Projects of houses with flat roof: the best ideas for construction and design

House with a flat roof can be found in our country infrequently. Today, however, the projects of houses with flat roofs were again to be seen, so you should pay attention to their advantages, disadvantages and features. This article will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of such projects, the styling features a flat roof and the dimensions of the roof.

The arrangement of the flat roof allows you to obtain additional operating space in the house

The contents
1 House with flat roof: the pros and cons of this type of construction
1.1 the nuances of the construction of houses with flat roof: photo examples
2 Projects of houses with flat roof: types of structures and their purpose
3 Options for device flat roof of a private house: how to use the space
4 How to make a flat roof: the nature of technology construction
4.1 Peculiarities of the choice of waterproofing material for flat roof
5 Features of the arrangement of the drainage system in the projects of houses with flat roof: photo
6 Building with a flat roof: catalog of designs and features implementing original ideas

House with flat roof: the pros and cons of this type of construction

The reason for the increasing popularity of flat roofs today have become a modern design flow. This has contributed to the emergence of new building and roofing materials, which helped to create not only a pitched or hipped, but also a quality flat roof.

Homes with flat roofs are becoming increasingly popular due to new trends in design

The flat roof has some differences from the other traditional options, technology of construction will also vary. In the first place as a surface waterproofing and drainage systems.

In the process of reviewing the idea of creating a flat roof in a private house, you should pay attention to such advantages of this solution:

  • if the plot is made in the style of hi-tech, such as a roof is the best fit to the overall look. Original look like a square house with a flat roof and rectangular;
  • the construction of flat roofs requires less time, since it has a smaller area, so work on it easier and more convenient;
  • a flat roof provides the possibility of using this extra space. For example, the top can be a cozy terrace;
  • when it comes to maintenance, nothing is easier than working on a flat roof. No need to attract climbers to clean drains or ventilation ducts. Almost any repair of a flat roof can be made by the owner alone;

Technology of arrangement of a flat roof may come in handy when building a veranda with terrace at the top

  • space flat roof can be used by the owners, not only as a site of recreation, but also for the installation of various specialized equipment. For example, many wish to install solar panels as alternative source of electricity. The same applies to wind turbines, all kinds of heaters and systems designed to collect rainwater.

The nuances of the construction of houses with flat roof: photo examples

Speaking about the disadvantages and difficulties associated with the implementation of projects of modern houses with flat roof, the puzzling is the fact that despite a considerably smaller area, and the relative low cost of roofing materials build a flat out no cheaper.

This is due to the fact that flat roofs necessarily require high-quality concrete floors. Particularly relevant issue in the case, if roof surface will be used. The use of this space creates a significant load on the entire structure of the home including the Foundation and walls. Thus, the savings on the roof leads to an increase in the total budget of building a house.

Installation of wooden floor on the hard concrete base

It is impossible to answer the question of how to solve the problem of accumulating on the surface of the roof snow. There is a perception that the layer of snow has some positive impact, creating additional insulation, which reduces heat loss. But you can’t ignore the fact that snow is an additional load on the building.

Often have to face the fact that under the condition of leakage of roof, the process of snow melting is accompanied by roof leaks. To avoid this, you must initially ensure that materials for waterproofing flat roofs were of good quality and mounted in accordance with the requirements and recommendations.

Projects of houses with flat roof: types of structures and their purpose

Modern house with a flat roof can vary depending on roof type. Accordingly, this will affect the methods of construction and further operation of the surface.

The roof space allows the owners regularly to stay on its surface, as well as set various items without the risk of damage. The basis of such a roof should be as hard, so for this purpose we often use reinforced concrete. Special requirements are applied to the heat insulator: it needs to be resistant to major loads and also have high compressive strength.

Often the flat roof also install Windows that provides additional lighting to the room

Unexploited roofs are not designed for serious loads. In this case, a valid replacement of the concrete base to a less durable wood. House with a flat roof in this case be equipped with special bridges or ramps that reduce the load on the surface and prevent damage in the event of having to move on the roofing.

Inverted roofs – a special kind, which provides the location of the insulation above the waterproofing layer. This protects the bottom layer from exposure to external factors: drop in temperature, sunlight and mechanical stress. It also increases the number of allowable cycles of melting and freezing of the material.

In most cases, this type of roof is used as exploited, since it is possible to move freely and to carry out the installation of moderately heavy items of furniture and decor. Moreover, this type of roof is considered to be the most durable among others.

Diagram of the inverted flat roof flat roof

Important! Regardless of the roof type, you should care about the presence of a suitable drainage system. There are special external drain funnel for flat roofs, which can effectively solve the problem of accumulation of water.

Options for device flat roof of a private house: how to use the space

Given the fact that every square meter of territory has its own value, we have to save using space efficiently. In this issue projects of cottages with a flat roof is one of the leading positions. Indeed, in the case of the arrangement operated roof, the owners actually get another floor, albeit subject to seasonal use. Today in sale the even of a frame house with a flat roof.

Such a solution can afford to abandon the traditional veranda, if the plot size is not too large. For many owners of small areas excellent solution is the construction of the garden on the roof.

A beautiful arrangement of flat roofs, the arrangement of a flower bed

Among other common options for the use of flat roofs, the arrangement of recreation areas, e.g. gazebo. With a flat roof, it becomes possible to dream about installing a grill or barbecue.

Another very interesting option is the arrangement of on-site roof pool. Of course, this will require considerable financial expenses, as well as a large number of works related to the calculations of the upcoming load. However, if to trust it to the professionals, you can get excellent place to stay. As an example, you can consider several photos of one-story houses with flat roof, designed.

A useful tip! To create the rooftop a special atmosphere and cosiness, you should take care of good lighting. It may be small spot lights or garland. The main thing that they were designed for operation in street conditions.

The rooftop terrace can become a favorite place of recreation for the whole family

Another original solution for the arrangement of a single-storey house with a flat roof – Playground. For small house, suitable option to install the equipment or the arrangement of the basketball court. For homes more designers call for even more innovative solutions. So, you can find projects storey houses with a flat roof, which features a tennis court and a platform for helicopter landing.

How to make a flat roof: the nature of technology construction

Speaking of homes with a flat roof, you need to understand that they still have some, albeit small slope. Usually this index does not exceed 5o. But this small tilt is very important as it allows rainwater to drain toward the drain.

Because the flat roof consists of many layers, in the process of their placement should be carefully observed not only the technology, but also time intervals. Plays a big role and the quality of the materials. Therefore, to save in this matter is not recommended.

Laying of bitumen or tar paper on the roof hot

Consider what is in each layer of the “pie” of the roof, and you should pay attention in the construction process.

A rigid base. As mentioned, if the roof plan to operate, typically made of reinforced concrete. As the preparatory work clean the subfloor carefully, and then leveled. For this purpose, cement screed, as it perfectly removes all the tiny crevices, cracks and chips. At this stage it is important to wait for complete drying of the solution before proceeding to further work.

Vapor barrier layer. As vapor barrier material for flat roofs is usually used bitumen-polymer film or the vapor barrier. The main task of this layer is to provide reliable protection from moisture and condensation, preventing them from entering the inside of the building to construction materials. At this stage it is important to carefully sealing all joints and seams as they represent the main danger.

Insulation. This layer directly determines the duration and quality of life of the flat roof, but because its features should stay separate. Unlike pitched structures, in this case, the space under the roof is missing. Usually serves as additional insulation, so the importance of quality insulation is greatly increased.

The insulation check the insulation on the roof

The most popular material used for this purpose is mineral wool. Due to the presence of characteristics such as fire safety, long life, resistance to moisture and steam, and also compressed, this option is almost perfect.

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Another advantage of mineral wool – a layer of waterproofing material can be laid directly on top of it. Typically, to improve thermal performance of a flat roof, use double layer insulation system. In this case, the lower layer takes over the main insulating function, while the upper is used for distribution. Read more to see this is to look at a few photo projects single-storey houses with a flat roof.

Features choice of waterproofing material for flat roof

For waterproofing use durable, resistant and elastic material, which is not affected by temperature and micro-organisms. In the case of arrangement of unused roof suitable bitumen or roofing material, all the rest is better to give preference to more modern materials such as PVC membrane.

Waterproofing a flat roof is the most important step in roofing

Interesting! Modern waterproofing materials are able to withstand the serious load that becomes an advantage when constructing a rooftop garden.

There are several solutions to this problem:

  • penetrating (diffuse) membrane;
  • EPDM membrane;
  • hidroizolatii, which are applied by spraying, for example, a liquid elastomer;
  • PVC membrane.

With proper installation and compliance with all recommendations, the service life of such materials will be up to 30 years. In addition, almost no mechanical impact is not capable of damaging.

If you talk about which of these options is better, the leading position is occupied by PVC membrane. Due to the fact that they are made of PVC, they are light weight, not light and extremely resistant to UV light.

The sequence of layers of a roofing system with mechanical fastening to concrete

A useful tip! If we are talking about the roof arrangement having a complicated geometric design, it is more efficient to use as a waterproofing liquid polymers. This will allow you to avoid having seams. It is also better to use soft roof. Technology installation of the flat roof in this case is greatly simplified.

Features of the arrangement of the drainage system in the projects of houses with flat roof: photo

The most important factor in determining the period of operation of a flat roof is the quality of arranging drainage systems. This is necessary to eliminate the risk of water stagnation on the surface and, as a result, deterioration of the materials. The house project can be one of two systems – internal or external.

Sometimes, in order to prevent accumulation in the drainage system of snow and ice, additionally equipped with a heater, which consists of a special cable that heats up.

To drain water from flat roof used drain funnel

Due to the presence of a small slope, the water falls into the waste hopper and then discharged from the house. At this stage it is important to pay attention to the quality of waterproofing of the junction elements to the roof. This allows you to keep the house facade design with a flat roof in its original form and prevents erosion of the Foundation.

A useful tip! To prevent clogging of drainage system, it is recommended to take care of a special grid that will serve for “trapping” debris.

House with flat roof: catalog of designs and features implementing original ideas

Incredibly impressive look on the roof, plants planted directly on the roof surface, not in pots. But this technology has its own nuances that need to see in advance.

A layer of geotextile placed between drainage and soil. This prevents the leaching process of the soil and its blurry. This contributes to the dense location of synthetic fibers.

A garden with a gazebo on the roof — wonderful vacation spot

If planting trees is not planned, the procedure is simplified and can be reduced to the application of concrete screed, on top of which will be tiled or filled with special sand-gravel mixture. Which option is preferable depends on how you will later use the roof.

Considering the projects of single-storey houses with a flat roof, you will notice how important role plays the presence of such additional space. If properly equip area, this place could become a favorite for the whole family. In addition, this idea can be implemented for other structures. For example, you can make bath with flat roof or pergola.


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