Septic Tank, negative reviews and their validity

About this device, like a septic Tank, negative reviews can be heard quite often. However, this type of purifiers for waste waters enjoys quite naturally popular with owners of country real estate. Try to understand why this heavily used equipment is subjected to frequent criticism, and how it is justified.

Three-chambered septic Tank with a biofilter for wastewater treatment

The contents

  • 1 How to construct and performs the operation
    installation of Tank type
  • 2 Technical characteristics of treatment devices for domestic waste water brand Tank
  • 3 Septic tank, negative reviews and how
    they justified

    • 3.1 Opinions about the necessity of cleaning tanks
    • 3.2 Claims to overall dimensions of the septic Tank
    • 3.3 Impossibility of the use of plastic septic Tank under high groundwater table
    • 3.4 Reviews, due to infringement of service conditions
      septic Tank
  • 4 Installation of septic Tank (video)

How to construct and performs the operation
installation of Tank type

This type of septic tanks is made of durable thick plastic using the technology, not the presence of seams on a product. Design is a one-piece housing with multiple, interconnected compartments. The housing wall is made using a large number of stiffeners, which ensures good resistance of the material to external pressure from the layers of soil. Most often there are three compartments, and they are connected by overflows at the top of the device.

The internal structure of the septic Tank

In addition, a septic tank are supplied infiltrator, which can be from 1 to 4, and more. They represent a container in which water is passed through a layer of soil that contributes to its almost complete purification from impurities. The manufacturer believes that the water at the outlet of the cleaning system is clean to 98%. This allows using it for technical purposes. In the pipe between infiltration and capacity of the septic tank is installed a check valve, not allowing water to return the overflow filters.

Septic Tank installation diagram

Of sewage water and sewage comes into the first chamber of the septic tank where sedimentation and deposition of solids in the sediment. Liquid is poured into the second compartment where it is post-treatment using bacteria that decompose organic matter. After this is enough purified water enters the third chamber, where it precipitates suspended particles.

In infiltrator spills, which requires only a final polishing step. Using infiltration involves a large number of negative reviews. Septic tank, when using these devices, post-treatment occupies a lot of space on the site, and it does not suit everybody.

The septic tank is intended for installation independent of a sewage system

Technical characteristics of treatment devices for domestic waste water brand Tank

The main characteristic of any septic tank is its performance. When selecting a device it is necessary to consider it in the first place. Septic tank are the five types that differ in size, performance and value:

  • Tank 1 is able to serve at least 3 people, has a capacity of 600 l/day, at a cost of about 400.e, and its dimensions 1200х1000х1700 mm.
  • The tank 2 is designed for 4 people with a capacity of 800 liters/day. It cost 550.e. dimensions 1800х1200х1700 mm.
  • Tank 2.5 can process wastewater from 5 households, since 2030х1200х1850 mm dimensions able to pass through a 1000 l/day. True and it costs an impressive $ 700.e.
  • Tank 3 handles the runoff volume of 1200 liters/day from 6 persons with dimensions 2200х1200х2000 mm and it is already 830.e.
  • Tank 4 is the largest 3800х1000х1700 mm, which gives it a capacity of 1800 liters/day. It is installed, if the house is home from 7 to 9 people. The price of this device, more than 1000.e.
  • An example of installation of a septic tank with drain pump

    As you can see, nearly any family can purchase septic Tank. Negative reviews it is often caused by incorrect selection of the device performance. Trying to save money, people buy more cheap septic tank, which is designed for fewer occupants in the house than there actually is.

    The mounting size of the septic Tank infiltrator

    Septic tank, negative reviews and how
    they justified

    If you examine the opinion of consumers regarding the septic Tank, we can see that they are very often criticized. Let’s examine the most common negative reviews on this device and try to understand the reason for each of them.

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    The opinion about the necessity of cleaning tanks

    “Already 3 years of use the septic Tank 2. Works flawlessly. However, every year we have to pump it, and it is troublesome. The site is located in the garden partnership far from the city. Cause there vacuum expensive. Can precipitate self-pump out drain pump, but it is also expensive, and where to put the waste”.

    Nikolai Usoltsev, 45 years old, Saratov

    The scheme of installation of a septic tank with box filter and forced drainage water

    What can I say about the validity of these claims? Yes, of course, any device needs periodic maintenance. It is written in the passport in the septic tank. Moreover, its frequency must not be violated, since the solid residue can xpressbeats so that it cannot be pumped out. In any case, calling a plumber once a year, it is cheaper than to call it every 2 weeks when using conventional containers as storage.

    A useful tip! If you purchase a drain pump, it is processed by bacteria in the substrate from the septic tank can be pumped directly into the garden. This mass is an excellent fertilizer. Do not be afraid of odor, bacteria minimised, and in contact with the air it will disappear in a few days.

    The installation of the septic Tank in the ground

    Claims to overall dimensions of the septic Tank

    “The father-in-law on the site there is a septic Tank. I built a house recently and also decided to install such a device, but when I saw how it takes place – I was horrified. Father-in-law good – he’s got 20 acres and I only have 4. I believe that the need for a large area for installation this device is a serious drawback”.

    Sergei Nikolaev, 27 years, Petropavlovsk

    Indeed, for the installation of any septic Tank requires a fairly large amount of space, as it is equipped with infiltrators. They can take, depending on the number, up to 6 meters in length. Add to this the septic tank and pipes. Get an impressive area. In the presence of trees on the site and outbuildings, set it may not be possible.

    Overall dimensions of the septic Tank 2 and the Tank is 2.5

    A useful tip! Arrange with a neighbor and buy a septic tank in a purse. If you have small plots, together, you will be able to find a place for treatment devices. Moreover, then to pump you in turn.

    The impossibility of using a plastic septic Tank under high groundwater table

    “Set up a local treatment plant Tank near his home. Even when buried at the bottom of the pit was water. A neighbor warned that the capacity can squeeze in, but I didn’t listen. So what happened this spring. The tank floated to the surface, breaking the entire system. Do not advise anyone to buy these plastic barrels”.

    Alexander Petrov, 32 years old, Tyumen

    Overall dimensions of the septic Tank 4

    It has been observed that before the installation of the septic tank it is necessary to clearly study all the geological features of the site, including the water level in the soil. Of course, easy capacity surfaced in the spring, when the level rose. In such cases it is necessary to arrange other types, for example, a septic tank of concrete rings or benefit from useful advice.

    A useful tip! To not have to do a negative review, septic Tank at a seasonal high water table uplift must be anchor. To do this, in the pit drainage arrange and throw a slab of concrete with loops. For these loops tie capacity with the help of a sling. To fill the receptacle with a mixture of sand and gravel.

    The option to install the septic Tank to drain the well

    Reviews, due to infringement of service conditions
    septic Tank

    “Buried in last year septic Tank 1. My wife and I together live in the house and we have enough of this volume. A month ago we came to visit children and grandchildren. In the house a week it was 8 people. On day 6 all flooded. I called masters. They said damaged tube due to overload. Is the material is so fragile that he could not cope with the flow of water.”

    Evgeny Pavlovich, 59 years old, Omsk

    The situation speaks for itself. You cannot use a septic tank less efficiency than is required by the regulations. This leads to overload and flooding. In this case, even the accident. Even if you live together, but I know that you may have frequent visitors – buy device more performance.

    An example of the placement of the septic on his own land

    Most of the available forums negative opinions about the septic Tank because of violation of the conditions or negligence in the acquisition. Therefore, before purchasing a septic Tank, carefully weigh all the circumstances and in the operation try to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    Installation of septic Tank (video)


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