Snowthrower manual: design and application

Features of our climatic zones allow us to equally enjoy both hot summers and cold winters. But for the only memory of the past winter was not the snow clearing, many decided to buy a hand thrower. This simple device will help you to get rid of unnecessary physical effort and also saves a lot of time. Consider what devices are, and on what basis they should choose.

The blowers are designed to facilitate the cleaning of territory of suburban areas

The contents

  • 1. Manual snowthrower: applications of a device
  • 2 Device and varieties of snow machines
  • 3 How to choose and buy handmade snow thrower: features of main elements
  • 4 How to do a manual snowthrower their hands
    • 4.1 Household mechanical snowthrower their hands
    • 4.2 electrical manual snowthrower with their hands: step by step instructions
  • 5 Ready manual snowthrower: price and characteristics of the most popular models
    • 5.1 Mechanical snowthrower Forte QI JY 50
    • 5.2 snow petrol Manual car Hyundai S 5555
  • 6 storage and operating manual snowthrower
    • 6.1 Care snowthrower during active use
    • 6.2 care of the snowthrower during storage

Manual snowthrower: applications of a device

Manual snowblower is a device which is intended to save you from having to clear snow-covered house with a shovel. Generally, in order to get rid of snow and to ensure a free passage at any point, there are only three ways: snow shovel with a shovel, use a snow thrower or to equip the system melting snow.

Manual snow thrower at work

Of course, the least expensive option – shovel. But we can not agree that this method takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, new winter snow falls constantly, and you can get a nasty surprise in the form of drifts, in any morning. More convenient, but at the same time, and difficult mounting method – a system for melting snow. But it is worth noting that many consider this option too expensive and unjustified.

That is why the manual snowthrower has firmly taken its position among the means of clearing snow, and widely used in everyday life. Its performance makes it easy to clear the snow from the road to travel or a small yard, the area of which does not exceed 400 sq. m. And here is how fast you can clean a particular area depends on weather conditions and technical characteristics of a particular model.

In the process of snow removal plays a big role in the size of the bucket. In fact, this parameter determines how high the snow you can remove. Sometimes in addition, there is adjustable height with additional feet. This greatly expands the ability of a snowplow.

Manual snow thrower is a great solution for those who travel to the country in the winter or live in a country house. Unlike full-fledged snow machines, this version is much more compact. It is easier to store and easier for him to care. Consider how to choose most suitable model for what characteristics you should pay attention and how to construct these devices.

Modern snowplows are equipped with headlights for night work

Device and types of snow machines

The principle of operation of the snow machine is very simple: it grabs the snow is on its way, and casts it aside, clearing a path that moves. Depending on the characteristics of the machinery that mediates this process, there are single-stage and two-stage units.

Single stage is also called the auger and for throwing use a special pipe. This process is carried out by mechanical rotation of the screw. In two-stage systems, the mechanism of action is slightly different: the auger collects the snow, while the emission meets the other part – the rotor.

Depending on the conditions in which you plan to use snow machines, working surface of screw may be different. The device can be compared to a knife edge that cuts the top part of the snow. So, if snow just fell recently, it is more convenient to use a smooth edge, while with the frozen and long-lying snow better cope toothed surface. In turn the serrated edge differ in the number and size of teeth.

Depending on the material from which they are made, hand augers blowers are steel, rubber, and even plastic. Of course, each of those options has its advantages, however, they are all quite easy to break down when faced with obstacles such as rocks, stumps and logs. Particularly affected by this single-stage device, where the rotational speed of the auger for throwing the snow should be maximized.

The choice of snow thrower should be based on the characteristics of the site to be clean

How to choose and buy handmade snow thrower: features of main elements

The acquisition manual snowthrower involves its use solely in the home. However, even if the home use, this device presented a lot of requirements. And the material of the impeller is one of the main. Undoubtedly, the metal parts have a significant advantage over plastic: they are longer and are able to withstand heavy loads. But at the same time, the cost of such devices considerably more expensive.

Another important point is the choice of motor. It is obvious that the motor is the main driving force of any such entity, and its quality directly affects the results of your work, and also quantity of effort. Two of the biggest challenges faced by the motor of the snowthrower – freezing temperature and solid objects that may get inside. But the failure of one component leads to malfunction of the entire system.

A useful tip! It is important to understand that despite the huge choice of hand-held blowers of different brands, quite a few companies use the engines own production. Quite often purchased the same motors, which are just differently equipped.

Make snow with your hands is easy, and as a result you can get a good device for relatively little money

As the prevention of malfunctions, the following scheme is used compounds of the elements: with the help of pin or cut the bolt, which acts as a fuse, the drive shaft is fixed with a screw. This system allows the bolt or pin to instantly break, if you happen to lock the screw. It is much easier to replace such a small item than to deal with a complex and expensive engine repair.

Depending on the type of motors for blowers can be divided into two classes: electric and two-stroke internal combustion engines. Use the second option more profitable and efficient, however, electric motors also have several advantages: they are cheaper, are light weight, do not pollute the atmosphere, it is easier to maintain and have a much lower level of vibration.

How to do a manual snowthrower their hands

Often, the owners of country houses seriously wonder whether it is possible to collect manual snow thrower independently, using available materials. The answer to this question is definitely positive. Of course, you will need certain skills and materials, but if you use drawings and instructions that are offered on the Internet, it is possible to significantly save on the purchase of the snow blower.

The main characteristics of a snowplow

You first need to decide on the kind of snow you want to make. Self collect can be both mechanical and electrical manual snowthrower. Consider the algorithm for creating one of the representatives of each type step by step.

Household mechanical snowthrower their hands

To create the simplest of the representatives of manual snow tools, you can use almost any of the items and materials on hand. Suitable parts from old appliances and other metal items. As a guide you can use the corresponding blueprints or step by step instructions.

As the basis of the structure acts as a metal frame made of pipes or corners. By mounting it on runners or wheels, it will be attached to the rest of the mechanism. The easiest option is making the skids – the use of wooden bars of suitable shape, which are mounted on the bottom of the cut garden hose, or strips of sheet metal, plastic, etc.

Diagram of the main parameters of the snowthrower

A useful tip! If the runners it is acceptable to use the available materials, the wheels of the right size will most likely have to buy it separately.

On the frame it is necessary to fix the engine rpm is less than 1.5 thousand per minute, a capacity of 5-6 kW. To implement the drive mechanism through a reduction gear, it is easiest to use a chain drive and sprocket from the bike. As for the screw, it is mounted on a metal pipe which, in turn, secured to the side walls of the bucket snegostupingu thus, to be able to rotate.

In order to make the auger, need 4 blades which can cut metal or of the conveyor belt. To the center of the pipe, which will serve as the basis, additionally fixed plate, which will act as blades and can throw the snow in the pipe. Blades, in turn, are mounted on one side of the shoulder, and the other to the shaft (in some cases one can find recommendations to use additional plates, reinforcing design). In order for the mechanism to work properly, the blades should be located in different directions, creating a crisscross of spiral.

Varieties of augers mounted in the bucket

A useful tip! It is important to calculate the required diameter of the metal rings, so that during rotation they do not touch the rear wall of the bucket, but it was not located too far.

As for snow removal, the device of this system is also not too difficult to install. You need to make the hole in the top of the box where the tube is inserted (usually the diameter is from 15 to 18 cm).

Finishing touch – control knobs, which can be made from metal parts or pipes. All that remains is to clean up and paint ready snowthrower, and you can get to work.

The size of the bucket depends on the amount of capture of the snow

Manual electric snow thrower with their hands: step by step instructions

A little different is the algorithm for generating electric snowthrower. In the process of creating such a device is, of course, is a bit more complicated, however, further work will be much easier compared to the mechanical models. Consider the step by step instructions to build this design:

  • the creation of the screw. The process of making a screw for an electric snowthrower is not much different from the mechanical. Similarly, the need to manufacture the shaft and rings. And to the center of the main pipe is additionally fastened to the plate, the pitcher, the snow outlet chute;
  • the manufacturer of the bucket. For the bucket it is best to use roofing iron, because it is quite durable, and has all the necessary qualities. Its design is extremely simple: it needs to close the three sides;

A useful tip! The side walls of the bucket does not have to be metal. They can make out of plywood, thickness not less than 10 mm.

  • with the help of self-aligning bearings to the side walls is attached to the shaft with the screw. The distance, from the edges of the spiral to the inner walls of the bucket should be at least 2 cm For the arrangement of the discharge chute is the perfect piece of sewer pipe, with a diameter of 15 cm and more. The main rule in this case is the diameter of the exhaust pipe must be greater than the width of the plate, which is responsible for the discharge of snow;

The size of the bucket depends on the amount of grip the snow, that is, the width and the height of the snow Bank that the snow thrower can remove

  • for secure and convenient installation of the electric motor, in addition is made U-shaped frame consisting of metal corners. For additional fixing of the motor, use a metal strap;
  • in order to provide comfortable and uniform movement of the device as well use wheels or skis. It is important that the distance from them to the frame was minimal. If you decide to stop your choice on the wheels, note that they were resistant to frost and provide maximum grip snowthrower with the surface;
  • if you want to do a rotary design, it is necessary to make a design that represents the axis of the four rectangular plates. For the best fence snow they have to have special rims on the edges. It is important to observe the proportions that the rotor is not in contact with the bucket in the process;

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How to build your own. The production versions of the snowthrower. The characteristics of the different models. Manual for self installation.

  • the next stage is the main difference between electric snowthrower from mechanical – motor. For this purpose you can use any device, whose power is about 1 kW. Here, the main thing to provide reliable protection from snow and water, to avoid malfunction and short circuits. You should pay attention to the condition and the length of the cord: it should not be any damage, and its length should be sufficient;
  • at the end of the work, you must provide the connection between the auger and the motor. You can use two ways: belt drive or with gearbox. The first option is possible only if the axis of the engine shaft and located in parallel. In this case, they are connected by a transfer belt. The second option requires a perpendicular arrangement of the shaft and engine.

The range of emission of snow largely depends on the characteristics of the snow and the wind direction

Ready manual snowthrower: price and characteristics of the most popular models

If, after reading the instructions for the manufacture of manual snow thrower on wheels with your hands, you have come to the conclusion that such efforts are unnecessary and much easier to buy ready-made device, then consider two of the most popular models that combine high performance and an affordable price.

Mechanical snowthrower Forte QI JY 50

Manual snowthrower Forte QI JY 50 something simple, but at the same time convenient device when we are talking about cleaning in small areas. Having a very low weight (only 3,82 kg) and small size, this snow thrower allows you to efficiently clean even the most inaccessible areas.

For the manufacture of manual snow thrower Forte uses only heavy-duty plastic, which, according to the manufacturer, capable of withstanding serious loads.

However, before you buy a mechanical thrower Forte QI JY 50, we recommend you to pay attention to the reviews by real buyers who use this device. Allegedly many of them, this snow thrower copes well with the newly fallen, loose snow. But wet snow and stale fairly quickly clog the mechanism, adversely affecting speed.

Snowthrower Forte QI JY 50

Another feature that you must know before you buy a manual snowthrower Forte QI JY 50 – it is able to produce throwing snow only to the right side. Not to say that this is a significant factor in the choice, because you can always change the direction of its movement, however, it is better to know about it beforehand.

Price manual snowthrower Forte QI JY 50 starts from the level of 907 rubles and may increase, depending on the store that offers this product. But even in this case, buy snow thrower Forte QI JY 50 can afford to almost everyone, and whatever it was, it’s a great alternative to a shovel.

Snow petrol manual car Hyundai S 5555

As the antiphon can be considered another popular but much more expensive option – device company Hyundai. It manufacturers have provided a two-step cleaning system, and also powerful enough petrol engine, with capacity of 2.6 l. All elements are made of metal, and due to a significant weight – 72 kg.

Snowblower Hyundai S 5555

Among the benefits provided for adjusting the range of emission of snow – 1 to 10 m. Among the difficulties that users have in the process of operation is sufficiently large dimensions, which require the presence of space for storage, and also not quite a simple build if you decide to do it yourself.

Storage and operating manual snowthrower

Like any other equipment, snowblower, regardless of their origin (homemade or purchased), require careful handling and compliance with the rules of operation. It is only under this condition one can expect that the device will last you quite a long time and without breakdowns. Consider what conditions it is necessary to provide the device in different time of year.

The engine of a snowplow Hyundai S 5555

Care snowthrower during active use

Before the first snow this season, be sure to perform a planned inspection of the equipment. Inspect all fasteners, belts, inspect for defects and damage. If necessary, check the engine oil and spark plug condition. Special attention will remove that to make sure that the moving parts of the device there are no foreign objects.

After you have convinced of serviceability of the snowthrower, you can run. However, there are also subtleties. Should not hurry and start working immediately. Allow the engine to work some minutes idling. Thus, the oil can warm up that will ensure a smooth and safe operation of all elements.

After cleaning is finished, do not hurry to turn off the engine. Leave the appliance run for a few minutes to the snow that might remain inside the device also melted.

The auger is inserted into the openings at the ends of the bucket

A useful tip! The most common mistake that owners of snowplows cleaning the device in a warm place immediately after completion of the work. This approach will certainly provoke the emergence of corrosion of metal elements.

Care snowthrower during storage

Storage conditions – the second most important factor that determines the life of the snowthrower. And with the onset of next winter you will not have to face an unpleasant surprise in the form of a breakdown of the machine, you must observe the following rules:

  • to prevent corrosion processes, before storing the snowthrower is required to thoroughly clean;
  • conduct routine inspection of all fixtures, moving parts. Pay special attention to the degree of wear of the belts. If they require replacement, better to do it immediately, not postponing until the moment you will need to have a working snow thrower;

Storage of the snow thrower, it is desirable to use a special cover

  • for the best safety of metal parts and prevent rust, it is recommended to perform the lubrication of special preservative oil. Even if you store your snowthrower indoors, humidity can also have some influence, if we are talking about a long period of time;
  • and of course don’t forget about draining the gas, if we are talking about the model with the petrol tank.

Here are a few simple tips that will help you store your snowthrower properly:

  • In the room where the snowthrower needs to be ensured quality ventilation, or regularly airing.
  • Always use the provided case for storage to avoid dust and dirt to your device.
  • Keep your snow thrower away from sources of fire and heat. In General, try to provide the most stable temperature.
  • Long-term storage of the snow thrower under the open sky leads to a serious reduction of the period of its operation.

Proper storage of the snow thrower will extend its service life

No matter what you decide to buy snow thrower: manual, electric or just use a homemade hand model, this issue requires attention. After all, if you responsibly approach to the choice and the establishment of storage conditions, the newly fallen snow will bring you joy.


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