Photo bathroom renovation small size create the bathroom wisely

Little and large bathroom in the main similar. Both should be comfortable, beautiful and to serve all the needs of the owners. The only difference is that on 5 m2 to accommodate all the amenities harder than 12 m2. But nothing is impossible, the main thing to think carefully about the arrangement of furniture and sanitary ware. Before you go to the store shopping, it is worth examining the collection of photo bathroom renovation small size. This will help you understand exactly what you need.

Bathroom 4 sq. m. with proper planning can accommodate all the necessary

The contents

1 Begin with an examination of photo bathroom renovation small size
2 Proposed pipelines
3 The Choice of furniture and storage space
4 Selection of plumbing and washing machine
5 Ceiling and lighting in the bathroom
6 Waterproofing bathroom floor: materials
7 The Choice of tiles for the bathroom
8 Photo bathroom renovation small sizes (video)


Start studying photo bathroom renovation small size

Preparation of the design project of the bathroom – not only for the rich and famous. The usual scheme it is possible to prepare yourself using pencil and paper or computer-based tools. The apartments with separated toilet you can win the space, demolishing the dividing wall and combining a bathroom with toilet. Here are a few pictures of the repair in the bathroom Khrushchev and redevelopment.

Small bathrooms can be stylish and functional


Proposed pipelines

The main rule, which should adhere to conceal everything possible. Ways of solving the problem may be several:

  • Plasterboard box will hide the horizontal wiring.
  • In many blocks for sewer pipes and water mains provided wall niche behind the toilet. It is possible to close the plasterboard the wall and put the same tile and turn it into a small locker.
  • Hoses of water and drains the washing machine can be hidden behind the bathtub. If not, they can be done within the floor in a special groove.

Ideal for small bathroom — installing a shower


The choice of furniture and storage space

Locations for furniture in a small bathroom almost there, and the space under it is usually saved. In “Khrushchev” bath, you can use narrow, high cupboards, on shelves which you can place various small items. Another option is a hanging locker. It is not as roomy, but the door is often installed mirror can not allocate space on the wall for a single mirror.

Bright colors and the presence of mirrors will make the room visually more spacious

A useful tip! One of the ways of effective use of niches for water pipes is to turn it into a small locker. For this niche are mounted two or three shelves, and outside are covered by plastic doors.

A compact arrangement of bath and washbasin

As another shelf for small toiletries you can use a plasterboard box for pipes. It is especially important in bathrooms with column and gas pipes are usually used for the height of 1 m, so they need a high enough box.

Using a recessed cistern toilet — is possible to equip a small additional shelf


Choice of sanitary ware and washing machine

Compactness is a major feature of plumbing for a small bathroom. To save space from bulky bath should be abandoned completely, because it takes at least one third of the useful space. If in the family there are fans to soak in hot water, should give preference to compact corner baths. They completely fulfill their purpose and allow you to carve out additional centimeters space for other purposes.

In a wall niche to place the washbasin with mirror

To save space and on the toilet. To do this, instead of the usual toilet set installation. Most of it is embedded in the wall, leaving only the outside of the bowl. As space for installation you can use the same niche for water pipes.

For small bathrooms it is better to purchase compact models of washing machines

From sinks in small bathrooms often refuse entirely, but they are very convenient for washing. Therefore reasonable to use the compact shell. Sinks with drawers in small bathrooms usually are not used. But there are options of purchasing a washing machine suitable for installation under the sink – in this case, the shell-water Lily, or a sink with a countertop is the best option.

The placement of washing machines in an alcove behind the shelves

A useful tip! The most compact option for a small bathroom — washing machine with vertical loading. However, it should be remembered that the upper space above it should not be used. And is this machine more expensive than usual.

Many manufacturers offer plumbing compact size is ideal for small bathrooms


The ceiling and lighting in the bathroom

In the bathroom is good to use a suspended or hanging ceiling rack type or Armstrong. They are not afraid of moisture and blend perfectly with the tiles and fixtures in style. Before making a final decision please note in the photo of the repair in the bathroom Khrushchev with different types of ceiling coverings.

In a long and narrow bathroom can be equipped with shower area, cutting off part of the room by a glass partition

The question of lighting in the bathroom is quite difficult, since is associated with the laying of the wiring. Previously, the rules prohibited the installation in the bathroom sockets and ceiling lights to avoid dangers of short circuit. Now without this is hard to do. But you need to keep in mind that the electrical outlets in the bathroom must be suitable for use in wet areas.

Example of plumbing in a small bathroom

A useful tip! Terminal boxes it is better to stand outside the bathroom into the hallway or the next room if you flood the neighbors above, the less likelihood that the contacts will fill with water and short circuit occurs.

Bathroom in the attic room with restricted ceiling height, so it is impossible to place a shower cubicle


Waterproofing bathroom floor: materials

Waterproofing a bathroom is necessary to protect the walls from moisture and additional obstacles flooding the neighbors at the break water. Offers a lot of variety of materials waterproofing bathroom floor:

  • bitumen mastic;
  • a sheet or roll of waterproofing with bitumen impregnation;
  • mixture based on cement and polymers;
  • gidrobarer the rubber base.

Even when the width of the room is 1.4 m it is possible to place a small sitz bath

Doing the waterproofing yourself, you can’t use the materials based on polyethylene. They do not allow water vapor in the bathroom will accumulate moisture, there will be comfortable conditions for the appearance of fungi and mold. It is recommended to install any waterproofing roll and cover it with an additional layer of mastic to the best of hydroprotection.

Corner location of the sink capable of winning a little extra space

A useful tip! For additional stimulation of ventilation bath is recommended to make clearance for the air 3-4 cm in the bottom of the bathroom door. Less noticeable it can be done with the grille, but then the size of the gap should increase proportionately.

Small room — not a reason to abandon a jet tub


The choice of tiles for the bathroom

Color wall in the bathroom in the twenty-first century is not honored. Popular use of the ornament with inlays of tiles in a different color or with a pattern.

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Among the most popular colors for small bathrooms you have these options:

  • combination of juicy “tropical” colors (red, yellow, orange, bright green);
  • the “sea” theme: a combination of different shades of blue from bright blue to pale green;
  • coffee and chocolate tones, with preference being given brown, beige, white colors.

The bathroom is tiled in sand-coloured

But the dark color for the “Khrushchev” bathrooms is not recommended. They visually reduce the space, and the bathroom will seem like a real “room”. Examples of photo bathroom renovation small sizes will help to choose the optimal variant. Also, many of trading companies have computer programs to create 3d models of bathroom the size of the buyer at any tile of the range.

The bathroom looks good in the combination of tiles in two contrasting shades

The great value has not only the color scheme of the tiles, but the method of its installation. In addition to standard modes horizontal or vertical stacking is possible:

  • the combination of tiles and mosaics to create unique drawings and designs;
  • zonal styling (squares, rhombuses, or other shapes);
  • diagonal laying of tiles;
  • the combination of horizontal and vertical stacking.

Color accents in the bathroom with blotches of bright green tiles

Even the smallest bathroom can be beautiful and functional. And its limited dimensions only stimulate the imagination in thinking through the design for her. Of course, to choose furniture will need more care, but ultimately you can create a unique bathroom that perfectly fits your ideas about comfort.

Photo bathroom renovation small sizes (video)


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