Construction of toilet at dacha with his own hands, drawings, dimensions

Any suburban area can not do without a toilet. Due to the lack of sanitation or failure of its equipment, the benefits of civilization, in the form of the bowl in a warm place, inaccessible to many cottagers. Therefore there is a need for the No related posts.


Fences made of metal profile: photo and video instruction for self-Assembly

Due to a number of unique properties, light weight and ease of installation of the corrugated sheet are widely used for building garden houses, garages, sheds. Quite interesting work fences made of metal profile: photos and videos on installation No related posts.


A fence of corrugated Board with your hands to the bars: methods, secrets build

Gradually fading the familiar fences from wooden fences. Increasingly, residents of holiday villages and town houses to fence their land use structures from metal sheets. And rightly so. Corrugated sheet — material is durable, resistant to No related posts.


Wall panels for interior decoration

The main trend in recent decades, finishing work — wall panels for interior decoration began to be used everywhere. The main common advantage of this type of finishing material is that panel easy to install, cheap and have an attractive decorative No related posts.


How to put laminate: choice of substrate, the nuances of installation and recommendations

Laminate flooring is a modern flooring that is very popular due to their high performance and ease of installation. The process of laying laminate includes base preparation, the laying of the insulating layer and the paving. For understanding how to No related posts.


Roofing materials for roofs: types and rates of modern coatings

In this article you will learn everything you need to to choose the right roofing materials for roofs: types and prices of the modern coatings that will be able to fully appreciate the flaws and strengths of materials, their main characteristics, to No related posts.


How to choose a conditioner for apartments: efficient cooling and ventilation

Air conditioning is a great way to get rid of the summer heat and create a comfortable atmosphere at any time of the year. In the modern market of household appliances, there are a huge number of models of air conditioners from different No related posts.


Aprons for kitchen, skinali, photo best design ideas

The kitchen is an important stage in the life of every inhabitant of the house, because in this room the family spends much of its time. That is why it is so important that your kitchen fits your preferences. The modern solution for design – glass No related posts.


The laminate on the wall in the interior: pictures of walls with laminate

The laminate on the wall in the interior: a photo of design solutions of a very unusual, but they have their right to exist. Today to surprise someone with a non-trivial use of this clean floor covering anymore. As to the walls with laminate photo No related posts.


The government will not prohibit the construction of apartments

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during a speech at the plenary session of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Photo: Alexander Astafyev/TASS Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev urged to create a regulatory framework for the construction of apartments The government will not prohibit the construction of apartments in Russia, but asks the state Duma to consider the question of their existence in law, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during the annual […]