Painting the walls in the apartment: design, photo examples, fashion trends, professional advice

One of the most important stages of repair — painting walls in the apartment. Design, photo examples of how this can look good end result — you will find in this article. Professional advice will help to implement the right painting the walls, choose paint, and also to choose the right tone and color to harmonize with the overall design of the room.

The successful combination of pastel green and pastel blue shades in the living room

The contents

1 Preparing walls for painting
2 How to paint the walls in the apartment with his hands
3 Tips experienced craftsmen
4 Trending colors in the interior
5 painting the walls in the apartment: design, photo examples
  5.1 Photo of the painting in the bedroom
  5.2 Colorful drawings in the nursery
  5.3 Kitchen: repair, painting walls
  5.4 Bright wall in living room
  5.5 Painting walls: bathroom and WC


Preparation of walls under painting

Painting the wall surfaces – this is not the first stage of repair of the premises. Staining is produced in a downward direction. That is, first the ceiling, cornices and moldings, and then the wall.

Walls painted in a stylish anthracite colour

Before painting the walls, you must prepare their surfaces. It must be perfectly smooth. Otherwise, the walls painting will accentuate its flaws. Any previous coating must be removed and also to carefully check the surface for cracks, irregularities and other defects. If necessary, plaster walls for painting. If your plans include a drawing, decorative painting of walls or you want to visually highlight specific areas of a room you can use Wallpaper to paint the walls.

The decoration of the walls of the kitchen used yellow textured paint

A useful tip! To coating the walls was more functional, stable, and easy to care for, it is recommended to use acrylic primer as the basis. Its antibacterial composition does not only simplify the application of paint, but will protect the walls from the appearance of fungi and mold in the future.

The bright-pink wall placed frames with photos and drawings


How to paint walls in the apartment with his hands

Painting the walls with their hands can significantly reduce the expenditure budget of the repair process. You can experiment with colors and textures, and if you approach this problem creatively, just a couple of days, you can transform an ordinary apartment into a work of their own design art.

Before painting the walls it is recommended to apply a protective primer

Of course, we must start with the choice of the paint itself. The modern market offers a variety of textures and colors, but the main thing to pay attention to is performance. Especially if you plan on painting the walls in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Most of the decorative colors will give you plenty of advantages in working with them and future maintenance.

At the bottom of the walls, a border of colorful paints

Especially practical is painting the walls with latex paint. Its main advantage is versatility, ease of application and long service life (over 10 years). Due to the water vapor permeability of the coating, you will get a healthy indoor climate. In addition, it is convenient to perform using latex paint painting the walls with a picture (a photo of such examples, enchant); to create a design wall in the apartment painted in two colors (photos offer a combination of contrasting shades); to apply the application. Further examples of painting walls in the apartment will allow you to see this.

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Another advantage of using latex paint is that it mainly is available in white color. The desired shade you create yourself by adding special dyes, so-called color. The gamma selection, which will be combined and in harmony with the overall space, the next important phase when painting walls in a room.

Bright examples of design dining area

A useful tip! If you are using is not colour, but white latex paint, it is necessary to calculate the amount of material required for the entire premises. When you use a colour breed it once on the entire volume of liquid as accurately repeat the shade is unlikely.

Bright solutions for painting walls modern apartment


Tips experienced craftsmen

If you decide to paint the walls with their hands, consider a few important points:

  • the basis of water-based paints is acrylic, thereby providing ease of application. Such paints hold color well, do not fade even under direct sunlight and moisture resistant rather. Due to this, they can be used in almost any room (even the bathroom), and they are quite resistant to washing;

Examples of the use of dark saturated hues to design a bedroom

  • due to its elasticity, this coating allows you to get rid of surface defects, and even hide the crack depth of 0.5 mm;

Bright pictures on the walls in the nursery, done with acrylic paints

  • when painting with latex paints be prepared to apply several layers (at least two). Drying of the previous layers is not required! It is very important that the first layers were deposited horizontally. And here is the final paint layer was applied only to vertical lines. Otherwise, the distribution of paint is not correct and will create the visual effect of the unpainted walls.

The combination of contrasting colors in the design of the room

A useful tip! For the most even application of paint on large areas, use rollers for painting walls. In addition, for the first layers it is better to use fur rollers with a long NAP and put on lots of paint. But the final, vertical layer is applied by a roller with a NAP of medium length.

The facade of kitchen furniture and the walls are painted the same dark gray paint


Trend colors in the interior

The choice of color that painted the walls of your house – the question is extremely important. After all, colors of a common space creates the first impression, and then attention is drawn to furniture, decor, plumbing and other details. It is no secret that the colors that surround us, can psychologically affect our health and mood. Therefore each color must be appropriate in a particular area.

Examples of usage in the interior of juicy yellow hue

Pastel colors are ideal for bedrooms, children’s rooms and recreation areas. They have to quiet conversation in a living room, contribute to the peace in the bedroom. Also, when choosing colors, pay attention to the size of your room. Bright shades can visually enlarge the space, while the dark – on the contrary, “shrink” and hide it.

Light pastel shades will visually increase the room space

It’s very fashionable to use the principle of “three colors”, that is to combine three colors when painting one room. Important role here plays the contrast combinations. The brighter the adjacent colors, the smaller the room will seem. So be careful with trendy violet, terracotta, wine and plum shades.

In painting the bedroom wall used the principle of “three colors”

To visually enlarge the space will help with depression. Particularly relevant will look like the neighborhood white, grey and blue. This is great for combining a bright palette of green, yellow, brown and even orange.

Examples of interior design with painting walls

When choosing a wall color, consider the overall style of the interior of their homes. If it’s high tech without combining black and white is not enough. If it’s Provence, or country, feel free to use colors of nature: blue, green, brown, gold. When the Italian or Greek style would be a win-win combination of white, sand, gray and blue shades. And if you have a predominant youth pop art — feel free to experiment with neon-pink, blue and green.

Blue wall in decorating vintage kitchens


Painting the walls in the apartment: design, photo examples

This section offers examples of painting, depending on what function carries a particular room.

The examples of the flamboyant design home workplace

Photos paint the walls in the bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom, painting the walls is the most relevant solution. Because staining is the most durable and harmless way of coverage. A properly selected color combinations will help you configure the owners of the home for a complete rest, or on the contrary, more vigorous and gentle Wake up in the morning.

Colorful drawings in the nursery

For the wall design the nursery perfect rainbow colors — Sunny yellow and orange, all shades of green, blue, pink and beige. Moreover, restrictions on the number of simultaneously used colors in there. In addition, the child will want to choose and even try to apply paint on the wall.

Kitchen: repair, painting walls

The kitchen is the place where all family members often gather together where you often receive guests, where the owner spends a considerable part of his life. Therefore, the kitchen should be especially comfortable, and the color scheme plays a role. Certain colors (especially warm) subconsciously associated with well-being and prosperity, and some can even cause the appetite. Below are various photos of the painting in the kitchen.


A bright wall in living room

Living room — the best place for “colorful” experiments. In this room will look perfectly absolutely any shade, provided that it is successfully combined with furniture and the overall style decision apartment as a whole.


Painting walls: bathroom and WC

When painting the walls in the bathroom include a main criterion of the coating, its water resistance. Generally, coating the walls with paint is used where there is no permanent contact with water, but modern paints can replace even the tiles. As for the choice of colours, in this case, it can be quite cold. Importantly, it was the most natural, but not necessarily “water” colors.

A stylish combination of grey, yellow and pink shades in the design of the bathroom

Inspiring photo examples of painting walls in the apartment will definitely set you on a successful repair, and help you choose the right solution for a quality finish.


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