Rubber tile for walkways in the country, compared to other types

Landscaping suburban area, in accordance with modern ideas of comfort and beauty is the need of millions of people. Comfortable and durable the tracks are not only a practical function, but are an excellent decorative element that gives a finished look around the suburban landscape. Cover track can be different materials. However, you should pay attention to the advantages of a material such as rubber tile for walkways in the country: price, ease of installation, versatility in application and many others. Consumer feedback confirms the advantages of rubber tile, reviews can be easily found on the Internet.

Thanks to the color pigments — you can get completely different shades rubber tile

The contents

  • 1 Rubber tile for walkways in the country: price and comparative features
  • 2 Types and styles of tracks from rubber tiles
  • 3 the Technology of laying the rubber tiles and its operation
  • 4 Live production of rubber tiles

Rubber tile for walkways in the country: price and comparative features

From the title it is clear that this kind of coverage is made of rubber. However, this does not require adjustment of the production of special raw materials. Exhaust, car tyres after deep processing by special technology used for making rubber tiles for walkways in the country. The price of these products is quite high, despite the fact that their production is secondary raw materials.

It’s all in the complexity of the process. In average per 1 m2 of the sellers asking from 15 to 25.e. For comparison, the average price of cement tiles 7.5.e. and plastic 7.e.

The texture and colors of rubber tiles

The high cost is compensated by those benefits of this type of pavements. Unlike cement and plastic types, rubber tile for walkways:

  • it has a much smaller weight: product dimensions 330х330х22 mm and weighs 3 kg to 5 kg of cement of similar dimensions;
  • absolutely non-slip, you can not say about any other material;
  • does not accumulate on the surface of the water;
  • is elastic, which guarantees no injuries in the fall, so the use of rubber tiles for playgrounds – a very good option;
  • has more than 10 years of life, as it is not subject to destruction as a result of temperature changes. Rubber just stretches and shrinks without consequences for the structure of the material, which is very dangerous for ceramics and cement;
  • the possibility of release as the non-waterproof and waterproof types;
  • very easy to put in place even by people who do not have construction skills;
  • does not break during transportation, so you can buy paving tiles rubber the remote manufacturer and not worry about what she damaged in the transportation process.

Tiles made of rubber is very flexible

Like any other building material, there are several types of rubber tiles for walkways in the country. The price is not a determining parameter:

  • Square tiles with sizes from 330х330 up to 500×500 mm. Its thickness may be from 10 to 40 mm. the Surface of this tile is: simple, with drawings, with different textured patterns in the form of nets, webs and other ornaments.
  • Pavers with thickness from 20 to 40 mm. Can be anything form. The most common products have the form of: coils, waves, bricks. The surface of the pavers may also have a different texture.
  • Seamless rubber coating. Unlike tiles and pavers are not boxed products. They fit on the technology floor filler, that is, first preparing a mixture of components that is poured and leveled at the required area.
  • Rubber border for the construction of the tracks.

A common form of rubber tile — square 33х33 or 50×50 cm

As the rubber is very susceptible to the coloring material, and various types of paving slabs of rubber crumb can have wide-ranging color palette. The manufacturing takes place from the chips, so the working surface has a dull grainy appearance. Popular colors: terracotta, green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, black.

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A huge number of colors and textures from rubber tiles allows you to create a garden path with a unique design. Because of the simplicity of its styling, make it possible for anyone.

Different colors and tile sizes

A useful tip! If you decided to independently develop the site, there is no better rubber tile for walkways in the country. The price of such coverage is somewhat higher, but there is no doubt in their abilities, so as to put her down easier than all other types.

The types and styles of tracks from rubber tiles

Choose the style to the tracks on your country site should be in line with the General concept of the whole space. If the design is dominated by straight lines and simple classic style, then your choice should be stopped on the square and the rectangular tiles and pavers with the mandatory use of curbs. Color solution may be varied, but should avoid bright colors, since it is not combined with the classic image of the entire area.

Laying rubber tiles

If the garden is made in country style or in the style of “unity with nature”, the need to use natural tones. The shape and texture of the tiles should resemble natural materials such as stone, gravel or wood. Form themselves tracks with bends, changes in elevation, and with Islands for beds.

Decorated in a contemporary style welcomes bright colors, optional accessories in the form of lamps or lamp columns. This track can be as direct with borders, curved. Rubber tile is the most indispensable material for laying on the fairways are around pools and other bodies of water country. It is impossible to slip even with wet feet. Paved circular shapes of tiles on the walkways surrounding country pond, looks very out of place.

In some types of rubber tiles are special rods that provide a strong coupling of the products with each other

A useful tip! Rubber tile is very suitable to shelter playgrounds and sports facilities. Therefore, if in the country there is a swing, horizontal bars, parallel bars or slides for children, they certainly need to close this. This will prevent injuries to children.

Technology laying rubber tiles and its operation

There are 2 ways of laying rubber paving slabs, distinguished by the Foundation:

The first way is on the ground. This method is most suitable for a garden plot. The arrangement of the tracks in this way begins with removal of turf and topsoil. The recess should be from 250 to 300 mm. deep. The bottom of a well-tamped and sprinkled on a layer of gravel to 100 mm. thick.

Then on top of this is placed a layer of sand or sand-cement mixture of 50-70 mm. All over again tamped. Only then can you lay tile. If the track is planned with a border, it must be set in advance. For this method suitable tiles from 20 to 80 mm thick.

Tile rubber allows to obtain a smooth and non-slip surface

A useful tip! When laying tiles directly on the ground need to slope there, as the water will go to the sandy pillow. Tiles should be chosen with bushings that are inserted into the ends of the products. This design gives the strength of the Assembly and will not allow the tiles to separate over time.

The second way is on a solid Foundation. Here you can use less fat products. It will be enough and 20 mm. the ground under the track may be asphalt, concrete, wooden floor. Not valid to asphalt base had imperfections and cracks, so it must be primed. For this you need to prepare it from a mixture of polyurethane glue and acetone, and then applied to the entire surface of the asphalt.

Rubber paving has a number of advantages over other types of coatings

Requirements for concrete screed is less strict. On the surface there may be minor chips and cracks. Such a surface also needs to be primed. After drying, the tile is bonded to polyurethane adhesive. It can be applied to the surface of the tiles with a roller or spatula.

A useful tip! When laying rubber tile covering on a solid base is necessary to provide a slope of about 2 degrees. This will give the opportunity to freely drain and not accumulate between the tiles.

A trail of square rubber tiles

Rubber tile for walkways in the country, the price is often higher than other types of coatings, has a large enough strength and immunity to temperature fluctuations. This circumstance makes it possible to avoid any special methods for its operation. It is enough to wash the hose as needed.

Strongly adhering dirt can be removed using any detergent. In winter, the ice can be chipped from the track with not a sharp ice pick and removed with a shovel. Thanks to the flexibility, easy ice behind.

Tile geometric patterns

Taking the decision of the independent device of sidewalks, country lanes, roofs of swimming pools or ponds, you should pay attention to rubber paving tiles. This material is easier to stack, it has lots of colors and textures, allowing you to create an object in any style. If you follow all the simple instructions, the result will delight for at least 10 years.

Video production of rubber tiles


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