Snowblower with your hands: a worthy alternative to factory models

In winter, any owner of a cottage or private home, faced with the need to clear the snow from the yard, walkways, driveway, and roof. Using a special technique, which involved many companies to make it easier and faster. But there is another option: snowblower with your hands. To assemble the device yourself under any force who are familiar with the principle of operation of the snowthrower and has certain technical skills.

Effectively coping with the cleaning of local area snow machines can build yourself

The contents

  • 1 Types of snowplows for your home with your own hands
  • 2 How to make snow with their hands
  • 3 the Manufacturer of the snowthrower with their hands out chainsaws
    • 3.1 Formation of the auger for a snow thrower with his own hands, video of staged production
    • 3.2 Build with his own hands the snow machines from chainsaws
  • 4 Snowblower with his own hands: the advantages of electric models
    • 4.1 assembling the electric snow thrower with his own hands
    • 4.2 the layout of the snowthrower from the trimmer with your hands
  • 5 Device rotary snow plow with his own hands
    • 5.1 Manufacture of parts for rotary snow plow
    • 5.2 advantages of the combined models of blowers
  • 6 Manufacturer of the snowthrower with your hands: video stories about self-assembling

The types of snowplows for your home with your own hands

A snowplow is designed for mechanical removal of the snow cover on the desired area. Their function is to collect snowpack and tilting it to the gathering place. The motor actuating the machine can be electric or petrol. And the snow-removing equipment is divided into self-propelled (tracked or wheeled type), manually operated, single-stage and two-stage.

For self Assembly garden equipment so you can use the motor from a chainsaw, electric or power tillers, and various available materials, which probably includes everyone in the household. Before you make the snowthrower with your hands, you should familiarize yourself with the varieties of this technique and choose the appropriate option.

The choice of design of the snow thrower depends on many factors, one of which is square footage, which is supposed to handle

Electric snow blowers are able to clear small areas near the house, for example, a porch or a narrow track. To release from the snow cover of the territory of the impressive volume this unit will not work. In addition, his work is not effective, if ice or significant snow. On the other hand, such equipment is quite compact, easily operated and convenient to store.

Removing large amounts of snow from large areas do an excellent job of self-propelled snowplows on the petrol engine. Moving independently, these machines have excellent throughput and long range output. The technique has sufficiently large dimensions, however, absolutely no need to use physical effort.

Before you do a manual snowthrower with your hands, you need to keep in mind that self-propelled model is suitable for cleaning small areas from the freshly fallen snow up to a thickness of 25-30 cm They are mainly used for daily cleaning of sidewalks, garden paths and roofs flat. Such devices are sufficiently agile, but if you remove a dense layer to control appliances would be difficult, as it is necessary to push not only the apparatus, but the thickness of the snow in front of him.

Snow blower, hand-made, with an engine from a chainsaw

A useful tip! Completing the Assembly of a self-propelled snow removing machine for at home, use as light as possible detail, so as to operate machinery will be at the expense of human effort.

How to make snow with their hands

Making homemade snowplow for the house with his own hands — a great opportunity not to spend money on buying expensive models from leading manufacturers and at the same time to avoid time-consuming clearing of snow with a shovel. In addition, the technique of their own making will be the pride of any owner of a country house or Villa.

To collect homemade snow machines will be easy, if you have an idea about the working principle of this technology and its device. For clearing snow from the surface of the tracks and yard of own house will be enough to assemble a screw or a rotary model. This simple machine device and manufacture them for everyone. The combined production of improvised snow with your hands slightly more difficult, but at desire it is possible to cope with this.

Snow machines can be either self — propelled wheeled or crawler-mounted and self-propelled motion which require operator effort

Before you can make your own hands the snow machine, you need to determine the type of engine. Equipping vehicles with internal combustion engine, be aware that it will be quite a powerful unit, which can operate on any surface of your site. However, parts and fuel for it is expensive enough. In addition, the disadvantages include a complex technical maintenance of such equipment.

As for the snow machine with his own hands with an electric motor, in this case, you can use any motor from a relatively powerful electrical equipment. Will fit the engine from the trimmer or the electric saw. The advantages of this technique include the availability of electricity, the disadvantages of small radius of action. To cover the entire territory will require the presence of the strip or the street wiring with multiple outlets.

A useful tip! When assembling electric snow thrower with your hands, you should consider that motor needs a good waterproofing because it is afraid of water.

In the web you can find a lot of videos of homemade snow plows, which will help you to get acquainted with the technology of the manufacture of snow ploughs of various types.

Device rotary snowplow

Making snow with their hands out chainsaws

The main advantages of a homemade snow plow out of chainsaws are:

  • low cost components (in addition, you can purchase second-hand motor-saw at a low price);
  • high performance unit;
  • the ability to produce basic nodes from available scrap materials.

The disadvantage is the inability to provide apparatus for self-propelled movement.

In the manufacture of their own hands snowthrower from the chainsaw as the driving forces to use its motor. To accommodate the engine from such equipment under the snow removal machine you should disconnect it from the frame and a little upgrade. The power of the motor will affect the main indicators snowthrower: the quality of clearance, a range of emission and other parameters.

Besides the engine, the design of the machine included:

  • the auger housing (bucket) — you can make it out of roofing sheet metal.
  • the auger shaft — suitable tube diameter 20 mm (¾ inch);
  • helical surface of the screw is made of sheet iron, some use of a conveyor belt;

The design is based on the engine from a chainsaw is a budget version of a homemade snow plow

  • side part — for their manufacturing plywood 10 mm or sheet steel;
  • supporting structure (frame) — welded profile pipes (area of 50 x 50 mm);
  • the handle is made of pipes with a diameter of 15 mm (½ inch);
  • paddle for feeding snow into the exhaust duct metal plate 120 x 270 mm.

In the work, you can use the drawings of the snowthrower chainsaw with your hands placed by users on the Internet.

The formation of the auger for a snow thrower with his own hands, video of staged production

The main working element is a snowplow auger acts. It is a cutting ring blades attached to the drive shaft. As the shaft used a tube length of about 80 cm In the center of the pipe need to saw through a through hole, which is subsequently inserted blade for feeding the snow. When the rotation of the shaft (pipe) the blade will throw the snow.

Before to make a hand auger for a snow thrower, you need to develop a scheme or use existing drawings, which will be stripped of the ring. Auger blades are made of sheet steel. This metal cut out 4 discs, cut them open and pull in the form of a loop. After this part of the spiral is welded to the pipe on each side equally.

Screw mechanism for snow thrower: 1, 11 — end half bearing housing (steel, sheet s2, 4 pieces); 2 — trailing axle (steel bar d30, 2); 3 — auger shaft (steel, pipe 42х6,5, 2); 4,13 — studs-MB (steel, rod d6, 36 pieces); 5, 17 — screws (steel, sheet s2); 6 — the Central axis (steel, rod d40); 7, 16 — the Central bearing housing; 8 — sprocket (z = 36, t = 19,05); 9 — nut М36х3; 10 — bearing 160205 (4 PCs); 12 — bolt M8 (6 PCs); 14, 15 — bearings 236205

Further, defining the center of the shaft, welded parallel to each other two blades, which will throw the snow. At the edges of the pipe are welded metal struts for fixing helical structure. Spiral blades on one side are attached to the struts, on the other — to the Central blades.

A useful tip! In the manufacture of augers for snow machines from chainsaws with their hands it is very important that the coils of the metal spiral was located at the same distance from the centre and towards him. Otherwise, the equipment will vibrate badly.

In the manufacture of the housing of the screw length leave equal to the length of the shaft taking into account the segment to drive. To the edges of the shaft are welded to the axle, by which it is mounted on the bearings. They are used in enclosed to avoid ingress of snow and water. To obtain a visual representation of the manufacture of the screw is possible, if you watch the video homemade snowthrower: with their hands to assemble the machine in this case will be much easier.

Build your own hands snow machines from chainsaws

The manufacture of the body of the screw start with the sidewalls. This metal cut out two circles, a diameter which exceeds the diameter of the screw at node 6-7 cm sides is welded in a semi-circle curved metal sheet of appropriate size. In the center of the lateral parts arranged holes into which is inserted a screw mechanism. The bearings are welded to the sidewalls from the outside. In the section of pipe under the drive is fixed by welding driven sprockets (sprocket, for example, a motorcycle).

Then proceed to the device snehituda. It can be made from a pipe with a diameter of 100 mm and a length of about 1 m. to install a tube in the body of the screw make a hole of appropriate diameter. It should be on the rear wall of the housing. Into this hole is inserted into the pipe of snegootbrasyvateli, fixed bolts, and the top set box.

The frame for the machine is made by welding into the frame of profile pipes. The lateral corners of the frame attach the rails for mounting the engine. It should be noted that the power plant should move freely along the frame and be able to be fixed in the desired position. To the frame and welded handle with the on it throttle control engine homemade snow plow.

Homemade snowplow chainsaw with a longitudinal engine layout

Depending on the type of terrain the frame of the snowthrower is equipped with wheels or runners. For flat areas you can use wheels for uneven and rough surfaces — the runners. The basis for skids made from bars, to which is attached a plastic lining for good slip.

Snowblower with his own hands: the advantages of electric models

Electric snow machines have several advantages over the models equipped with internal combustion engines. These include:

  • relatively quiet operation;
  • due to the lack of engine filters, fuel, spark plugs these units are easy to care for and maintain;
  • there is no need of fueling;
  • light weight equipment;
  • when operating do not emit smoke;
  • low costs and great efficiency.

Low noise and light weight design — one of the main advantages of electric snow blower

However, electric snow blowers have disadvantages, including:

  • small engine power (2 kW);
  • constant monitoring of the condition of the power cable for damage;
  • small radius (as length allows carrying);
  • the need to use effort to move the device.

A useful tip! Before you make a snowblower with an electric motor and pick up wires, the insulation of which will withstand and will not crack under the influence of frost.

Assembly of electric snowthrower their hands

The technology of manufacturing electric snow plow with his own hands in many respects similar to the device of the petrol models, but the driving force behind this equipment is the motor. This can be the simplest engine power saws, grinders or other power tools. Use when building with their own hands the drawings electric snowthrower. Videos on the topic will help to avoid mistakes during installation.

An example of a device electric snowthrower: 1 — electromotor; 2 — a pulley of a car; 3 — sewer plastic pipe; 4 — poluated; 5 — rudder; 6 — batch switch

The design of the screw hub and housing can be assembled, as for example the machine on the basis of a chainsaw. It remains to connect the motor. This can be done by different methods: by means of reducer or belt transmission. In the first embodiment, the axis of rotation of the motor is perpendicular to the pipe (shaft). The auger rotates through the reducer, which connects the shaft and the motor axis.

The second option assumes that the axis of the motor and the shaft of the screw placed in parallel and connected with a belt. This scheme allows you to quickly remove and mount the motor by adjusting the tension of the belt transmission. To work, you can use ready-made drawings that you can adjust to fit your size.

Related article:

The snow-plow for walking tractor: the principle of operation and basics of self-Assembly. The production versions of the snow with their hands. The characteristics of the different models. Manual for self installation.

Getting to self-build, should follow some guidelines:

  • to avoid engine failure as a result of falling into the auger of stones and other objects, you must use the grommet, bolts. Because of this, in excess of the load goes down bolts, and the engine is not jammed;
  • width of the body of the screw can be selected depending on the size of the surface requiring cleaning;
  • when the device single-stage snowthrower should the exit chute to position the top and side of the case, which will throw the snow to pass smaller distance.

The engine of the snowthrower can be petrol or electric

The layout of the snowthrower from the trimmer with your hands

To build a homemade snow plow out of the trimmer will not fit all models electroboy. If the trimmer has a curved rod with the transfer speed of steel wire, this tool is thin and not suitable for the manufacture of the snowthrower. One of the requirements is the presence of the trimmer straight shaft and transmitting rotation from the motor to the coil by means of a reducer and a rigid shaft. Such devices are more powerful and can be used for snow plows.

Before you can make the most snow machines of the trimmer, you must check the availability of all necessary tool. You will need a welder, grinder, drill. The sequence of works the following:

  • the housing can be made from a small metal barrel that needs to be cut approximately 15 cm from the bottom. In the center of the bottom of the barrel is arranged an opening in which is placed protruding element of the gearbox. The edges of the drilled holes is at a distance coincident with the mounting plate on the gear;
  • on the side of the barrels making the hole square shape with a size of 10 x 10 cm folding snow masses;

Snow is made of trimmer with your hands

  • the third part of the open enclosure should be covered with a tin sheet so that the hole for the snow to be strictly in the center;
  • for the manufacture of the rotor will need four blades. Need to cut out sheet metal of four rectangular plates of size 25 x 10 cm These blanks should be cut to make the shape of the blade. Then they are welded to the drive of the trimmer;
  • snegohod can be made from the remaining parts from metal barrels. To do this, cut a rectangular strip of 15 x 30 cm This disc is required to bend and weld to her side part height of 10 cm with them, snow with the release will be aimed in a certain direction;
  • master blade. It is made from sheet metal 30 x 40 cm edge of the plate is bent so that the rim height was about 2 cm;
  • snegohod is welded to the chassis in the place where the hole for the ejection. Shoulder lock from the bottom. The reducer is fixed with bolts. A rotor mounted knife trimmer.

Learn more about the process of assembling video snowthrower trimmer from his hands.

Device rotary snow plow with his own hands

The main components of a homemade rotary snow plow with his own hands are:

  • the internal combustion engine equipped with a silencer;
  • fuel tank;
  • the cable throttle control.

For the manufacture of all elements of the snowthrower you will need the availability of a lathe. It is used in order to fit all the details of the mechanism to the desired size. If such equipment is not available, fabrication of the rotor can be ordered at the workshop on existing designs.

Establishing blowers can be divided into several stages:

  • the Assembly of the screw mechanism;
  • manufacturer of the rotor;
  • Assembly housing;
  • the device frame.

Crafting each node separately, collect them in one design. To snowblower had a presentable appearance, its painted after Assembly.

Device homemade rotary snowthrower: A — housing; B — the rotor disk; C — hub; D — blade, D — ring; E — vent; C — scraper; D — bracket; — knife; — skids; L — bar handle; M — brace; H — transverse bar; a bar for the engine; P — handle

Manufacturing components for rotary snowthrower

The technology of manufacturing auger mechanism is similar to the auger device for a snowplow from a chainsaw. As the helical blades can also be used thick (thickness 10 mm) conveyor belt. The dimensions of the screw node must conform to the dimensions in the drawings.

The rotor is made of sheet metal with a thickness of 2.5-3 mm. With a compass, you need to draw on the sheet a circle the right diameter and cut it with the grinder. To make blades, take billet of the detail from the motor. Sheet metal forming the blade. They are welded at the same distance from each other to a steel disc connected with the hub. The number of blades should not be less than four.

Frame for collecting snow blower, welding the segments from the metal bracket into the frame under the existing scheme. All the components of the frame are fastened by means of bolted connection.

A useful tip! In the rotary blowers use a more powerful ball bearings that can resist a runout of the rotary mechanism.

Self-Assembly of a snowplow, you can use the available materials

When all the components of the snowthrower will be ready, proceed to their Assembly into a single unit. On the rotary mechanism of the skewer shaft of the screw. Then the whole mechanism is fixed on the frame by means of bolts and clamping ring. Mount the rotor to the frame is carried out by means of a special bracket. As snegootbrasyvateli for homemade rotary snowthrower using a plastic tube with a diameter of 100 mm.

Benefits of combined models of blowers

In comparison with the screw assemblies snowplow combined execution more efficient, as the load distributes between itself and the auger, and rotor. They are powerful enough and can handle the clearing of snow cover impressive volume. Among the advantages of a homemade rotary blowers provide:

  • excellent manoeuvrability and high productivity;
  • depending on the engine, the range of emission of snow can reach 12 m;
  • the ability to adjust the width of the snow cover;
  • light weight of the machine (up to 20 kg) can cope with the cleaning of surrounding area (including the woman);

The process of cleansing the local area of snow

  • the possibility of repairing the snowthrower with your own hands;
  • low cost materials for the manufacture of all components of the unit.

Independent manufacturing rotary snowplow is quite complicated and laborious affair. If you do not understand the technology, do not possess certain skills or do not have the necessary tool, and buy a factory model until finances allow, you can make your own hands snow shovel.

The manufacturer of the snowthrower with your hands: video stories about self-assembling

For many it may seem self-Assembly of snow removal a very difficult task. Justifying the saying “better to see once than hear a hundred times”, many craftsmen put online themed movies. The videos contain the highlights of the build improvised snow plows, as well as information about the used to their device components.

On the Internet you can find a huge number of videos, which presents the various options for a homemade snow plow: on the basis of the engine from chainsaws, tillers, and electric motor. In the plots of the described method of manufacturing a screw mechanism and the possible materials for their manufacture.

All dimensions in drawings are placed in the network, you can adjust depending on their own needs

In the web you can find many ready-made drawings and Assembly drawings of snow plows for various models. They can be used for the manufacture of their own models, all dimensions in drawings can be amended applicable to the individual thrower.

Familiarity with the videos provide useful information on how to properly provision and configure snowblower. Video repair snowthrower with their hands placed visual information on common malfunctions and breakdowns, workarounds and also proper maintenance of the devices.

Detailed study of the proposed blueprints, schematics, step-by-step instructions and videos that anyone can try their hand at making homemade snow plow. After all, everyone in the garage or workshop there is an old mower, chainsaw or other tool that will fit for making it a plow truck. And for those who doubt in their capabilities, better to buy a factory model.


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