Layout small apartment

Not all small apartment it is possible to change the capital by the demolition of walls and construction of new, curved baffles. This drastic method is, of course, possible to modify the whole interior of the apartment, making it more spacious, but sometimes the layout or design not allows its use. Typically, the first drawback is that the demolition of walls – employment is difficult, and requires time, effort and […]

Partitions as part of interior design

Lately most of the interiors often include such elements as partitions. Partitions can be simple and represent a design that is easily erected. The most popular are structures consisting of a combination of wood, metal, glass etc – they are the most advantageous to look and have to place almost any room. The combination of translucent and transparent glass also gives exceptional effect. What is this extraordinary demand for the […]

Interior design modern office

Interior design modern office decided to issue in two main ways – closed (Cabinet-corridor system) and Open Space (open space). In the first case, a classic, made all state institutions, and now often there are long corridors, along which are located the door with the plates, followed by individual offices and departments. This office, if judged on the effectiveness of activities that are most suitable for companies with a linear-functional […]

The void in the interior a special style

Simplicity in interior design – a special approach, the essence of minimalism, which is not capable to pall, pall on. Lines and shapes, devoid of pretentiousness, excesses in the decoration, clarifying, clarity in the overall composition, can be attractive, even entice. And, most surprisingly, does not become Intrusive, annoying, and even repulsive. Naturalness, ease, austere – this is easy. Cleaning the house very often horrified by clusters like these, favorite, […]

The elements and principles in interior design

Any style of interior design – Baroque, modern, classic – are United by one General rule, namely a rule for constructing living space. It should be understood that the design is primarily based on the perception of information by a person on a psychological level. It is the unshakable Foundation that remains unchanged under all conditions. The surrounding objects, the environment itself, its atmosphere, have a huge impact on man, […]

Wallpaper as an indispensable element of the interior

Wallpapers are the most common material for the walls, without them it is impossible to imagine any one room. Wallpapers give personality to the interior reflect the tastes and character of the owners, no accident after all the designers recognize their most important artistic means to Express a particular mood, to create a special, unique style, to emphasize other details of the situation. Modern Wallpaper give the opportunity to implement […]

Color moods in interior

Moods of nature Many people, making an imaginary journey, back to nature, where you can find occasion for a variety of moods. WALK IN THE WOODS If the mental journey has led you straight into the forest, it is likely that you do not like to sit at home and want your house to be more green. Green has a great calming effect that there is a lot of evidence. […]

Color mood in design

Decorate your nest There are countless shades and tones that can calm or energize you, cheer you up or to plunge into a deep depression, to warm or to cool surround. Some colors even stimulate the appetite, but more on that later. The effect of color impossible to resist, it determines your emotions often on a purely subconscious, or animal, level. From childhood colors that surround you, affect you and […]

Baby room design for two children

Design a child’s room for two children always requires a careful approach to zoning and selection of furniture. In this case it is important to organize the space so that both the little owner of the room feel comfortable. Experts advise to choose interiors for children’s room, minimum area is 20 sq. m. In this room you can easily place two beds, organize the playing area and find a place […]

Bedroom interior in modern style

The formation of interior living spaces is a complex task that requires not only a well-developed imagination, but also the professionalism of the designers. In order to determine the direction of the interior of the housing, you can examine the sample photos of finished projects. In today’s post we have prepared a selection of interior design for apartments in photos and share it with our readers. Unique furniture compositions in […]