Snow removal equipment for the garden and home: a review of the best producers

From this article you can learn what advantages does the snow removal equipment for the garden and home. Discusses in detail the advantages and disadvantages of popular manufacturers intended for the care of a garden in winter: technical and operational characteristics of popular models, their advantages and disadvantages, compare prices.

Snowblower for the house will help to simplify the cleaning of the plot in the winter

The contents

  • 1 Snow removal equipment for cottages and homes: General information about the structures
    • 1.1 Features of snowplows to garden: types of designs
  • 2 How to choose a snowblower for the house: the price and the selection criteria of structures
    • 2.1 Features gasoline snow plows for the garden
    • 2.2 Features and price electric snow machines for home
    • 2.3 Snowblower for the home: how to choose the model with optimal parameters
    • 2.4 What is better to buy a snowthrower for complex operations
    • 2.5 Comparative characteristics of electric and petrol snow removal equipment for the home
  • 3 Which is better to buy mini snow equipment: prices and design features
  • 4 Characteristics of snowplows for summer: reviews and prices
  • 5 overview of the most popular models of snowplows, videos and comparative characteristics
    • 5.1 Popular snowthrower Husqvarna: features
    • 5.2 Technical characteristics of the snowthrower champion
    • 5.3 Price of spare parts for blowers champion and consumer reviews
    • 5.4 Technical features blowers Patriot
    • 5.5 Additional information about snow machines Patriot: reviews and price of parts
    • 5.6 Overview of the technical characteristics snowthrower MTD
    • 5.7 overview of the most popular models of snowthrower Huter
    • 5.8 the Purchase of spare parts for snowthrower Huter and consumer reviews
    • 5.9 Technical characteristics of snowplows Energoprom
    • 5.10 Technical characteristics of Daewoo blowers
    • 5.11 Features and benefits of Hyundai blowers
    • 5.12 Best snowblower: diesel or electric?
  • 6 Fees for services repair snow plows

Snowplows for home and garden: General information about the structures

When rainfall is not so much to clear the driveway, you can use regular garden tools, but snowy winters pose serious challenges for truckers and owners of suburban housing. For this reason, many of them prefer to purchase a snowplow for summer than to spend a half day in the yard, raking the snow with a shovel.

Machine for snow removal services useful acquisition for private house or suburban area

The modern market offers many models and varieties of this useful tool. Therefore, the owners of country houses can inexpensively buy a snowplow for garden with different set of specifications.

The machine is intended for cleaning of snow, has a compact design with a built-in mechanism consisting of:

  • powertrain component (engine);
  • a rotating body (screw);
  • Cabinet parts and housings that direct the flow of snow in a certain direction;
  • the impeller in the form of the blades of the spiral type.

Snowplows for home has a simple and intuitive principle. The impeller picks up the snow routes it to the intake cover, where it is grinding. After that the snow is expelled through the vertically arranged pipe which is fitted with a tip in the form of casing with a rounded shape. Thanks to this element is the orientation of the direction of precipitation at the exit of the machine.

Snow going through the impeller, crushed and leans on the distance from the zone cleaning

Please note! Possible petrol snowplows to give allow the flow of snow to a distance of 5 m.

Features snowplows to garden: types of designs

Before choosing a snow removal machine for home, you should determine the type of construction. The existing range of mechanisms to share devices single-stage type and two-stage modification.

The mechanisms of a single-stage type are used to clear areas of small size, hidden wet or fluffy snow without icing. In most cases such constructions do not have the drive. Single-stage snow machines to give fit people in good physical shape, because the movement of the structure at the expense of efforts on the part of the operator. The advantages of such machines applies weight and good maneuverability.

The advantage of single stage snowblowers is the ease and mobility

Today buy for home snow machines two-stage type is easy. These units have a high reserve of power and represented a wide range in many stores. A model gasoline snow plows for giving the self-propelled. The movement is due to wheel or crawler traction. The units are perfectly capable of clearing plots covered with icy snow.

In the process, the mechanism shovels snow with the help of a ladle. Thanks to the rotor and the auger ejection of precipitation in the side is a force at a distance up to 15 m.

How to choose a snowblower for the house: the price and the selection criteria of structures

There are a number of criteria that help to determine what the snow machines to choose for a large area, and which models better to limit if you anticipate processing a small area.

Choosing a snowblower for your site, pay attention to the features of the landscape

General selection criteria:

  • engine type (petrol or electric) and its power;
  • design features the operating mechanism;
  • pull type (tracked or wheeled);
  • the material from which the chute;
  • type of construction (self-propelled or self-propelled);
  • the presence of additional functions.

Please note! The simplest unit for cleaning is mechanical snow shovel-thrower. The device price is around 600-800 RUB. the Design includes bucket, handle and the auger. A mechanism designed for clearing paths and has no power source, although selling you can find more complex models, equipped with engine.

Features gasoline snow plows for the garden

Gasoline engine snow machines can develop power in the range of 5-13 HP subject to the availability of skiers this type of construction is used on all types of surfaces and areas with different relief characteristics.

Snow machines on the gasoline engine are of high modestly

Function snow removal is present in all units, but the price of petrol snow machines for the home are much higher than the cost of electric. This is because petrol design throw snow much further than significantly simplify and accelerate the process of clearing the plot. These models are equipped with four-stroke engines.

Many manufacturers provide blowers, the presence of the start function from the mains supply. This makes it easier to plant mechanism, when the outside low temperature.

Advantages of the petrol versions:

  • high efficiency;
  • the ability to clean the far territories, because there is no reference to the stationary placed the source of water;
  • long distance release;
  • the possibility of effective purification of the dense and stale drifts of snow.

The petrol engine allows you to remove the far territory, but complicates the care snowthrower

The price of gasoline snowplow for the garden is about 12300-20000 RUB Designs have large dimensions. This nuance can be attributed to the cons, when compared with electric versions.

Features and price electric snow machines for home

Possibilities of an electric snow plows for the garden allow you to clean small areas. Recharge the unit from a battery or from the mains. The minimum motor power – 2.5 HP

Advantages of electric models:

  • environmentally friendly;
  • low noise level;
  • relatively low cost;
  • no need for pouring fuel (gasoline) and oil.

Electric snowblowers are good for their low cost and ease of use

Please note! The electrical Assembly is strongly prohibited to use in rainy weather.


  • low efficiency;
  • the effectiveness of clearing only possible if there is loose or fresh snow;
  • the dependence of the power supply network;
  • restrictions cleaning coatings.

The average price snowplow for the house that runs on electricity, is 1800-2500 RUB.

The use of electric equipment is permitted only on smooth street surfaces. To hit a stone in the mechanism leads to failure. If necessary, the stores allow you to buy screw blowers to replace the one that failed. But this will entail additional costs. Not only in spare parts for snow machines, but also on its repair.

The blowers powered by electricity are well-suited to clean a small adjacent lots

Snowblower home: how to choose the model with optimal parameters

Sale snow plow equipment for the home carries a lot of companies. To find the best unit, better to stay in the popular manufacturers producing high quality equipment. These include companies Husqvarna, Partner, MTD, Hutter, etc., These manufacturers allow you to choose and buy snow removal equipment, which is suitable for use in different conditions.

Please note! The owners of suburban areas of large size prefer mini snow technique, which has the appearance of tillers or small tractors. These units belong to the category of universal and multi-functional structures as in the winter they can act as a snow plow, and in the summer be used for loosening soil.

Tillers can be used in summer and winter for clearing snow

How to choose a snowplow in the appropriate conditions:

  • Cleaning from snow drift a small terrace. If in winter the country is visited rarely, it is possible to purchase snow-removal equipment for the garden from the firm AL-KO. For example, the model SnowLine 46E convenient system of operation, practicality. Due to the minimum size the unit does not require a lot of storage space. Average price of electro snowplows for home AL-KO is around 4000-5000 rubles.
  • Clearing a small area. To eliminate the drifts of loose newly fallen snow, you can buy a snowthrower Husqvarna and MTD. The functional modifications of the manufacturer are considered to be the MTD models M. Opportunities for snowblowers Husqvarna ST 121 E allow you to clear large amount of snow on the local area. Depending on the model design can be four-stroke or two-stroke engine.
  • Sophisticated snow clearing operations require the choice of a more powerful and versatile technology.

    For snow removal on a small area it is not necessary to choose a powerful multifunction device

    What is better to buy a snowthrower for complex operations

    To perform complex work will require more powerful machinery. These blowers can handle following types of works:

  • Clearing large drifts over wide areas. For these purposes, it is recommended to purchase a snowthrower Husqvarna ST 268 EP and series M from the manufacturer MTD. All of these modifications are self-propelled, they are equipped with petrol engines. On the snowthrower Husqvarna 268 mounted the wheel. Design of the series M (MTD) are tracked and wheeled, depending on the modification. All of these units can move independently, equipped with the useful function of heating the handles. Here, the starting mechanism is the starter. Two-stroke engine drives the auger and the rotor.
  • Cleaning vast areas with complex relief forms. For such conditions would require a particularly powerful technique, for example, Husqvarna 268 ST EPT or snowblower MTD Optima ME 66 T. Design moves through the tracks. The average weight of cars does not exceed 200 kg. engine Power 9 HP Units can remove large deposits of snow and ice in large areas.
  • Some models are equipped with caterpillar, which facilitates movement on a complex relief surface

    A useful tip! Each model has its own technical features and performance characteristics. Because the range of designs is quite varied, it is recommended to carefully select the mechanism which is suitable for the tasks.

    Comparative characteristics of electric and petrol snow removal equipment for the home

    Not only the price of the snow equipment for the home features of gasoline specifications on the electric models. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that can affect the choice of device.

    Comparative table:

    Type конструкцииДостоинстваНедостаткибензиновый snegobolotokhodnyy mode of operation (gasoline engine can operate smoothly for 4 hours).Price (high price at purchase (average 80000-100000 RUR), expensive service).Extensive operating temperature range (-20°C).Weight and size of the structure.High power motor, 5-15 HP (it is possible to clean even a 2-week snow).Inconvenient in respect of storage.Electric snoubordista price is about 14,000 rubles, which is significantly more affordable than purchasing a petrol model.Can handle only clean fresh snow.The average weight is 15 kg Suitable for small areas only.Small overall dimensions, requires a limited amount of space for storage.The design features a minimal number of functions (1 speed, the package does not include lights, arms are not heated).


    Which is better to buy mini snow equipment: prices and design features

    The range of household snowplows there are more powerful models such as the mini-tractor snow blower. The main advantage of such arrangements lies in their versatility.

    Please note! Sales there are mini-tractor with a broad scope of both domestic and specialized purposes. But even for those models that are designed to perform a specific function, manufacturers provide nozzles. Purchase rotary snow thrower for mini tractor is able to expand the capabilities of the unit.

    For clearing snow also very convenient to use mini tractor

    Functions tractors:

    • the transportation of goods;
    • the harvest;
    • tillage and preparation for seeding;
    • cleaning street surfaces from dirt, debris;
    • clearing the area from snow.

    Rotary snow-plow and moldboard shovel belong to the category of attachment, optional extra on the mini-tractor. Thanks to this technique can align the track on the road, move snow and remove snow banks without any restrictions in their height.

    The characteristic of snow removal equipment for the garden: reviews and prices

    The price to buy mini-tractors is quite high, but advanced functionality completely justifies all the effort.

    Prices for the mini-tractor:

    Proizvoditelnosti, RUB ShibauraSX24130000HusqvarnaTF 338469000Беларус132Н165000Булат120160000


    Leave after buying a snow machine reviews in most cases positive:

    “Newly purchased mini tractor Husqvarna TF 338. Equipment made a good impression. The only thing I didn’t like the store was the stated engine capacity of 7 HP, but in reality it produces no more than 5 HP But it is enough for transportation of cargo weighing not less than 500-600 kg. Already tried it as a snowthrower. Satisfied with your purchase.”

    Timothy Andrienko, Moscow

    “Reviews on snow-machines to testify in the shops there. Decided to try my luck on the forums. Firm Huskvarna, of course, good, but beyond my budget. Stayed in the domestic version of Bulat 120. So far no complaints”.

    Alexander Vasilenko, Ekaterinburg

    Please note! The advantage of local models is that the purchase of spare parts for repair of snow removal equipment does not cause difficulties. Accessories are available in many stores.

    Overview of the most popular models of snowplows, videos and comparative characteristics

    The most popular manufacturers, according to consumers, are the following companies:

    • Husqvarna;
    • Patriot;
    • Champion;
    • MTD;
    • Energoprom;
    • Hyundai;
    • DEU.

    Popular snowthrower Husqvarna: features

    Snow machines Husqvarna have proven themselves as reliable and high-quality aggregates. Subject to operating conditions that would last a very long time.

    Model ST 268EP has optimum characteristics. For the filling structure is recommended to use gasoline AI-92. Allowed refueling, and higher quality, but not below. The main advantages of modifications: reduced level of noise and vibration impacts during operation.

    When purchasing budget snow thrower Husqvarna 5524 ST user gets design with less weight and possibility of adjusting the angle of ejection of the snow fractions. The unit is designed for frequent clearing of local and suburban areas.

    If you are cleaning thick snow from large areas, it is better to pay attention to more powerful modification – ST 261. The design works well at low temperatures, easy to remove the Packed or wet snow.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    Characteristically 5524ST 268 EPST 261Ширина capture см616861Высота capture см58,55958,5 Distance of the ejection м81515Мощность, кВт416743Вес design, кг95107102Цена, RUB 607007990099990


    Please note! In violation of the rules of operation details petrol lawn mowers wear out fast and become unusable. Fortunately, buy screw blowers of this brand at many stores.

    The price of spare parts for blowers Husqvarna:

    Madelinemadeline metalicana, RUB ST 268 ЕРболт161противовес3910гайка (5/16-18×1)145шайба335ЅТ 261 Event (5/16-18)105обойма445вал and bearing обойме1815болт (1/4-20х0,625)120


    Technical characteristics of the snowthrower champion

    Assembly snowplow Champion ST 656 is carried out on the territory of two countries – USA and China. Regardless of this, the inner filling is of high quality.

    The unit is able to cope with the cleaning of dense snow or freshly fallen snow. Allowed to use for clearing a small area with ice or Packed snow. Bucket snowthrower champion 656 protected from mechanical damage due to runners having a special design. Tires with large tread pattern ensures reliable coupling of the device with the surface.

    Snowplow Champion are very popular due to good balance of price and quality

    Model ST1170BS has sufficient capacity to cope with clearing plots of various types:

    • the local area;
    • driveways;
    • Parking areas;
    • the area around the garage.

    All this became possible thanks to a special screw, studded with teeth. With it design to cope with the cleaning of heavy and Packed snow.

    Given its functionality snowblower champion ST1170E can be attributed to the category of professional tools. Design can offer not only flexibility, but also a qualitative result of the clearing of snow. The unit retains stability on icy areas and slopes.

    Please note! Due to the adjustment of the speeds snowblower ST1170E allows to reduce the consumption of gasoline.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    Characteristically 656ST 1170 ВЅЅТ1170ЕШирина capture см567070Высота capture см5154,554,5 Distance of the ejection м121514Мощность, kw4,112,38,2 Weight, кг75121132Цена, RUB 324907435062800


    The price of spare parts for blowers champion and consumer reviews

    Accessories for blowers brand champion is presented in a large assortment in many stores involved in the implementation of this technique. For this reason, buy reducer, screw blowers, and other details in case of failure not problematic.

    Average price of spare parts for snow plows champion:

    Name metalicana, RUB the shaft Sleeve дифференциала120Втулка шнека50Штуцер shaft for reducer lubrication снегоуборщика50Трос drive шнека550Шкив belt шнека1300Поводок cable хода150Кожух belt for snow машин400Ролик belt tension шнека450Ручка working arm with подогревом1250Шнек right/левый1650Крыльчатка выброса1550Колесо3200


    Modern range even allows you to buy snowthrower gear case part, and both the left and right, as well as other accessories.

    Leave on the forums about the snow champion of the consumer testimonials mainly show high quality designs, although not all models get good reviews:

    “I do not recommend buying the champion blowers. Very low quality parts. In my garage for the third year idle model ST 656 BS. Almost immediately broke the rubber auger. Now, we can’t purchase him a replacement.”

    Igor Avdeyev, Moscow

    “My friends have time to try the work of a snowplow Patriot and Husqvarna. As a result, decided to choose the champion ST 1074 BS, as design has a light weight and more maneuverable. For the month of the special operation no complaints”.

    Vyacheslav Tkachenko, St. Petersburg

    Snowplow champion receives mostly positive user reviews

    Technical features blowers Patriot

    Structural features of electric snow thrower Patriot Garden PH 65 EL allow you to change the angle of ejection of snow. The chute made of durable plastic. Rubberized coating of the screw, the design of which aims to facilitate the movement of the snow thrower, prevents the appearance of marks on the treated surface.

    Please note! Width of snow cover is only 32 cm This makes it easy to clean walkways and narrow passages.

    The movement of the structure at the expense of the wheels. Quick engine starting is provided by an electric starter.

    Electric snow blower Patriot has a compact size and small grip area

    For work diesel snowplow Patriot Garden Home PHG 71 will require not only gasoline, but also oil. In comparison with the electric modifications, this model has a high level of performance and a more powerful engine. The design includes the function of the adjustment of speeds, whereby the operation of the snow thrower becomes easy and comfortable.

    The unit is ideal for clearing areas with fresh or already compacted snow. Despite the large weight of the operator is not experiencing difficulties in the process, as the design is completely self-propelled. The system augers in the petrol versions has a similar structure as in electric. Offers a dual run manually or using the electric starter.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    ХарактеристикаМоделиGarden PH 65 ELGarden Home PHG 71Garden PS 921Ширина capture см326062Высота capture см155151Расстояние release, м61515Мощность, кВт0,654,76,6 Weight, kg13,35787Цена, RUB 78902999958999


    Additional information about snow machines Patriot: reviews and price of parts

    In stores you can not only buy belts for snowblowers (running), but other components, including lubricating oil (400 RUB.), designed for low temperatures.

    Average prices of spare parts for blowers Patriot:

    Name metalicana, RUB Gear reducer шнека1800Срезной bolt М6100Корпус редуктора1500Ремень хода1000Срезной finger + pin for шнека100Фрикционное кольцо850Поводок троса250Свеча зажигания250Трос шнека650


    A useful tip! Before you purchase any equipment be sure to check out consumer reviews. The experience of operation of different models other people will help avoid buying low-quality blowers.

    Below you can find customers opinion about the blowers Patriot customer reviews clearly reflect all the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.

    “Extremely dissatisfied with the purchase of a snowplow PATRIOT PS 1800E. In the first week of operation the plastic blades snapped. Arm too quickly failed. All the important details – plastic and break more easily. Have pity on your nerves and money. I do not recommend buying the company’s products Patriot”.

    Roman Strogin, Ekaterinburg

    “I bought PATRIOT PRO 650 426108410. Despite the fact that the snow thrower petrol and has good power, clearing wet snow can not cope. Suitable only for freshly fallen dry snow. The screws flew all the rivets after a couple of hours after the start of the work.”

    Alexei Demchenko, Moscow

    Manufacturer Patriot also produces powerful model of a petrol engine

    Overview of technical characteristics snowthrower MTD

    The functionality of the snowplow MTD ME 66 is designed for fast clearing of snow from the plots of medium and large size. The unit copes with the cleaning of snow of different density. Snowthrower auger made of strong steel. Its design is studded with teeth, which helps to effectively eliminate icy and Packed snow. Thanks to the wheels with a deep tread pattern ensures good maneuverability in areas with a high snow level.

    Using the snow thrower MTD ME 61 can be effectively crushed the Packed snow and ice. This model is equipped with a toothed auger with heavy duty design. Chute made of durable plastic, has a rotation angle of 180°. The model features improved characteristics. The gearbox has a cast hull design with additional reinforcement.

    Snow blower MTD of the company is effective and functional to use

    Please note! The tread on the wheels of the snowthrower MTD 61 is able to self-clean, eliminating the possibility of slippage of the unit on slippery surfaces.

    Self-cleaning tread there is on wheels model MTD ME 76. This unit features overhead valve, allowing it to be effectively clean-even when severe frosts. The height of the drifts don’t affect the thrower as well as weather conditions. Due to the electric starter device starts up instantly.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    ХарактеристикаМоделиMTD ME 66MTD ME 61MTD ME 76Ширина capture см666176Высота capture см535353Расстояние release, м13139Мощность, кВт5,85,17,4 Weight, кг10081,7124,8 Price, RUB 7100064100119000


    The price of spare parts for MTD blowers:

    Name metalicana, RUB Ремень1990Шкив1090Топливопровод1090шнек10190


    A review of the popular models of snowthrower Huter

    The company Huter Elektrische Technik launches snow machines of the highest quality, characterized by practicality and reliability. This brand has been around for 35 years.

    The range of appliances includes plow, Huter SGC 4800, 2000, 8100, 4100, 4000. Among them users can find designs both household and professional use, equipped with electric or petrol engines.

    Regardless of category, all the instruments are easy to operate and control, the convenience. In the process, formed a very low level of noise exposure.

    Please note! High quality is ensured through control of products at all production stages: from development of models, ending with their release. In the process of creating snowplows involved the best German engineers.

    The choice of engine power:

    Motor power, HP working area, M25-6,560071500103500135000


    The most popular units are considered construction, equipped with engine capacity of first category. These include gasoline snowthrower Huter 4100 and 4000. The power of the engine is 5.5 HP And the model SGC 4800 engine 6.5 HP

    For clearing walkways and road lanes are recommended modifications that run on electricity. For this purpose, suitable agile model Huter SGC 2000 E, equipped with engine capacity of 2000 watts. For cleaning household plots large in size, Parking lots and other objects of large size will suit a self-propelled model snowthrower Huter 8100, 4000, 4100 and 4800. To start the engine recoil starter is provided.

    After 25 hours of operation snowthrower Huter 4000 be sure to replace the oil to eliminate wear and breakage of parts.

    Buying parts snowthrower Huter and consumer reviews

    Spare parts for machinery Huter find the market quite difficult. But some of them are commercially available.

    Price of parts for snowplows Hutter:

    Name metalicana, RUB the Right gear шнек2950Левый gear шнек2950Правый polucarpus редуктора550Левый polucarpus редуктора550


    Below you can see the consumer reviews of snow-removing equipment Huter:

    “Last year, I have been reading forums, reviews, snowthrower Huter SGC 4100 seemed quite reasonable unit with good technical performance. After purchase the machine has fully justified itself. Working with her is a pleasure, several passes and in the courtyard you can normally move. Winter we have snow, so this device is simply irreplaceable”.

    Dmitry Vasnetsov, Moscow

    “Used petrol car champion. Somehow the machine has fulfilled its function, although the gasoline was eating a lot. Decided to switch to electric snowthrower Huter, because the cost of servicing the petrol engine was very high. I am completely satisfied with new purchase. Another tip for the future: buy a car on tracks (less stuck)”.

    Vitaly Popov, Ekaterinburg

    Technical characteristics of snowplows Energoprom

    Gasoline snow thrower 6.5 SMB/570 EF is moved by wheels. The model has a compact size, so it enjoys high popularity among consumers.

    Snowthrower SMB 6.5/570 EF company Energoprom is intended for cleaning garden paths and sidewalks

    The unit is designed for clearing:

    • narrow passages;
    • small sites;
    • driveways;
    • walkways.

    Please note! The engine runs on the principle of non-contact plug, so that the snow is stable. The start is provided by a manual starter, is equipped with a cable mechanism.

    Chute for snow removal made of metal. The direction of ejection of the snow is set manually by rotation of the chute.

    Model snowthrower SMB-6,5/620 is considered more powerful in comparison with the previous variant. Serrated auger in the machine is loose Packed snow, lots of frost on snowdrifts. The skids of the structure height can be easily adjusted. This process eliminates the possibility of ingress of gravel and debris in the mechanism. To achieve a more thorough cleaning you can set the minimum height with the condition that the processed area is flat and has no rocks.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    Characteristically 6.5/570 EPSM-6,5/620СМБ-6.5/570Ширина capture см576257Высота capture см53,55151Расстояние release, м101110Мощность, BHP 6,56,56,5 Weight, кг657065Цена, RUB 309903500033000


    On the forums about the snow Energoprom SMB 6.5/570 customer reviews often negative:

    “Recently purchased a snowthrower SMB 6.5/570 companies of Energoprom. A few weeks of operation revealed many shortcomings. The mechanism of rotation of the gutter to drain snow is not a practical design, stuffed with snow, which then turns into water. As a result, the item again freezes and stops working until it heats anything. The drive belt is slipping on the screw permanently. The throw is regulated is very difficult due to the dense placement of parts. I do not recommend buying appliances from this manufacturer”.

    Artem Skorik, Saint-Petersburg

    Technical features blowers Daewoo

    One of the most popular models of Daewoo 3000 snowthrower Dast E receives very positive customer reviews.

    The only drawback of the Daewoo blowers is their high cost which is justified with the quality

    Advantages identified by consumers:

  • A convenient form of handle, intended to start the machine. This ensures a secure grip. Suited for capturing and right and left hand.
  • The auger is made of metal, has an increased margin of safety due to the large thickness. On top of it, there are inserts of rubber, fixed by bolts. Even after abrasion these inserts are easy to cut yourself.
  • High quality of parts.
  • Top placement of the lights allows much further to illuminate the road.
  • A small level of noise.
  • Please note! The disadvantages of this technique includes the high cost, which is justified by improved performance.

    Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    ХарактеристикаМоделиDast 3000 EDAST 2600EDAST 1080Ширина capture см514677Высота capture см332754Расстояние release, м121015Мощность, кВт32,67,3 Weight, кг16,815,5114 Price, RUB 159901299094990


    Features and benefits of Hyundai blowers

    Snowplow brand Hyundai are suitable for snow removal from industrial and domestic sites. They cope with any volumes of work due to the high quality parts and excellent technical characteristics.

    The advantages of brand models:

  • High part quality is ensured by meticulous workmanship and high quality materials for manufacturing.
  • Extensive range of modifications. The manufacturer can choose electrical appliances, for example, the model of the snowthrower Hyundai S 400, or gasoline, which is much more. The company is engaged in even release electrocoat.
  • The units are suited for use in severe winter conditions. At low temperatures snow machines do not overheat, can run continuously.
  • Excellent flotation and maneuverability. These characteristics are provided due to the compact size and deep tread pattern on the wheels, which are characterized by good coupling with the road surface.
  • Efficiency. In the line of snowplows Hyundai you can pick up both a budget model and a powerful professional.
  • Comparative table of technical characteristics:

    Characteristically 400S 5060S 7090Ширина capture см405370Высота capture см252353Расстояние release, м101216Мощность, кВт26 (HP)9 (HP)weight of the structure, кг14540106Цена, RUB 100002140058700


    Best snow blower: gasoline or electric?

    The range of petrol models are the most popular snow blowers Hutter 4800, Patriot PRO 658 E, Husqvarna ST 227 R and MTD ME 66.

    Please note! The higher the price of the device, the more functions it has to offer. Budget models have limited opportunities and low power.

    Comparative table of specifications (petrol models):

    Characteristicimpedance SGC 4800Патриот PRO 658 Husqvarna ST 227 RMTD ME 66Ширина capture см62566866Высота capture см51515853Расстояние release, м10131513Мощность, BHP 6,56,58,58 Weight, кг648896100Цена, RUB. 44000-4600045000-47000100000-10200083000-85000


    The range of electric models leading position allotted snowblower Huter SGC 2000 E and PATRIOT PS 2200 E.

    Comparative table of the technical specifications (electric model):

    ХарактеристикаМоделиHuter SGC 2000PATRIOT PS 2200 Eserine capture см4050Высота capture см1625Расстояние release, м59Мощность, L. S. 2,72,72 Weight, кг1212Цена, RUB. 11000-1300010000-14000


    According to these indicators, the range of ejection of the snow electrical models in 1.5-2 times less than gasoline-powered blowers. Thus, they are at least 4 times cheaper than machines operating on gasoline. In most cases, deficiencies in qualitative technique find those consumers who make the wrong choice of design, picking up the plow truck that does not meet the needs.

    To better navigate in the selection of snowplows, you can see the video posted below.

    Prices for repair service snow plows

    The most common cause of failure of a snowplow corrosion. Not all owners of vehicles bring it in order after the winter. For the idle time of the metal parts of the device are covered with rust and come in unsuitability.
    Some damage associated with mechanical damage parts in contact with the movement of rocks, debris, large pieces of wood. In this case, the repair involves replacing the broken parts snowthrower.

    Please note! Repair of snow machines is best left to professionals, since any errors in the Assembly can make further use of the instrument unsafe.

    Prices for repair and maintenance of blowers:

    Name ulpiana, RUB Replacement gearbox for snowthrower and ступицы750Замена shaft шнека600Замена крышки450Замена guide release and дефлектора450Замена skiing (1 piece)170Поверхностная чистка250Замена drive шестерни450Настройка сцепления350Монтаж/dismantling мотора1350Замена drive шкива1050Замена drive шнека850Восстановление threaded connection in the Cabinet части450Монтаж/disassembly of Cabinet parts шнека1250Диагностика ignition system (electronics)200Переборка редуктора850


    To choose a reliable instrument to indicate the optimum ratio of quality and value, as well as to estimate the amount of work that will be performed at the site using the snowthrower. The only way to choose a design appropriate to the expectations.


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