Sobyanin said that the start time of the resettlement of residents of the five-story building

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin (center) on one of the city buildings

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS

In the first wave of resettlement will get about 1 million residents. About 70-80% of displaced persons will receive housing in their neighborhoods, promised the mayor

The first apartments for the relocation of the buildings, the Muscovites will start to fall 2017. The mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin said live on TV channel “TV Center” reports

“I hope that in the autumn, in September-October, we will begin the first of the apartments to provide new homes,” said the mayor.

To implement the program is planned wave method, when a new house relocated residents from several nearby buildings, and instead the house is being built for other participants, the publication reads

According to Sergei Sobyanin, the list of demolished five-storey buildings of the first wave will form in June. “In my opinion, in the first wave of this program will enter the house, where nearly 1 million people. This is a huge amount, the software, unequaled in the world today is not” — said the mayor.

However, according to the mayor, you first need to obtain a law that would allow Moscow to deal with the renovation. In addition, the authorities need to decide on a list of houses under demolition and to consider opinion of inhabitants.

To the apartment Muscovites will be in your or nearby areas. “I think that 70-80 percent of the residents do not remain just in the area, and even in the quarter in which they live,” said the mayor.

Sergei Sobyanin in an interview to “TV Center” also spoke about new homes for settlers. According to the mayor, the houses will be modern. “This housing will stand not 10 or 20 years — at least a century, and with good care much longer,” — said Sobyanin. The apartment will provide you with a full finish comfort class. “This is somewhat unusual for social housing, but we believe that it is important to make good, high quality finish,” said the mayor.

The total area of new apartments will exceed the size of the old property due to the spacious kitchens, bathrooms, corridors and balconies, says the publication Families who are in the queue for housing improvement, will get apartments according to social norms. For the rest of the housing area will not be increased. However, everyone will be able to purchase from the city the additional square footage.
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