The unit truss system gable roof with his hands

Structurally, the gable roof design is the most simple to manufacture. It could have several different types: polygonal, asymmetrical and symmetrical, but on the whole, its design looks about the same in all cases. Unlike other species, the unit No related posts.


REGENCY CHAIR restoration Louise Biggs

REGENCY CHAIR restoration Louise Biggs’ clients can always take comfort from the quality of her workmanship as this restoration job proves I was asked to view a set of dining chairs (along with the matching dining table) that were in need of restoration. My customer inherited the set from her grandparents. The sabre legs and lyre-shaped back splat designs date from the Regency period, circa 1810-1820. More varieties of wood […]


Trays for stormwater: purpose, types and features of installation

Storm sewers are designed to drain from the curtilage of water that gets there by natural means with natural precipitation (rain and snow). The backbone of any drainage system is based on a special container, through which water flows. Trays for No related posts.


Plinth for stretch ceilings: basic rules for selection and installation

Stretch ceilings are no longer a novelty. Beautiful, durable, they give the ceiling a perfect view, repel dust and not afraid of water. Stretch ceiling is not only to close the irregularities, he also successfully hides the external wiring or No related posts.


As a newcomer to plaster walls with their hands, videos and recommendations to work

That plaster walls – effective way to eliminate defects and irregularities of the surfaces, practically everyone knows. But when you need to make the work for the first time, often there are many issues associated with the technology of No related posts.


The slope of the sewer at 1 meter: SNiP and regulatory parameters of the system

This article discusses in detail the nuance system installation, as the correct slope of sewer at 1 meter: building codes and regulatory requirements to be followed in practice, the optimal indicators for specific sectors, advice on routing of the No related posts.


Water storage heater 80 liters vertical flat: advantages and working principle

Storage water heaters (or boilers) are very popular in apartments and private homes. Their purpose is to quick heating of the cold water, so the boiler makes sense in cases when the house is often not hot water. Also any water storage heater 80 No related posts.


The insulation PENOPLEX: technology outer and inner sheathing

The heating prices are rising, forcing private landlords to find ways to save. A good way out — the insulation PENOPLEX. The technology is not particularly complicated. It can be handled, with the minimum skills in the construction business. No related posts.


Video of the installation of a soft roof: technology device

People at the dawn of its history, has learned to cover the roof of the home of various soft materials. Today there are many types. Video of the installation of a soft roof shows how convenient it is to close the housing including a flexible and No related posts.


System of storage for a dressing room: range of brands Ikea, Elfa, Aristo

The question of storage of clothes and items is absolutely necessary in everyday life, is particularly acute in urban apartments. Compact and easy distribution of things largely depends on the functionality of filling the dressing rooms. System of No related posts.