Paving slabs in the courtyard of a private house: photo compositions

Today it is difficult to surprise someone with the presence of tracks in the yard, contemporary tile materials. The country house is often the creative imagination of its owner. Particular to this is the design of the yard and local area. An important part of design is the paving slabs in the courtyard of a private house: a photo of their creations many craftsmen display for all to see. So everything turned out beautifully, you need to choose the right kind of coverage for the sidewalk.

The combination of different shades of tiles

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  • 1 Varieties of paving slabs
  • 2 Paving slabs in the courtyard of a private house: photo styles and types of installation
  • 3 Types of paving slabs (video)

Variety of paving slabs

Making of sidewalk tile is made from various types of material by several techniques.

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The most famous and popular tile is made from concrete methods of vibrolit’ya, vibrocompression and hyperpressure. Depending on the method of manufacture, this material has different technical characteristics, although made from the same ingredients: cement, sand, plasticizers and dyes.

The base and the edges of the track under the paving slabs made of concrete

More elegant and expensive tiles vytesyvajut from natural rocks: granite, marble, basalt. These products are of high density, which makes them resistant to abrasion and moisture absorption. Stone sawing and chisel to shape.

Expensive varieties of tiles are made from granite, basalt and marble

Recycling of used tires allows you to create rubber tiles. It companyhouse and damping qualities, along with frost and moisture resistance allow to use the product to cover playgrounds and sports grounds, walkways and areas around the pools and garden ponds.

Tile from a natural stone is a practical option for private area

Blend of polymers and sand creates a unique material for tile production. It doesn’t slip, has good strength and is impervious to water. These qualities allow to use a plastic polymer-sand paving slab in the courtyard of a private house. Photos of such objects attract special attention with their uniqueness.

Bright tile adorns the yard of a private house

The choice of tiles for the sidewalk is not limited to be applied in the production material. Important to create unique objects has a shape and size of products. There are several well known options:

  • pavers. Like a brick, but chamfered on the top edge. Sizes are 200х100х60 and 200х100х80;
  • square. Tiles with the same sides of 100х100х60 to 500х500х60;

Tile asymmetric shape

  • rectangle 400х200х70;
  • rhombus 200х200х60;
  • decorative wave various sizes.
  • Bishop’s hat has the form of a Pentagon or house.

Polimerpeschanaya paving slabs

A useful tip! If there is a need to create a composition of the tiles, which is no longer anybody, then they can make their own, low tide sand-cement mixture with the dye. To do this, make the desired shape or to get ready.

In addition to these standard forms you can buy products customised to create original compositions. They may include circles and parts of complex configuration, which, when the joint Assembly to create a complete pattern. Photo paving in the yard of a private house can help you choose the style and design that is most suitable for a specific area.

Round platform decorated paving tiles

Paving slabs in the courtyard of a private house: photo styles and types of installation

There are many styles and types of paving. Every creative person can create your own arrangement of tiles and their colors. Track or yard you can pave classic rectangular or square tiles.

The combination of different colors allows you to create even such an ordinary material original ornament. It can be two-tone or multi-color solution. The pattern can be laid out in the form of a snake or of a sequence of geometric shapes. Popular is the laying of tiles of dark and light colors in a checkerboard pattern.

Laying tile “zigzag”

A useful tip! If the coverage area is small, it is better to use small simple tile. It will visually increase the space. Tile composition, it is desirable to use on large stages.

Laying “herringbone”

Photo paving in the yard of a private house, stacked in the shape of Christmas trees or braids, always striking in its elegance. To create a pattern in a herringbone pattern, the tiles should be placed at an angle to each other. It can be 90 or 45 degrees. Braid is an alternation of longitudinal and transverse arrangement of tiles.

Laying “braid”

The easiest way to lay paving in random order. These tracks with an indefinite pattern are noteworthy for their diversity and unpredictability. They are very natural when you create a landscape design on the site.

All sites are easier to decorate with the tiles of small size

Laying tile in a specific pattern with large circular shapes is the most sophisticated way. These drawings look great from a height, for example, from the balcony of the house. These patterns can be in concentric circles, reminiscent of the mysterious crop circles, or in the form of the leaves of giant trees, as if fallen on a pavement.

A stone path

The combination of paths and gardens is a very original solution by creating a design of paving in the yard of a private home. Photos of paths and grounds with flower beds in the middle, reminiscent of images of oases in the desert.

The stage is decorated with inlays of luminous paving tiles

Modern technologies allow to lay in the yard of a tile that glows at night, giving the futuristic look of the whole section. This is achieved by introducing yourself to the tiles in the manufacture of led lights. These sources give a lot of light, but consume very little power, allowing you to keep the lights all night without significant losses for the family budget.

Posted a picture of the tiles

A useful tip! For visual lengthening of the track tiles may be laid “extension”. Parquet method is suitable for decorating the space around the pool.

Large stone tiles in the design of the tracks

A variety of types and colours of paving slabs makes this popular material is simply indispensable for the design of yard in a private home. The choice of a particular stylistic concept depends on the creative capabilities of the owner, his tastes and preferences.

The types of paving slabs (video)


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