set the style of the whole architectural composition. To give the landscape a finished look parcel by installing beautiful fences for private No related posts.


Fences for private homes. Photo examples for choice

To give preference to a particular embodiment of the fence area is very difficult — so wide and varied selection. In addition to the traditional wood, metal and stone, there are many modern materials that, combined, can build great fences for No related posts.