Projects baths with a gazebo under one roof: the best ideas to implement

Planning the construction, pay attention to many different factors, including how easy to operate is the structure. This rule applies to the construction of not only houses, but also bath. And because the place in any case, you need consider the projects baths with a gazebo under one roof. This article contains information about how this option is convenient and profitable, as well as several projects as examples.

Bath with a gazebo under one roof — a functional and comfortable building for any site

The contents

  • 1 Bath with a pergola: what is it? What features has this structure
  • 2 Projects baths with a gazebo under one roof: the advantages of this solution
  • 3 Best materials for the construction of baths and pavilions under one roof
  • 4 Projects baths with the gazebo: a review of the best choices for construction
    • 4.1 Bath with attached gazebo and covered walkway.
    • 4.2 hexagonal gazebo attached to the bath: photo project
    • 4.3 extended gable roof to combine baths and pavilions
    • 4.4 Bath with a gazebo under a pent roof
  • 5 Features of the construction of a common roof for a bath and arbors for some projects
  • 6 How to build a truss system above the bath and gazebo: the recommendation to work
    • 6.1 How to install and fix mauerlaty
  • 7 Additional steps for improving the strength and sustainability of the design
  • 8 Interesting ideas for creating your own project of a bath with a gazebo under one roof
  • 9 How best to arrange and furnish the gazebo attached to the bath

Bath gazebo: what is it? What features has this structure

From the point of view of architects, bath with a gazebo under one roof is a combination of two separate objects, which differ not only in purpose, but also the solidity of the structure. Since a gazebo is mainly light structure, which load-bearing function is performed by vertical posts.

Gazebo combined with the bath makes the stay pleasant and comfortable

Usually a gazebo is built in the shape of a rectangle or hexagon. A little less common variant rounded gazebo. Thus, the dimensions of the gazebo can be arbitrary, and the walls can be left fully opened or partially cover with decorative grilles.

When it comes to the arbor, combined with the bath, such a formulation cannot be called faithful. To be more precise to talk about the terrace or in the veranda, however, it rarely pay attention, so that in the Internet you can find a large number of photos of baths with gazebos, as well as instructions and recommendations for construction.

Projects baths with a gazebo under one roof: the advantages of this solution

The extension to the bath in the form of gazebos gained popularity not by accident. This solution has many advantages that attract owners looking to begin construction on the site. Consider what advantages does the implementation of this project:

  • the gazebo provides the opportunity to get out of the bath to get some fresh air. You don’t have to just stand in the yard, and can sit comfortably at the table;

Building bath with a gazebo under one roof, you can save space on the plot

  • everything about the construction of communications for the gazebo, is greatly simplified. The issue of coverage can be solved by holding an extra cable, as it allowed the use of one of the switchboard and power cable;
  • the combination of objects such as bath and the gazebo allows you to save space on the plot, which is especially important if the area is small. But if there is enough space, the location of the gazebo will be much easier;
  • the construction of such a facility reduces costs by about 30% than if you build the same thing, but separately.

All these benefits should add also the fact that the combination of two objects saves time and effort. After all the necessary work for one period of time it is easy to see the benefits of this method of construction.

The best materials for the construction of baths and pavilions under one roof

The traditional material is suitable for the construction of the baths and the arrangement of the pavilions, is considered to be natural wood. This material is quite affordable, easy to handle and relatively inexpensive compared to other.

Traditionally, the construction of baths using natural wood

Initially for the construction of baths most often used whole log. Subsequently appeared on the market and other derived wood materials that were used during construction. With their help it became possible to significantly reduce the budget for the construction without loss of quality. Consider some of the most common ones:

  • round logs – a natural material, which is primarily characterized by its versatility. Has a high degree of commonality, because initially each element is the specified parameters. To work with this material is easy and the cost is consistent with all the available features;
  • hardwood timber is the material basis for which is also wood. For its production can be used in either of two ways: processing of whole logs or the use of adhesive way. This material is suitable for the construction of baths, versatile and easy to process.

For the construction of baths are used not only timber and products derived from it. Today for this purpose they often use concrete blocks or bricks. These materials differ in cost and method of installation, so that each owner can choose a suitable, focusing on their own capabilities and desires.

The construction cost of wood is much lower than from stone or brick

Projects baths with the gazebo: a review of the best choices for construction

A gazebo attached to the bath, can greatly change the appearance of the structure. In addition, it will affect the functionality of the room. So before you begin construction, you should consider some of the most popular options, each of which has its advantages.

Bath with adjacent gazebo and covered walkway.

A covered walkway between the bath and the gazebo is particularly relevant when the bath is already built and it became necessary to attach it to the gazebo. This solution will allow you to combine both buildings, without violating the structural integrity of the baths. In order to design in General have served longer covered passage built on low-depth reinforced Foundation.

The complexity of this project lies in the fact that it is necessary to build a complicated roof. Therefore, special attention will need to be paid to the quality of the arrangement of the truss system. Otherwise, it may be a problem with roof leaks.

The project of a bath with a covered walkway leading to the gazebo

The rest of the project deserves attention, so as a connected with gazebo, an indoor walkway is a beautiful and functional option that provides owners with a sufficiently large amount of free space.

Hexagonal gazebo attached to the bath: photo project

Such an option more than any other confirms the fact that the gazebo, in fact, mean the veranda. Despite the apparent complexity, to realize this project is quite simple. As a support for the roof of this structure, using the frame of the gazebo. So the building looks uniform composition.

Please note! Extremely effectively in this case will look decorative grilles of wood, decorated with carving. They are light, perfectly reflect light and create comfort inside the gazebo.

Compared to the previous project, this variant has certain advantages. So, significantly reduces the consumption of building materials due to the lack of a separate transition from one part to another.

The project of a bath with an attached hexagonal gazebo

Extended gable roof to combine baths and pavilions

Due to the fact that in the construction of buildings of this type cannot accommodate complex shapes, should be used for the construction of logs. To work with such material is easy, so possible in the short term to create a functional and beautiful building. To hold a roof over a gazebo, use a separate vertical stand.

It is also ideal if the owners wish to have a bath with a gazebo and BBQ facilities, so as to establish all the necessary for cooking in the summer is quite simple.

Interesting! In the warm season gazebo is an annexe to the bath can serve as a summer kitchen. For this purpose it is possible to install a stone oven.

Bath with a gazebo under a pent roof

For those who do not want to spend the time and effort to implement complex and intricate projects, there is a bole easiest option. The roof in this case planar, which greatly simplifies the construction and saves money. Even assuming that the size of the structure will not exceed 2,6×2,0 m, it will accommodate everything you need, including a grill or barbecue.

The size of the terraces should provide so as to be able to install there all necessary

Looking through photos baths with a gazebo under a common roof, we can see that the versions are not so little, and the most demanding owners to choose from. Focusing on how much money will be needed for construction, and also which of your projects would look better on the existing site will be easy to choose the best option.

Particularly the construction of a common roof for a bath and arbors for some projects

The first is to pay attention to the peculiarities of the most popular project — baths with a gazebo under the extended gable roof. The gazebo in this embodiment, rests on the wall of the building and vertical supports. In this case, the experts recommend to pay special attention to the process of construction of the Foundation, as it is best to use the different types.

Usually directly under the building lay reinforced strip Foundation that copes with serious loads. But under the gazebo it is best to make columnar. However, they are not linked and each of them will operate by itself.

Also pay attention to the fact that the gable roof in this case will be quite large. Its length is just above the gazebo will be about 4 m. And this is a serious load bearing and, therefore, the risk of displacement of the truss system. It is important to understand that even insignificant, at first glance, distortions (3-4 cm) can have a serious impact on the condition of the structure. Therefore, at the stage of laying the Foundation should try to avoid such risks.

Before the construction of the roof, you must carefully carry out all the calculations and prepare the materials

A useful tip! And strip and pier Foundation will be stronger if you lay it below the level of soil freezing in winter. At the same time for pier Foundation is recommended to use bored piles.

Despite all the recommendations, some owners prefer to have a low-depth foundations. In this case, it is important to exactly adhere to all building codes:

  • the thickness of the sand cushion shall be not less than 20 cm;
  • the depth of the tape cannot be less than 80 cm;
  • the diameter of reinforcing bars that will be used for the reinforcement strips should not be less than 10 mm;
  • it is important to give a finished Foundation to settle, to avoid shrinkage after the house is built.

Don’t forget that for pier Foundation required the presence of anchors which will fix the upright, the width of which is not less than 40×40 cm.

Building the Foundation for a bath is a very important stage of construction

In addition, it is important to understand that the shrinkage of almost any material, and wood is no exception. In some cases this figure reaches 0.7 cm at 1 m height. But the stands that hold the roof over a pergola, to sit not. Therefore, it is best to allow time for shrinkage of the entire building. Usually this period is one year, but it is better to take more time in order to avoid trouble.

How to build a truss system above the bath and gazebo: the recommendation to work

The first step on the way to creating a roof system – selection and acquisition of all necessary materials. This will require timber 150×150 mm, as well as Board and 50х150 50×100 mm, of which will be made rafters and other elements.

If the construction of such difficulties is the first time, it is best to prefer a simple scheme which provides Regelii and tightening. And in order to increase the strength of the structure, it is advisable to pay attention to braces, the grandmother and the ridge beam. There is a perception that the presence of all these elements is not necessary, but actually they take some of the load that allows to avoid deformation of the entire roof system.

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After that you must go to the measurements and calculations. First you need to determine the number of rafters. It should be noted that in the regions of Central normal level of the slope is the measure of 20°, while for a cold and snowy regions, this indicator will increase.

The scheme of fastening of the rafters the roof of the bath

Important! All the materials you need to purchase with a margin of about 5-10%. Although much depends on the construction experience, as if the implementation of this project is the first time, material consumption will be more.

Another important factor is the quality of the acquired for the construction of the boards. Ideally, they should be exclusively first-class and the existence of any defects, including cracks, rotten areas and natural flaws is unacceptable.

To buy the high-quality wood to build, when purchasing, pay attention to the conditions of its storage. Often faced with the fact that incorrectly stacked piles cause curvature of the planks in the party. Therefore before buying it is desirable to inspect each Board edge and to ensure that no deformation of the surface.

Given the fact that the standard length of the boards is 6 m, will likely have to cut them to length. However, do not hurry to send the remaining pieces to waste. They are ideal for creating torque, if you connect them together. Even the conventional connection is able to withstand the serious load that falls on the tightness, so this method of selling leftover wood is quite admissible.

Bath with a little porch under catslide roof

As a covering material suitable flexible shingles. To work with this material easy, but its specifications meet the requirements for this type of buildings. It is important to prepare for this continuous sheathing, which may be made of OSB or moisture resistant plywood. You will also need boards that can be very cheap and neobreznye.

How to install and fix mauerlaty

To make mauerlat, you will need timber 150×150 mm, which is attached to the upper crowns with metal pins. It is important that the distance between the fasteners does not exceed 1 m, and a peg was kept at least two of the crown of the framework.

Before you begin to install mauerlat, you need to check the height of all vertical supports, located along the perimeter of the gazebo. It is essential that all the ends were strictly in one position and in the same horizontal plane. More convenient to use for this purpose laser level or hydrolevel any. And if at this stage identified the wrong, they need to be addressed.

With pier Foundation vertical supports connect with anchors, which may be applied to the pieces of wire rod, or valve rods. It is important that each anchor was concreted into the Foundation to a depth of at least 15 cm, as, otherwise, the design will not sufficiently reliable.

The scheme of mounting the rafters to the mauerlaty

To put mauerlaty need starting from the side of the gazebo. To connect the boards on the length directly above the bath. It is easier to make the connection with drinking in a half-tree, and as an additional fixing use screws, metal clips or nails.

Important! In the process, it is necessary to constantly monitor the distance between the opposite mauerlaty and also the location in the horizontal plane. The reliability of the roof system depends on how exactly you would fit these items. In addition, this will eliminate the risk of having to redo everything in the future will shorten battery life.

It is very convenient to use a template to check the distance between rafters. For this the workpiece is necessary to raise the bath and to walk it along the entire length of the building, noting where the distance can be increased, and where to reduce. You can then display the average value, which will become a benchmark in the future. The more accurate the adjustment will be performed during fixation elements.

Simplifies the process the fact that direct roof of the bath does not have any fractures or changes of angle. That is, all the rafters are the same size, thereby enabling the workpiece with the template, which can be made of ordinary boards. However, it is important to carefully approach the manufacture of the template, as one mistake at this stage, you may need to redo all the work again.

The rafter connection at the ridge part

Additional measures to increase the strength and stability of the construction

In addition to all that has been discussed in the step by step instructions for construction, there is another extremely important aspect to consider in the process. This knowledge will allow you to avoid mistakes and have a positive impact on the service life of the structure.

This applies to the vertical supports, the distance between which is usually about 2-4 m. When a distance between the holding elements, the design may not be reliable. It is therefore recommended to take additional measures to increase its stiffness and strength.

You can use the boards 50×100 mm. But before you begin to mount, you must prepare them as follows: pass through Reisman, sanded with sandpaper for sanding and then varnish that has a high level of resistance to atmospheric agents and other external factors.

Securely connect the supports of the gazebo and a Board by means of special bolts for wood, preferably galvanized. Head, it is desirable to drown, and the holes filled with putty. This will give the construction a solid appearance and make it more attractive.

A plan to build a two-storey baths with terrace

In some cases, these measures are not enough, and after all the previously proposed measures, the design is not stable enough. Then as a workaround, you can try to install another and inclined corner struts. In the future, they can be a great base for fixing decorative fences gazebos.

Interesting ideas for creating your own project of a bath with a gazebo under one roof

Despite the availability of a large variety of projects, able to satisfy any requirements, adhere strictly to a given plan is not required. It is acceptable to show your own imagination, and based on existing data, develop an individual project. Here are some interesting ideas for this:

  • bath a gazebo can be combined with additional buildings located on the site. For example, it looks great small guest house, which in summer becomes an Autonomous territory suitable for life visiting friends or relatives;
  • the gazebo can be divided into two zones, each of which can perform its role. One half of the space can be arranged for a dining-room, and the second to be used as stacks. Of course, this plan is suitable if the area under the pergola is large enough;
  • it is not necessary to install a BBQ in the gazebo. For this purpose, you can attach another smaller plot, on which there will be a canopy. So everything you need is located nearby, thus saving space.

Bath with glassed-in gazebo

Show imagination, you can achieve much better results in creating the project, ideally suitable for existing conditions. Not always typical projects can meet the individual needs and peculiarities of the territory where will be located the building.

Please note! If equipped with a gazebo adjacent to the oven, it will allow you to comfortably use all the space available in the cold season. However, in this case, you should consider in advance the location of all objects relative to each other.

How best to arrange and furnish the gazebo attached to the bath

There is no single rule how to be a gazebo, if it is added to the bath. To follow is solely personal preference, though note you can take and some useful tips:

  • if the gazebo is planned as a place for sunbathing and tanning, you should make it with exit on the Sunny side of the building;
  • in the shade of the gazebo should be set up if you plan to use it as shelter on hot days;

The arrangement of terraces around bath — a question requiring a careful approach

  • also important is the view that will open from the gazebo. The neighbor’s fence – not the best scenery and it would be better if she will go out to the garden.

As for the environment and the acquisition of furniture for the gazebo, it is here necessary to focus mainly on the purposes for which will be used in this area. Most likely a table and chairs (possibly shops) will be required in any case. But the purchase of such items as chairs, at the discretion of the owners.

A useful tip! If the gazebo has Windows, it is possible to purchase light and beautiful curtains which will not only decoration, but also additional protection from sunlight.

In addition, do not forget about such important functional elements, as a table for cooking and space in which to store kitchen utensils. If the gazebo is a barbecue area or fitted with a brick oven, without it can not do.

The layout and dimensions of baths with terrace

Looking through the photos of the additions to the bath in the form of the gazebos, you can be sure that for many, this is another field where everyone is able to implement own ideas and imagination. The main thing is to find a balance between beauty and functionality, paying attention to all aspects of construction: aesthetics, practicality and reliability. Otherwise, this option is justified because it allows to simultaneously solve multiple tasks while spending less time and money.


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