The technology of applying the plaster “bark beetle”: peculiarities and stages of work

One of the most interesting, original, cheap and easy to apply options for cladding the surface is considered to be textured plaster “bark beetle”. With this material, which is used for both exterior and interior finishes, to create a unique, No related posts.


Waterproofing bathroom tile: which is better? Device and materials do with their hands

The bathroom is the room to which special requirements. This is due to the specific mode of its operation and a separate microclimate. To provide indoor protection against excess moisture or from the effects of leaking pipes waterproofing bathroom No related posts.


Строительство бани на даче: видео инструкция и советы по созданию постройки

В данной статье подробно расписаны все этапы, согласно которым осуществляется строительство бани на даче: видео, пошаговая инструкция, No related posts.


A greenhouse from scrap materials: best ideas

Proper care of plants at an early stage of their development – the key to a good harvest in the fall. So providing a comfortable environment for the growth of crops is a challenge facing every owner testify. One of the best assistants in achieving No related posts.


Arches in doorway, photo and examples

Unusually decorated with an aperture for the door is equally important to any interior design, than the design of the window opening or a good selection of furniture. The arch in the doorway, a photo of which is striking in unusual shapes and No related posts.


The shapes and sizes of the pallets for shower cabins: a step-by-step Assembly manual

In recent years there is a trend of bathroom hardware showers. This is due to the accelerating rhythm of life, when the time for bathing is not enough. In addition, she is a half bathroom that is not comfortable. When taking a shower uses much less No related posts.


PVC panels for bathroom: how to assemble

The design of the bathroom walls is critical, as this space is usually high humidity. For this reason, for finishing work will not be suitable for all materials. The main requirement for them is water resistant. Well it a tile, but it is expensive No related posts.


The slopes on installed plastic Windows with their hands: video and installation manual

When replacing Windows, in order to save money, you can sheathe the slopes for plastic Windows with their hands, live with the nuances of this process will help to do that without any problems. However, what material to choose for installation and No related posts.


How to insulate a balcony with their hands: step-by-step photos and instructions

The balcony is the place that you can use for various purposes. Someone keeps there are a variety of things, someone is using for drying clothes, and someone makes the balcony a favorite place of recreation or even a small room. In any case, warming No related posts.


Дизайн детской комнаты для девочки: фото идеи для оформления стильного интерьера

Оформление комнаты ребенка – занятие приятное, однако очень ответственное. Нужно тщательно подбирать отделочные материалы, дизайн и No related posts.