Modern bedroom style loft is like a room that was previously used as a warehouse, shop or workshop. Negligence, industrial high and bare walls – all of these are now living and tasteful room. To create a loft in the interior of the bedroom, do not have to rent a warehouse to live in the attic or throw your quarters. Just contact our designers who will perform a competent rendering of the room. Moreover, we have all the ideas, materials, tools, and team of professionals.

How to repair loft-style: basic rules

the furniture should be spacious and convenient;
for the walls are used only cold tones;
a minimum of decorative elements;
use of home-made things;
to finish the floor and ceiling using various materials and textures;
in the design space, the emphasis is on naturalism and minimalism: a concise set of accessories in conjunction with masonry and rough plaster.

Given these rules, at first glance it may seem that the bedroom loft will look dark and cold. However, the simplicity and practicality of the room and its unique design makes the bedroom in the loft ideal for lovers of modernity and practicality.

Proposals to furnish the bedroom in the loft

Loft style in the interior of a bedroom involves the simulation of bare walls, one of which must be left in its natural form, the rest is made by the art of plastering, painting or decorating. Raw, as a rule, must remain the Central wall in the headboard. The rest is covered with a solid layer of paint or plaster. Color finish mostly white, gray, shades of blue, red, green.

In the case of ceiling design, we propose to perform artistic plaster, paint paint and fix old beams or pipes, which are a Prime element of attic style.

For laying the floor, we propose to use wood, parquet, laminate flooring. You can only use the tiles which mimic Board. However, the bedroom should be warm and cozy and if you intend to select a tile, then you need to think about buying carpet.

Furniture in loft style is simple and neutral. It should have metal parts, polished parts. You can choose a bed with lacquered low-slung backs.
Besides beds we offer to buy a huge wardrobe in the loft, a dressing table and a couple of Ottomans. But remember, the furniture should be minimal.

If you are interested in the qualitative transformation of your bedroom into the room of simplicity and elegance for a minimal cost, then the loft is the perfect solution to this problem!


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