Pipe to drain sewage: characteristics and the specifics of the application

From this article you can learn about this element of communication, as a pipe for draining sewage: its purpose, variants of existing products that can be purchased in stores, their characteristics and prices. The text describes the specifics of the discharges and recommendations on the installation of a riser sewer system, including the instructions for removing the old pipeline.

Corrugated pipe drain sewer

The contents

  • 1 Pipe to drain sewage: the features of existing products
    • 1.1 Types of sewer pipe for domestic sewage and external
    • 1.2 Plastic drains: what pipe is better to use the system
    • 1.3 the Choice of pipes for Sewerage: the sizes and prices of the products
    • 1.4 Drain pipe HDPE sewers: the size and price of outdoor products
  • 2 How to connect a washing machine to the sewer
    • 2.1 features of the organization of the drain for the washing machine to the sewer
    • 2.2 connecting the drain the washing machine into the sewer through a siphon
    • 2.3 How to connect washing machine drain to the sewer through the water
  • 3 Specificity and types of pumps for sewage in the apartment for the kitchen
    • 3.1 Installation of pump for pumping sewage in the home
  • 4 How to clean their hands drains in the apartment or in a private home

Pipe to drain sewage: the features of existing products

Sewerage is one of the most important communication systems related to the supply of housing. For this reason, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of components and their quality, in particular drain pipes.

The drain pipe used for the installation of sewer and communication systems. Manufacturers offer a wide range of these products that differ from each other in material, functional characteristics and purpose.

Pipes for external sewage

Types of sewer pipes for domestic sewage and external

Classification of existing drain pipes in material of manufacture:

  • asbestos;
  • copper;
  • iron;
  • plastic;
  • reinforced concrete;
  • steel;
  • ceramic.

The purpose of all of these products fall into two categories. External pipes are installed outside the premises, while the internal is suitable for installation of water supply and Sewerage in the room.

Pipes for domestic sewage

Outdoor sewer systems are installed outside the building or in the soil adjacent to it. Since the operation is carried out in outdoor conditions, these products should have improved properties:

  • high strength;
  • frost;
  • resistance to deformation changes;
  • resistance to influence of aggressive media;
  • resistant to high pressure on the walls.

Please note! For the organization of the external drain system is better to take items made from materials with high corrosion resistance. These include painted metal, polymers and galvanized steel.

Components corrugated sewer pipe

The most popular for domestic sewage are the tubes made of polymers. They have many advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • long service life;
  • easy installation of internal Sewerage;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • a low index of thermal conductivity;
  • resistance to alkali and chemicals;
  • extensive range of sizes and shapes;
  • light weight;
  • security.

Plastic pipes for domestic sewage

Plastic drains: what pipe is better to use the system

For the manufacture of plastic pipes are applied to various polymer substances. This category of products includes items made of polyethylene (corrugated and smooth), polypropylene and low pressure polyethylene. To determine which of them are best suited for installation of the sewer riser, you should become familiar with the characteristics of each type of pipes.

Features of plastic pipes:

Type materialoprovodyaschey (hard tube)resistance to impact chemical westwoodone trenchless montehabana strength nodular soedineniyami (corrugated pipe)high score gibaleopaeri installation at a depth of 20 m due to the enhanced ring gastrotypographicalassemblage zanaveska nudeinstant system ustanavlivaet quick demontant (pipes from polyethylene of low pressure)high resistance to mechanical damage voistlustoosse to the negative impact of environmental factors

The choice of pipes for Sewerage: the sizes and prices of the products

If you want the pipe to drain in the bathroom, it would be appropriate use of rigid or corrugated products, made of polypropylene. The recommended pipe diameter in this case is 40 mm. the Price of this item varies from 50 to 120 roubles, depending on length. If the room has no free space, can be limited to one knee. In the bathroom of a large size can accommodate two knees.

For the organization of the drain under the toilet is better to buy a PVC pipe for Sewerage, the price of corrugated products with a diameter of 110 mm is approximately 300 RUB due to the increased flexibility the system can be configured to fit any model of toilet and it is convenient to attach it.

Toilet in the bathroom in the apartment

A useful tip! Experts advise to choose a pipe with thick walls. These products will last longer before you wipe.

For the arrangement of the drain from the sink into the sewer are often used corrugated products. Use diameters of 40 mm, 32 mm, and in some cases this figure can reach 50 mm. It depends on modifications of sinks and siphon. The price of such products is in the range from 250 to 400 RUB.

A system of standard sizes of internal diameter:

The size of the inner diameter Mstera application труб5-10сливной element used to supply the plumbing to General системе10-11детали drains and стояков11-15элементы risers in multi-storey ScanEagle 15соединительные details between the internal and common sewage systems

To connect washing machine drain to the sewer is a special hose made of corrugated material, which is present as standard this technique. The connection is made through a siphon, and for this purpose you can use a fork located under the sink.

HDPE drain pipe for drainage: the size and the price of outdoor products

Exterior drain pipes are used to divert precipitation from the roof into the sewer. For these purposes, it is recommended to take the product with rigid walls. The best material is polypropylene and HDPE. The diameter of the elements is selected based on the size of the building.

Size products for rainwater from the roof:

Size danielcouture diameter size, managersubordinate little размера50-7079-115Постройка medium размеров75-100115-130Большое здание90-160140-200

Most often in residential buildings applied product diameter 110, 160 and 200 mm, the wall Thickness of such tubes is 3.2 mm.

The price of sewer pipes 160, 110 and 200 mm

The diameter of the product, Medline products mana, RUB 11012102302342816012962552378520015252102031530

How to connect a washing machine to the sewer

Connect the washing machine to the domestic sewage system and water supply can be performed independently. This procedure should be approached seriously, because the result depends on whether the work equipment correctly and without interruption.

In itself, the connection of washing machines does not cause difficulties. Difficulties appear during the discharge. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, in the room where installed equipment may cause unpleasant smell. In addition, there is the risk of contamination of water machines coming from other plumbing fixtures.

A useful tip! For cutting metal piping components is better to choose a saw with small teeth. This tool allows you to minimize the likelihood of chipping. The smaller the teeth, the neater and smoother the obtained slices.

To connect a washing machine to the sewer can be independently

The ways to drain:

  • Through the installation of a siphon.
  • By direct mounting of the hose into the sewage system.
  • Putting the hose over the edge of the bath or sink.

The third method can be categorized as temporary measures. In this case, is not required to work with pipes and to install a siphon, but further operation of the bath or sink will be accompanied by certain inconveniences. Wastewater of cars will leave traces of dirt on the cover. In addition, the method of fixing the hose is not very reliable, prone to flooding. The failure of the hose occurs during spinning linen on strong vibration or when you turn on the pump to drain.

Wiring diagram washing machine to the sewer

Features of the organization of the drain for the washing machine to the sewer

In the market of sanitary ware you can buy special purpose siphons for sinks, tubs and sinks. They have an additional tap for connection to a hose with a diameter of 22 mm. the connection Process by means of a siphon is not difficult, in contrast to the organization of the washing machine drain directly into the sewer. The fact that the General system of sewer pipe apply with a diameter of 32 or 50 mm. there is no adapter that is able to combine them with a 22 mm hose.

To connect in this case using a rubber reduction, having the adapter on the hose to 22 mm. If the washing machine is located in the vicinity of the common duct with a diameter of 50 mm, the system can crash with the tee.

If the equipment is far away, between the hose and the drain can hold a PVC pipe with a diameter of 32 mm. to connect the PVC product with a common system will also require the use of rubber reduction. You will not need to place a plastic pipe at an angle, because the drain in this case is carried out forcibly.

How to attach the drain pipe of the washing machine to the sewer

Please note! Some washing machines hose designed for draining, can have different diameters at the ends. From the unit its size is 19 mm. Diameter end which is connected directly to the pipeline, is 22 mm. This caveat should be taken into account during operation.

Before working make sure if the sink machine check valve, which is able to pass water in only one direction. If not, the height level for placing the loop of hose should I look at information from the manufacturer. In this place we need to create a water seal so odors from the sewage pipe does not leak into the room through the machine.

Connect drain the washing machine into the sewer through a siphon

Most modern washing machines have a drain valve, so the problems with connecting the hose should not be. Only need to correctly connect the smooth end of the pipe and the rubber reduction. In some cases, you commit to additional withdrawal of the siphon. To avoid damage of the rubber reduction before packing it into the bell it should be lubricated with liquid funds for washing dishes. Thus, element will be easier to install in the smooth pipe.

Connect drain the washing machine into the sewer through a siphon

If the connection will be used for allocation of the siphon is to remove the original tube and in its place to perform the installation of the nozzle from the hose. To ensure the seal uses a special coupler. It will seal the connection. The factory tube in the siphon is intended only to preserve the health of the elements.

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Geotextiles and coir as filter media. Characteristics of various types of pipes for stormwater organization.

If the length of the standard hose to drain enough to complete the frame, you can enlarge by adding a piece. To connect these parts, it is recommended to use fittings. Not interfere with insurance by means of steel clamps. The optimum size of these elements 2,7h1,6 see online there are hoses on a modular basis for the implementation of any queries in relation to distance. These products are divided into fragments with a length of 50 cm.

Please note! The longer the hose, the harder it is to pump for sewage in the apartment to deal with moving water.

Drain washing machines can be connected to the sewer through the water

How to connect washing machine drain to the sewer through the water

The water supply to the washing machine connect much easier than directly to the sewers. This pipeline system with the water supply should be located near the unit. In addition, we will need the valves. It may take the form of direct or corner of the screen.

The hose is for draining, there are a couple of screws clamping type. So on the valve and the washing machine needs to be fitting with external thread for fixing these nuts. Their working diameter is ¾ inch. For this reason, the valves should be thread of the same size. This corresponds to the parameter and a special crane in contrast to the wiring of a plumbing system that much less. For such cases need a reduction fitting.

Specificity and types of pumps for sewage in the apartment for the kitchen

A pump for pumping has the form of a plastic tank similar to the tank of the toilet. It has threaded holes that are used to connect pipes.

Sewage pump

The internal parts of the pump:

  • engine;
  • automatic starting device;
  • chopper.

The pump has a simple functioning system. The water that comes from appliances or sinks, comes in a plastic tank. When the capacity is filled, the switch comprises a float, which starts the motor and the knife-grinders, if they are present. The crushed remains of the debris along with the water run through the filter system, and then pressure the pressure fall in the sewer.

There are several types of sewage pumps for the kitchen, differing in purpose and characteristics:

  • sanitary (the simplest device under the sink);
  • station forced drainage systems;

Pump for drainage for kitchen

  • stationary.

Sanitary pumps are able to take hot water and often do not have knives. Their working temperature is only 35-40 ° C. For kitchen it is better to take station and forced sewer system, which cope with large volumes of liquid, well-crushed organic waste and have a high capacity. Stationary devices suitable for mounting in the pantry, however, they are rarely used in apartments.

Pump installation for pumping sewage at home

Mounting the pump under the sink in the following order:

  • The branch tube is detached from the shell.
  • On the sink on top of the rubber gasket is installed the mounting bracket, which is standard pump.
  • Body part the device is connected to the drain of a sink using the plastic pipe.
  • Through plastic pipes is formed by the connection between the output of the Central sewer system and pump casing.
  • Connect the device to the mains.

Sewage pump in the bathroom

Please note! Not allowed combining several pumps in a network.

Installation of pressure pump possible in other places. This can be used in open areas of premises, niches or cabinets located under the sink. In addition, for placement of pipes, you can choose inclined or vertical position, as liquid will move by gravity.

How to unclog your hands drains in the apartment or in a private home

Often in apartments occur the blockage of a local character. To get rid of them without professional help. But if the source of the problem was the clogged main pipe, without the participation of the municipal services do not do, because the consequences can be serious. With private houses is much easier because there is no risk of flooding neighbors floors below.

To clean the sewer pipe can be independently

How to unclog a drain in a private house or apartment:

  • Chemical way.
  • With the help of mechanical action.
  • The hydrodynamic method.

Chemical method of eliminating obstruction involves the use of specialized equipment on the basis of acid or alkali. These are the products of such trade marks, as a Mole, Domestos, Tired, etc. Before use, be sure to check for compatibility with the pipe material.

If the chemicals do not help, you need to use the plunger, which will mechanically remove the clog. In the presence of a solid object or cloth in the conduit the plunger will not help. In this case you will need a plumbing snake. It is made of metal and is able to pick up the stuck object. Before applying it you need to remove the syphon. Hydrodynamic cleaning is used in cases when other methods. Its implementation must engage a specialist.

With the help of special chemicals to remove the blockage

Of the following types of plastic pipe products are considered to be the most practical. If the elements for the pipeline is chosen correctly, the system is able to last for a long period.


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