Garden swing made of wood with his hands: the photos and drawings, dimensions and recommendations for the production of

A shady garden on the farm and summer cottage will be a perfect place for a family holiday, especially if you put a small effort and make it comfortable with the help of various accessories and small buildings, such as sheds, gazebos, benches, etc. Related posts: Children’s outdoor swing for villas and features their designs Drawings and photos of garden swing your hands from metal: dimensions and instructions to create […]

Snowthrower manual: design and application

Features of our climatic zones allow us to equally enjoy both hot summers and cold winters. But for the only memory of the past winter was not the snow clearing, many decided to buy a hand thrower. This simple device will help you to get rid of Related posts: Snow removal equipment for the garden and home: a review of the best producers Snowblower with your hands: a worthy alternative […]

Tablets for pools for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Any pool in the country or near a private house needs proper and regular maintenance. Water is a good breeding ground for bacteria. In outdoor pools in windy weather hits the dust, foliage and debris. Improper maintenance of the reservoir will lead Related posts: Sand filter for pool: the water was always clean Dig the pools for the garden: types and characteristics of models Which pool is better: inflatable or […]

Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: a review of modern solutions

Every owner of a suburban area wants to have a toilet to give odorless and pumping. Because Central sewer is not everywhere, and constantly Tinker with the cleansing of a cesspool no fun. What are the methods of solving this problem exist today Related posts: Containers for sewage: plastic wells and storage tanks A septic tank of concrete rings with their hands, the scheme of construction of Repair of bathroom […]

The pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual

Artificial pond – excellent decoration of any, even a small area, so it is very useful information about how to make a pond at the dacha with his hands. Step-by-step photo manual will talk about what materials will be required for the arrangement Related posts: Alpine garden with rocks at the cottage with his own hands: photo rockeries with steps Plants for the Alpine slide: names and photos of landscaping […]

The best photo finishing baths inside and a description of the stages of work

When viewing a photo finishing baths inside, it is not always possible to understand the sequence of actions of repair. Therefore it is necessary to elaborate on the main points. Compact steam room are decorated with natural wood The Related posts: What to insulate in the bath ceiling, walls and floor: the best materials and technologies Ventilation in the bath with his hands: how to do it right Insulation of […]

Gabion with his own hands: step by step instructions create stone designs on the site

Landscape construction is an effective way to Refine the territory of the country or suburban area, to make it unique. Many owners of private houses use various tricks, since registration paths ending with green hedges. By far the most popular Related posts: Fences made of mesh, gutter, fences made of mesh netting. Photos best options Gazebo with your own hands: drawings and dimensions, diagrams, sketches and projects, lightweight structures Greenhouses […]

Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with a water tank: General provisions

Ovens for bathhouse on the wood with the water tank installed in the house in cases when there is no possibility of connecting an electric network or gas pipeline. It is a multifunctional equipment attracts users with a simple arrangement and Related posts: How to choose the stones for sauna: what better to use in the steam room The stove-fireplace to give long burning: create warmth and comfort in a […]

Video of paving their own hands: step by step instructions

Modern interior courtyards and landscaping plots unthinkable without the use of pavers. The industry produces several types of it with lots of colors and forms. The cost of this material depends on many factors and varies widely. Even today, there Related posts: Laying paving on sand: the technology and specifics of the execution of the works Laying paving on a concrete Foundation: theory and practical advice How to lay paving […]

Flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo original ideas

For residents of private homes spring is a special time when your country site it is possible to realize the most daring ideas, transforming the world around them in a magical garden, wild flower garden or an unusual Park. Investing your love and Related posts: Plants for the Alpine slide: names and photos of landscaping with your own hands Beds of stones with his own hands. Photos flower beds of […]