Landscape design suburban area: photos and recommendations for creation of beautiful projects

The cottage is a magical place, where we seek after long working days. There you can relax from the urban bustle, enjoy the solitude, family unity, or spend time in the cheerful noisy company of friends. To stay outside the city was most comfortable Related posts: Flower gardens and beds with their hands from improvised materials: a photo guide to creation Plants for the Alpine slide: names and photos of […]

Beds of stones with his own hands. Photos flower beds of brick and other materials

The desire to decorate and highlight your yard peculiar to any person. And if in the conditions typical of urban development make it difficult, in a private house and, especially, in the country everything is limited only by the imagination and Related posts: Flower beds in the yard of a private house: photo original ideas Plants for the Alpine slide: names and photos of landscaping with your own hands Flower […]

Greenhouse from plastic pipes with their hands. The Assembly of lightweight construction

For those who decided to equip smallholding greenhouse manufacturers offers different types of greenhouse structures. They can be fixed or have a folding design. The frame is made of various types of profiles, the only question is price. And it is Related posts: Drawings polycarbonate greenhouses with their hands from a shaped tube Greenhouses with his own hands: the best designs and materials for building A greenhouse from scrap materials: […]

The snow-plow for walking tractor: the principle of operation and basics of self-Assembly

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Form for paving your hands: tips for making

Paving is one of the most popular building material, widely used for different purposes. It can help to decorate the garden paths on the plot, to lay a sidewalk, Parking lot or Playground. Form for paving his own hands made relatively easy and Related posts: The technology of applying the plaster “bark beetle”: peculiarities and stages of work Plaster “bark”: photos examples of successful application of the material Winter chicken […]

Modular house for living: modern affordable housing

For anybody not a secret that find in the modern world of cheap housing is almost impossible. This is understandable, because starting construction from scratch, you will inevitably be faced with the high cost of consumables and labour. An Related posts: Beautiful home projects with good design and internal layout Beautiful houses: pictures of the inside and outside. Interesting ideas on arrangement House with a loft: photos, projects, layouts

Septic tank with their hands without pumping 10 years for home and garden: building construction

With the aim of increasing the comfort of living in country houses, on the site, be sure to organize the sewer system. The main functions of such a system – the diversion of wastewater, collection and effective disposal. Most often this is done by Related posts: Toilet for the cottages, odorless and pumping: a review of modern solutions Containers for sewage: plastic wells and storage tanks What is the best […]

House with a loft: photos, projects, layouts

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Water heater to give liquid with a heater: water with comfort

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Fences and fencing for the house. Photos collection of brilliant ideas

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