PVC pipes for drainage: sizes and prices of plastic products

This article further discusses the features of various products, such as PVC pipes for drainage: sizes and prices plastic elements and accessories used for the installation of the sewage. In the text you can find the classification of the pipes, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as browse directories, proposed construction shops. This information can be used to select and purchase products PVC to complete the installation of the sewage system.

Pipes for Sewerage of PVC commonly used for construction of both internal and external structures

The contents

  • 1 Features of the pipes for drainage PVC: types of components photos of products
    • 1.1 Why it is profitable to buy PVC pipes for Sewerage
    • 1.2 Types of plumbing pipes and fittings PVC for sewer
  • 2 PVC Pipes for drainage: dimensions and prices
    • 2.1 Sizes and prices of plastic pipes for Sewerage: the outer system
    • 2.2 the Price of sewer PVC pipes for domestic sewage
    • 2.3 the Catalogue of fittings for PVC sewer and pricing on products
  • 3 Guidelines for the installation of the sewage system of plastic pipes with your hands
    • 3.1 How to perform the transition from iron pipe to plastic drain: dismantling old system
    • 3.2 manual installation of the sewage system of plastic pipes
    • 3.3 Installation of sound insulation when replacing cast iron sewer plastic system
    • 3.4 Features of professional installation of the sewage system: the price for the work of specialists

Features pipes for Sewerage PVC: types of components photos of products

The sewer is constructed on the basis of tubes which are an integral part of the system. In the process of operation these elements are exposed to loads both static and dynamic character, so the choice of products should be approached thoroughly and pay attention to technical characteristics.

Manufacturers are made of PVC pipes of various sizes for all variants of the sewage

PVC products are widely used for decorating both internal and external sewer systems. Among other polymeric products, they are considered to be the most popular. These plastic products are of cylindrical shape are made on the basis of polyvinylchloride thermoplastic. This material has a good property, due to which PVC pipes acquire improved characteristics. The fact that the thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride after heat treatment and extrusion procedure retains its shape.

According to GOST 51613-2000 non-pressure PVC pipes for sewage are tested for impact strength by the Charpy system. The maximum number of items that are destroyed must not exceed 10%.

Please note! The slight change of the length after heating, but no more than 5%.

The GOST standard also defined the sizes of plastic pipes for Sewerage and limit deviations from the parameters that are valid in quality products. Polyvinyl chloride contains in its structure two components – stabilized chlorine and ethylene. With the aim of improving operational characteristics of producers added to thermoplastic mixtures of different additives. As a result, under the influence of high pressure obtained composite connection with a high margin of safety.

PVC pipes for sewage have a very high margin of safety and are not exposed to aggressive environment

Why it is profitable to buy PVC pipes for Sewerage

Polymer products have many advantages. Manufacturers gave plastic pipe light weight, while maintaining a sufficiently high level of strength. The cost is affordable for most buyers, so consumers prefer this type of product.

The most important advantages is also beneficial performance. The inner walls of plastic pipes have a smooth surface with minor presence of longitudinal stripes and waviness, so the likelihood of blockages caused by the accumulation of fecal fractions or cuts is very low. Plastic does not corrode and is resistant to influence of aggressive environments.

For the construction of pressure sewer PVC pipe fit perfectly. And the installation of the system can be performed with their own hands. This does not require the use of special equipment. Represented a wide variety of sizes and mounting elements, which greatly simplifies the design and installation of wiring duct.

Products intended for the laying of external Sewerage, inherent cold resistance. The period of effective service pipes made of polymers, more than 50 years. If you strictly comply with the requirements of the mounting technology, the sewer main is not subject to offset. Docking stations are often at odds with the change in the level of groundwater. But if the installation process was not deficient, even in such circumstances, a system of plastic pipes is sealed.

To avoid leakage, it is necessary to install sewer pipes in strict accordance with technical requirements

Important! Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation reduce the operating characteristics of the tubes. Therefore it is not recommended to store the product in places where they will be exposed to direct sunlight.

Types of plumbing pipes and fittings PVC for sewer

Range of plastic products is very wide, thus consumers can buy a plastic pipe for sewer modifications and assignments. Taking into account the purpose and operating conditions we can distinguish three categories of elements for the construction of the highway.

They are all in full accordance with the basic sizes. Products with light weight design (SN-2) are used for the construction of sewer in the area of pedestrian pavement. Their scope extends to the relaxing area with green spaces and areas that are not subjected to transport stress.

Tubes with averaged parameters (SN-4) are laid in areas where there is little vehicle traffic. Especially for industrial areas is pipe heavy type (SN-8). These products are suitable for a sewage system in places with high vehicle traffic.

For the construction of sewer in the industrial zones used pipe marked SN 8

In addition to straight pipes for the construction of the sewer, are the connecting elements. With their help you can organize rotations of the trunk (the fittings with a rubber gasket). Also based on them are formed the connection of toilets with sewer of plastic pipe or couplings between the other elements.

Available are the following types of adapters:

  • coupling for servicing a network;
  • reduction of the connecting elements with differences in the size of the cross section;
  • tees and crosses for the formation of wiring multiple pipes;
  • turning the taps;
  • compensatory nozzles for repairs.

In addition, stores you can buy plastic manholes for Sewerage to carry out the audit. These elements also are used to service the system when there is a blockage.

PVC pipes for sewage systems: dimensions and prices

The most popular diameter sewer pipes PVC 110 mm. these products is easy and not cause difficulties during installation. Pipes intended for the construction of an outdoor system can have two-, one – and three-layer structure. The outer layer is made of not plasticized PVC. In the triple products of the inner layer is made of foamed material having a porous structure. He is a product of secondary processing.

Plastic is one of the most inexpensive and practical materials used for the production of

The connection of the tube walls is carried out simultaneously with a “hot” technology. The result is a cylindrical piece with a monolithic structure. Due to the cavities that are formed between the walls, it turns out possible to reduce the weight of the pipe.

Classification of products class of ring stiffness:

  • L – lightweight products, which are laid to a depth in the range of 80-200 cm
  • N – pipe the average rigidity, intended for installation at a depth of 2-6 m.
  • S – hard products with large wall thickness that can withstand loads at depths of up to 8 m.

A useful tip! For the organization of outdoor systems it is recommended to use a two-layer pipe with corrugated structure. Due to the presence of ribs on the external side is increased strength of the products.

Ring stiffness is labeled with the abbreviation SN. Technical parameters pressure pipes and elements for systems where the wastewater moves by gravity, are totally different. In each case, the sewage is subjected to different loads: pressure pressure or influence of gravity. For this reason, prices sewer plastic pipes pressurized much higher than the items for gravity systems.

The PVC pipes laid under the ground is not afraid of moisture, pests or weather conditions

Pressure pipes of the type presented in three variations that can cope with the pressure of 10, 6 and 12.5 kg per cm2.

Sizes and prices of plastic pipes for Sewerage: the outer system

For the construction of sewage systems outdoor and indoor used products of different cross sections.

Typical diameter sizes of plastic pipes for Sewerage:

  • 110 mm – the minimum size of the cross section for pipes external destination, are used for sewage in suburban areas;
  • 315 mm articles in this section is intended for the construction of a common sewer system serving several houses;
  • 630 mm pipe with maximum size of cross-section for highway construction, able to serve a small village.

In addition, to work with an external system, you will need to buy a hose for pumping sewage, is made of polyvinyl chloride.

Rates for fecal hoses:

Proizvoditeley, RUB Pedrollo TR (10 m)1650Omnigena (100 m)2500Aqua Planet Group (25 m)2870

Pipes for outer sewage systems are produced in orange color, so they cannot be confused with other products. Elements of cylindrical shape can have different lengths. The most popular cuts of 0.5, 1 and 2 m. There are other variations, for example, 3 m and 6 m. Some manufacturers have an extended range of sizes. They offer individual elements with a length of 12 cm.

Average prices for PVC products class SN 4 for exterior sewage

Diameter, Medline products mana, RUB 11056095100016220003103000455400059460608961255721161072204207240330725534072805607210501605801821000294200056530008374000109860801662200606230120052720008623000127440001673609025303151200122520001973300028874000391761405752

The price of sewer PVC pipes for domestic sewage

Pipe is intended for installation in the internal system of the elbows, made in gray color. They have a low price because these products are characterized by a slight stiffness class and it is not suitable to complete the exterior. The demand for Sewerage PVC pipes 50 mm in diameter. Although sales there are other section sizes – 32, 40 and 110 mm.

The inner wall of pipe smooth grey. The elements are connected with each other via technology, “in trumpet”. Length varies from 25 cm to 3 m, although there are custom sizes.

Please note! A branch connecting the plumbing with the vertical pipe must match the diameter of the riser. Do not use cross sections smaller.

For the construction of sewage system in the bathroom is recommended to use pipes with a cross section of 75 mm. They are suitable for the connection of a shower cubicle, bidet and sink with a shared drain. They are of fairly high capacity.

For domestic waste water will be enough products with a diameter of 50 mm. They are light, flexible resists to high temperatures (hot water) and the effects of chemicals (in case of cleaning system chemicals). To connect the toilet is better to take products with the size of the cross section of 100-110 mm. They will withstand a lot of pressure, because they have a special resistance.

Sizes and prices of PVC pipes for plumbing indoor:

Diameter, Medline products mana, RUB 32250305004510006020001054025032500471000632000108502503550048750551000651500862000113300015011025090500120100016020002403000450

Directory of fittings for PVC sewer and pricing on products

Fittings are used in systems where the effluent temperature does not exceed 80ºC. Products can also withstand short-term diversion of the waste liquid temperature up to 95ºC.

Under water in this case means:

  • Dirty water from the toilet.
  • The waste fluid from the shower stall and sinks.
  • Chemical compounds with a pH in the range 2-12.

For domestic sewage, the following details:

  • (coupling, focusing, full bore for repair);
  • reduction;
  • audit with a lid;
  • tees (with an angle of 90, 67, 45);
  • plane of the crosspiece (with an angle of 90 and 45º);
  • plugs;
  • single-plane of the crosspiece (with an angle of 90 and 45º);
  • the branches (with an angle of 45, 30 and 90º);
  • the compensation nozzles.

Installation of plastic pipe plumbing to the sink

Almost similar is the set of fittings for external Sewerage system, though not without certain differences.

For external Sewerage, the following details:

  • standard elbows (with angle of 30, 15, 45, 90 and 67º);
  • dvuhmetrovye taps, complete with rubber rings of the two parties;
  • standard coupler;
  • standard and trehmetrovye tees (with a 90º angle);
  • single-plane crosses (90º);
  • check valves mounted horizontally with a slope of 2 cm per 1 m length;
  • column siphons.

Average prices for the connecting elements for the outer system:

Type elementarily, Mogol, est, Rob Отвод110151253012545130601508713012545135871351601524230264452956031587367тройник110/11045235125/11045275125/12545345125/11087355125/12587360160/11045430160/16045590160/11087400160/16087480Ревизия110—480125—500160—595Заглушка110—48125—100160—135Муфта110—107125—110160—255Обратный клапан110—1940125—2500160—3585

Recommendations for the installation of the sewage system of plastic pipes with your hands

The sewer system in old buildings mostly made of cast iron. Despite the practicality of this material sooner or later needs to be replaced. For the construction of modern risers are more durable and lightweight materials.

A useful tip! When replacing the tubing can be arranged ventilation, which was absent in the systems of the old type. Thus, will eliminate the unpleasant sewer odors that can penetrate into the room.

Experts recommend even to abandon the use of galvanized and steel pipes, the term of which is not more than 10 years, and give preference to PVC or polypropylene products. The shelf life of the items made of polymers is 30-50 years.

The dismantling of old pipes and installation of new PVC pipes for Sewerage

For dismantling of old plumbing will need the following tools:

  • screwdrivers are a great size to get out of system small parts;
  • grinders with a disk of metal;
  • plastic film to cover the pipe hole on the cut;
  • nail puller and chisel;
  • PPE (goggles, gloves, apron);
  • hammer and punch;
  • scrap and grinding machines.

How to perform the transition from iron pipe to plastic drain: dismantling old system

First you need to identify the necessary margins. The first label is placed at a distance of 10 cm from the ceiling level and the second at a distance of 80 cm from the tee. In these areas you need to make nappily using the grinder, a depth of half the cross section of the pipe. To the upper nadela must attach a chisel and hammer.

The same process needs to be completed and the bottom. To strike with a hammer you need to apply force to the cast iron pipe is cracked and you can remove the middle part.
The section of pipe coming from the ceiling must be closed with polyethylene film.

The lower part of the system consists of a tee and other connecting elements. To dismantle it would require a crowbar or claw hammer. These tools are necessary to loosen the fixation area. When this is done, you can remove the fitting. In some cases, can not do without the use of the perforator. It allows you to remove the cement that secures the attachment.

The scheme of installation of sewage pipes in PVC

Use the screwdriver or chisel with which to chip the cement. After that removed the tee. If you fail to follow the above procedure for cutting the fitting you can use a grinder with a disk intended for use with metal surfaces. Thus it is necessary to retreat from the socket approximately 3 cm Dismantling joints, thoroughly clean the area between the mud, and then treating the surface with a polishing machine.

A useful tip! Before you begin, be sure to inform the neighbors, because during replacement do not use the toilet and bathroom. Otherwise, the water from the upper floors will pour in and flood the downstairs neighbors. For this reason, all work should be carried out as quickly as possible.

Instructions for installation of the sewage system of plastic pipes

For installation you will need the following tools and materials:

  • pipe size 110 mm cross-section;
  • the outlet tee;
  • cuffs made of rubber, designed for sealing and locking fasteners between the PVC pipe and scraps of iron system;
  • nozzle that transitions from ductile iron pipe to plastic or Vice versa;
  • pipe;
  • soap, which will be used as a lubricant to facilitate the installation of fasteners;
  • vertical construction level.

Using a level to adjust the location and correct alignment of pipes together

The process of installation of plastic pipes is carried out in a similar way, only in reverse order. In sections of cast iron pipes need to insert a rubber sealing cuff. The adapter is installed on top, bottom, need to perform the installation of the tee. Fixing all elements should be as thick to ensure the integrity of the Sewerage system. If the tee connection goes loose, it can be sealed with a linen winding or sealant based on silicone.

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To ensure reliable fastening of the plastic riser is recommended to use clamps. With a standard ceiling height of three fasteners: top, bottom and in the middle. If the ceilings in the room is high, the fixation will need more clamps.

Before the assembled pre-assembled plastic systems. The tee is installed a branch pipe providing the connection between the iron element and the plastic. Each mount is pre-treated with a silicone sealant.

Please note! Before you turn on the water and test the system for leaks, you must wait until the sealant is completely dry. On the detergent contains the necessary information.

The silicone will provide a tight seal in case the seal will shrivel

Installation of sound insulation when replacing cast iron sewer plastic system

Many apartment owners say excessive noise plastic sewer system. To suppress the level of vibration exposure can buy a special pipe, absorbing the noise. Some firms are engaged in manufacturing and installation of such systems. For the manufacture of such articles are made using plastic and additives in the form of mineral powder. The result is a material similar in characteristics to cast iron, but the costs are high and the lifetime is much smaller than the PVC pipe and he is 20 years old.

For this reason, the most commonly used ordinary pipe, and after their installation, the insulation system from sounds and noises. Lock the walls is carried out through the application of damper clamps. The slabs are used a foam plate. To get rid of the unpleasant gurgling in the pipes, you can use foam or polyurethane foam. With these materials wrapped wiring system and the riser.

It is not recommended to use for this purpose polyethylene foam. Despite the fact that this material has excellent insulating properties, the life of his little. Besides, there are cases prokisaniya polyethylene, and its surface becomes sticky after the first year of use.

Features professional installation of the sewage system: the price for the work of specialists

If there is no confidence in their own abilities and skills, you can use the services of professional firms that spetsializiruyutsya on the removal and installation of Sewerage systems.

Average prices for professional plumbing work:

Name ulpiana, RUB Installation of Sewerage of PVC pipes (Ф32)210 (M. p.)Installation of Sewerage of PVC pipes (F50)260 (M. p.)Installation of Sewerage of PVC pipes (Ф100)320 (M. p.)Organization of the mounting pad for the plumbing оборудования350 (PCs)Arrangement of output under those нужды800 (PCs)Installation of toilets with outdoor type размещения1550Монтаж bidet with floor type размещения1550Монтаж bowl pendant типа2100Монтаж bidet suspended типа2100Замена PVC стояка2250 (floor)Installation of PVC pipe in premises with a ceiling height of over 2 m+10% of the value of work for the M. p.

The Sewerage system on the basis of PVC pipes today are considered the most practical, comfortable and affordable among other options. Regardless of whether the mounting arms are a professional or own efforts of the landlord, the result fully justifies the costs. While maintaining all requirements of technology of installation of such a system is able to serve more than half a century.


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