Partitions as part of interior design

Lately most of the interiors often include such elements as partitions. Partitions can be simple and represent a design that is easily erected. The most popular are structures consisting of a combination of wood, metal, glass etc – they are the most advantageous to look and have to place almost any room. The combination of translucent and transparent glass also gives exceptional effect. What is this extraordinary demand for the partitions? They are functional, quickly built, mobile. But the significance of barriers is not only in a practical sense. Well-built walls and the place applied partitions emphasize the design of the apartment, being one of its main components. And in order not to fail, you should carefully consider the material and composition of partitions.

You know what a polymer coating? This dry mixture in powder form is deposited on the surface of the article in an electrostatic field. After this procedure, the product was placed in an oven where at a temperature of 200C pellets of powder burst, and the surface is covered with a smooth, durable coat of paint. Partition made of aluminium can be provided with any material which the client wishes. This can be chipboard, glass, plastic, glass, metal sandwich, polycarbonate.

Filling design, the basis partitions may be glass, and opaque material. A vivid example – a telephone booth, representing the same partition, only a closed perimeter. Side of the partition may consist of plastic of different colors, combined with the color of the interior. Variations with the filling of the construction of the partition, a great many, and this facilitates the task of interior designers. With the help of partitions can transform any dull and drab space.

Special mention should be made of such a material for filling the walls like a mirror. Usually you should use the two-way mirror reflection is very impressive and stylish. The mirror partition will require increased material costs, but it’s worth it. In any room, with virtually any design mirror partition – the win-win. With the help of a mirror the room visually increases and becomes highly attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Offices become especially popular partitions with one-way transparency. They are soundproof and allow, for example, the protection to see the whole room, but heard nothing. And from the hall is impenetrable glass through which nothing is visible and no sound. Unilateral transparent partitions can be executed in different colors, which facilitates its combination with the design of the office.

Without partitions, none of the clinic or hospital. A striking example – physiotherapy. Previously it was customary to install a bulky metallic structure, it is divided into sections, where the role of walls and doors and carried the curtains. But, undressing or taking the procedures in this section, always thought that curtains loosely covered. Now partitions, made of plastic, and doors on rollers solve this problem. The nurse hears the sound of the instrument, as in the cabins, no ceilings.

Private dentists have already benefited from the advantages of partitions. Gradually, the partitions are implemented and municipal dentists. Them in and the doctor and the patient. Doctor not prevent unwanted motion, and the patient is not ashamed that others witness his torment. In this case, the most relevant partitions are made of opaque glass or plastic, or a mirror.

Organization of working areas in the office premises can occur in two ways. You can order a ready-made design, is divided into sections, and then to plan how these sections to accommodate the employees and the work-items. But the best would be to first arrange the jobs so that it is comfortable, practical and functional, and then, based on the picture, to acquire partitions, fits perfectly into the overall layout of the office. When ordering you can specify the necessary sizes of the partitions – the width, length, height.

If you want to create such a mobile office, i.e. the partition should have a door, it will not be a problem, because this construction would be akin to that used in the already mentioned physical therapy. Booths, custom made, much cheaper in terms of the situation, as they can be made with these parameters to fit the furniture, and other work accessories. This solves the problem of the capacity of jobs in the ready section, and eliminates the necessity of purchasing the same furniture. Staircases – also a suitable place for partitions of metal and glass.

Another place where the walls become an indispensable element of the interior section is cash in banks, shops and other establishments. The design is mostly made from metal or aluminum, and the filler used shockproof glass.

Partitions are widely used as fire-boxes (remember, a square wooden box of red color with the letters PK?). This construction is necessary in any government and non-government institutions for public use. How much hotter in the interior looks like a box, if it is made of metal and glass!

Stores and exhibition centers also often use the partitions. Long shelves of glass and aluminum very nicely and look organically in the room and also allow you to show the product in all its glory. The so-called kiosks and booths, again, are composed of walls with a combined filling of glass, plastic sandwiches.

With regard to residential houses and apartments, the walls meet and here. For example, in the toilet or bathroom is a built-in locker or box in which the hidden plumbing of communication.

Built-in wardrobes and cabinets successfully replace bulky and ugly storage area. There you can add tools to fix some household utensils, and various things for which you never have enough space. The Cabinet door can be made of a material in harmony with the interior space, for example, for the bathroom is ideal plastic.

In new buildings, particularly high-end destination, on the first floor put the Concierge. Her workplace protect a partition, representing the same kiosk or booth. They are made to order, since the parameters of the entrances in new buildings are very much different. The most commonly used material for this construction – metal profile with glass and plastic sandwich panel.

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