Plinth for stretch ceilings: basic rules for selection and installation

Stretch ceilings are no longer a novelty. Beautiful, durable, they give the ceiling a perfect view, repel dust and not afraid of water. Stretch ceiling is not only to close the irregularities, he also successfully hides the external wiring or plastic pipes. The ceiling mounted very quickly and completely without the mud associated with other maintenance and construction activities. You only need to mask the gap between the canvas and the wall. How to do it, you can see in the photo, a lot of which is on the Internet. For this purpose, masking tape or a plinth for stretch ceilings.

A good selection of floor to ceiling gives the interior a finished look

The contents

1 Masking tape for stretch ceiling
2 Plinth for stretch ceilings
3 How to fix skirting Board to the ceiling suspended
4 How to choose the plinth for stretch ceilings
5 Calculation of material and tools
6 Glue and paint
7 how to install baseboard


Masking tape for stretch ceiling

Masking tape, material for suspended ceilings, often supplied by the manufacturer in the kit, and other accessories for suspended ceilings. Attach it directly to the groove profile. It prevents the dust and dirt that inevitably accumulate in open cracks.

A useful tip! Plus masking tape for stretch ceiling – the possibility of its repeated use. If there is a need to dismantle the ceiling (flooding, repair of wiring, etc.), the tape can be easily removed and just as easily reattached.

Masking tape can be matched to the surface color of suspended ceiling

Masking tape is used to decorate multi-level ceilings, as evidenced by the photos of such examples, and when the splicing of the webs. Decorative insert for tension ceilings should be used on flat areas, otherwise it will only emphasize all the bumps.


Plinth for stretch ceilings

One of the major drawbacks of masking tape is its small width. The distance between the walls and the suspended ceiling may be uneven, in some places becoming so wide that masking tape will not be able to close it. In this case it is better to choose a ceiling plinth.

The wide baseboard to ceiling to hide the curtain rail

Ceiling moldings have not only a masking function. Ceilings without plinth look not so impressive. As shown in the video and photo examples of interior sites, plinth for stretch ceilings can give the room a finished look, make the design more interesting, to emphasize the overall style, shading is beneficial to the suspended ceiling. What kind of baseboard to choose depends only on your imagination. Photos show that the plinth for stretch ceilings can be painted in any color, it can simulate stucco or even wood. Pick up the ceiling tiles according to your taste and the wallet is pretty easy, you just need to understand what exactly will suit you.

A useful tip! Before independently take on work, examine the materials, read articles and view videos on how to glue the floor to the suspended ceiling.

Installation of masking tape to carry out very simple


How to fix skirting Board to the ceiling suspended

Cloth stretch ceiling is exposed to the natural deformation depending on temperature changes. In addition, it is sometimes necessary to disassemble the ceiling. That is why the plinth for stretch ceilings must be fixed only to the walls. More nuances you learn from the video how to fix skirting Board to the ceiling suspended.

When deciding what a better plinth for stretch ceilings, it is important to know that the plinth for stretch ceilings special requirements:

  • it needs to have maximum lightweight design;
  • skirting must provide a snug fit to the wall;
  • for installation use special glue or putty.

Design foam floor

If, instead skirting to choose a wide molding, this will minimize the problem of how to mount the plinth to the suspended ceiling. Moldings originally designed for mounting to walls.

A useful tip! In molding, offset by 10 cm from the ceiling, you can put hidden lights. It will add pizzazz to your interior. The power supply is better near the ceiling not to post, as it pretty much heats up and has a decent weight.

Led strip as backlight can be hidden in a wide molding

How to choose the plinth for stretch ceilings

Ceiling moldings under the suspended ceiling is mainly made from polystyrene (Styrofoam) and polyurethane. Styrofoam is a very lightweight material. It is well glued and easy to cut and affordable. Its disadvantage is the fragility and brittleness, for ceilings, sophisticated design it will not work. The foam is burning, excreting toxic substances, it is better not to use in the nursery and the bedroom. Foam is not any glue, some aggressive environments can to ruin it. The plinth of cellular polystyrene, over time, can turn yellow, it is recommended to paint prior to fixing.

Wooden plinth gives the interior a chic look

Ceiling tiles for suspended ceiling made of polyurethane more flexible, it can take a variety of forms (see photo). Polyurethane is resistant to glue, it can be washed for your bathroom and kitchen it fit perfectly. But the polyurethane sometimes sags under its own weight. So mount the plinth of polyurethane need very carefully, and if it is too wide, better to mount it using screws, and the attachment zashpatlevat.

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Wooden ceiling baseboard is rarely used due to high material costs and installation complexity. In addition, to mask errors in the joints on a wooden plinth will not succeed. Plastic plinth for stretch ceiling is not very suitable, because having a small width and rigid construction, it can not disguise the flaws of the walls.

Plastic skirting artistic imitation modeling

Color of floor can match or contrast with the color of the ceiling. In the latter case, it is necessary to choose the color to match the interior of the room. The shops provide a wide range of skirting boards for suspended ceilings. How to choose the most appropriate, you can suggest a consultant. And we offer you to look at the video at the end of the article how to glue the baseboard on ceiling.

A useful tip! For classic interior fit wide ceiling moldings with simulated stucco, and for the modern youth room – a narrow strict fillets for suspended ceilings. Photos of such moldings can be found on specialized sites. When you select pattern don’t forget that the more complex the pattern, the harder it will be to adjust the angles.

Backlighting, concealed behind a ceiling cornice


Calculation of material and tools

To calculate the required amount of material, it is necessary to calculate the perimeter of the room. This applies, first and foremost, areas with complex geometry. The resulting figure should be divided by the length of the strip of the selected model, and the result is the right amount.

It is recommended to additionally purchase another bar to avoid the necessity of dokupat if during the work unforeseen difficulties.

Cutting corners adjacent fillets

Of the tools you will need:

  • construction knife, handsaw, sandpaper;
  • a mitre box. It is a special tool as in the photo, allowing easily and accurately to and roll angles. It is important to check the direction of cutting;
  • a ruler, tape measure, protractor (if the corners are not perfectly smooth);
  • a simple pencil for marking;
  • rubber and metal spatulas.

A mitre box for cutting skirting boards

Glue and paint

When choosing an adhesive, consider the characteristics of the material of the floor. Thus, the adhesive polymer base can contain in its composition a solvent that can damage the plinth of foam. As for polyurethane, it is perfect, thanks to the reliability of the clutch and short setting time. Before you glue the ceiling tiles to suspended ceiling, it is better to check material compatibility on a small piece.

Well established the so-called liquid nails. They are safe for any type of skirting materials and have a very high adhesive strength. Choose liquid nails necessary, based on the functionality of the room itself. Acrylic is more secure and does not have a pungent odor, but do not use them in rooms with high humidity. For bath and kitchen suitable formulations based on organic solvent (neopredelennoe). When performing such work as gluing the floor to the ceilings, it is necessary to observe safety rules.

Prior to installation of ceiling moldings is the layout, which is glued to the lower edge

A useful tip! Professionals often use epoxy putty, based on acrylic. This mixture sets very quickly and is completely safe for humans. In addition, it is possible to cover up all the joints of the corners and cracks between the baseboard and the wall.

How to install baseboard

Before you attach the baseboard to the suspended ceiling, the walls need to prepare to clean from construction dust and dirt, align, Prime, allow to dry. On top of the Wallpaper can be pasted only the plinth of foam, the polyurethane wall must be cleaned.

Start gluing the plinth from the corners

As seen in the photo, the ceiling moldings for ceilings it is best to cover aqueous dispersion, latex and acrylic types of paint. If you want to paint the ceiling tiles, to make it better before you glue the ceiling moldings to the suspended ceiling. Otherwise, the ceiling will have to close with plastic to avoid stains of paint.

First is the layout, which will be glued the bottom edge of the plinth. To strengthen the plinth ceiling for suspended ceiling should be with a distance of 3-5 mm.

The ceiling tiles are painted with water-dispersion paint saturated colors

To start to mount the skirting Board need the corners, and then glue the flat areas. If the corners of the room perfectly smooth, you can buy ready-made corner pieces, they greatly simplify the work. In all other cases, the corners should be cut using miter box and hacksaw, clean up the edges with sandpaper and fit as carefully as possible.

The adhesive is applied according to the instruction only on those surfaces of the moldings, which are adjacent to the wall, and the joints just before to stick a skirting Board to a suspended ceiling. If the fillet is too long, you will need the help of a second person to evenly press it. The last elements before attaching, adjust the length.

Design of the stretch ceiling with a camouflage insert

When the baseboard is completely hung, with sealant or putty need to disguise small gaps in the joints of the elements.

Plinth installation of a stretch ceiling – the work is not so complicated as laborious. Be sure to watch the video how to fix skirting Board to suspended ceilings.


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