Landscape design suburban area 10 acres with his own hands: photo model projects

In the city, with its intense pace of life and automotive smog, there are fewer places to be in nature and enjoy the fresh air. Salvation is a cottage where you can place and Playground, and a gazebo for gatherings, the garden or the orchard. Very No related posts.


Children’s outdoor swing for villas and features their designs

Children’s outdoor swing for villas are often found in suburban areas and in the yards of houses of the private type. Such designs can have a lot of modifications, they are comfortable and great for children’s entertainment. Modern garden ceased to No related posts.


Summer kitchen in the country: projects, photos, interesting ideas

For many gardeners country pastime has long been a lifestyle. Some of them are there year-round, except for a couple cold winter months, and in early February, involved seedlings and make their first forays into the station. A special pride of the No related posts.


How to choose the stones for sauna: what better to use in the steam room

Sweating in the sauna is not only pleasant but also useful for health. And it’s not just about a banal relaxation, but on preventing a fairly wide range of diseases. To achieve the desired result, you need to choose the right filling for oven, the No related posts.


Sliding doors with their hands: drawings, diagrams, sketches, designs. How to assemble and mount

Various types of gates are used for the same purpose – the restriction of access to private land. When selecting a product you can be guided by different motives, but the main is the ease in opening and closing, as well as saving space. Roller No related posts.


Sand filter for pool: the water was always clean

The main indicator of proper care of the pond is water quality. To maintain an open pool in perfect condition is possible, using filtration equipment. The most practical and affordable device is a sand pool filter, purifying the water from harmful No related posts.


Canopies of sheets: pictures and description of how to build

A variety of sheds from metal sheets: photo they can often be found when searching for options for arrangement of various outbuildings, to make yourself not so difficult. For this you need to have the initial skills of work with the welder and No related posts.


Winter chicken coop with your own hands 20 chickens: characteristics and tips on making

Each owner wants his chickens grow faster, better and carried more eggs. Often, however, forget that this is only possible with good living conditions for birds in which she will feel comfortable. That’s why a mistake is the placement of chickens in No related posts.


Gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven. Build functional pavilion

More recently, gardeners were happy to purchase a portable metal grill, and installed in the garden a wooden gazebo was considered almost a luxury. Today in gardens and suburban areas are being built gazebo with barbecue, barbecue and oven. Such No related posts.


Garden bench with back their hands: the drawings of interesting products

The arrangement of the infield by various methods: installed awnings and arbors, laid paths, grasses and flowerbeds. The final caveat is garden furniture. Furnishing a small area pleasant garden bench with back their hands: drawings and diagrams are No related posts.