Swing for the garden with his own hands: photo and step by step instructions

Comfortable conditions for recreation at a summer cottage can be achieved in different ways. Along with gazebos and benches, not take a swing for the garden with his own hands: photo of interesting products can easily be found online, and using the step-by-step instructions, you can easily cope with the manufacture of the swing. To use such a swing may even adults. The main thing – accurately calculate weight and build robust design.

Swing, located on the plot, will be a source of fun for children and adults

The contents

  • 1 a Swing for the garden with his own hands: photo & classification of products
    • 1.1 Classification of swings for the garden with their hands
    • 1.2 Varieties and photos of the swing at the dacha with his hands
  • 2 How to make a swing on the country of metal
    • 2.1 create a swing at the cottage with his own hands: drawings and technology
  • 3 How to make a swing at the cottage with his own hands from wood
    • 3.1 Preparatory phase: tools and materials
    • 3.2 Technology the establishment of children’s swing: how to make your own hands design
    • 3.3 work with the back and seat of the swing
    • 3.4 Manufacturer reference parts for children’s swing with his own hands
  • 4 Photos of children’s swings for the garden with their hands and especially their manufacture
    • 4.1 Swing from scrap materials: pallets
    • 4.2 Other types of children’s swing with his own hands
  • 5 Beautiful designs and methods of fastening
    • 5.1 Materials to create beautiful swing for the children at the dacha with his hands
    • 5.2 the Initial stage of manufacturing the product
    • 5.3 Installation of mounting hardware on a seesaw for the garden with their hands
  • 6 How to make a baby swing with your hands safe and comfortable

Swing for the garden with his own hands: photo & classification of products

Traditional materials for the manufacture of outdoor swing for villas with their hands are metal and wood. In order to improve the reliability and external characteristics it is possible to combine these materials and partly to decorate metal design decorative ironwork.

Bright swing-cocoon hanging from a tree branch

A useful tip! For the manufacture of the seat can be used any available materials that may remain on the site after the construction of a house or renovations.

For construction you use:

  • bars;
  • plastic;
  • durable rope;
  • metal pipe;
  • old chairs or chairs that you first remove the legs.

Comfortable swing suitable for sleeping in the fresh air or reading

Car owners can resort to old tires. They are perfectly will be combined with flower beds made of similar material.

Classification of swing for the garden with their hands

There are a large number of original and easy swing that can brighten any landscape suburban area.

Conditionally they can be divided into three broad categories:

  • mobile products have a lightweight portable design, so that the swing can be moved around the site in any convenient location, for example, in the house, on the veranda, in the gazebo or under the canopy in the rain;

Mobile version of swing with a base of metal

  • family – products with massive and weighty construction. In structure they resemble the benches without legs and with a big high back. Due to the large dimensions of the seat can fit the whole family. To the exploitation of such a swing was safe, they fasten securely on the frame U-shaped. As the clamps use strong ropes or thick chain. If you organize a swing over a roof or awning canopy, they can be used even in the rain;

Cozy swing, located on the outdoor terrace

  • kids – a special category of products usually having the shape of boats or outboard seats. The designs are special requirements in relation to the frame, which must meet all safety standards. Very young children can use swings only in the presence of adults and with the use of special belts. With their help, the baby is fixed to the seat and therefore can’t fall out.

Baby swing with metal frame, painted in bright colors

Varieties and photos of the swing at the dacha with his hands

The swing can be classified on other grounds. There are the following types of products according to design type:

  • hammocks – hung on the bar of metal. As a substitute of the crossbar can serve as a tree with thick and straight lower branch. While use of such structures in humans it seems like it hovers above the ground. Such swings are in great demand among those who are fond of reading books;

The swing hammock is great for relaxation and admiring nature

Please note! Hammocks products, subject to manufacturing technology, is able to withstand weight loads up to 200 kg.

  • single – products with various kinds of designs that do not require the installation of additional rails. These swings are characterized by a fast system of installation, they can be installed in any place. For making used a variety of materials;

Beautiful hanging swing in the garden of a private house

  • hanging structures are a seat, suspended on some ropes or chains. The ropes are attached to the sides. By the use of different materials that make the product durable, comfortable and easy, a swing hanger type can have different shapes and sizes;

Cozy hanging swing made of fabric, created with your own hands

  • sunbeds – products can accommodate a family consisting of two adults and one child. The swings have a special design that involves fixing in a single anchoring point that allows you to install them in the room. Material for the manufacture of a special alloy of metals. Despite its apparent airiness, these products are very durable.

Large family swing with metal frame

How to make a swing on the country of metal

Before you proceed, you should prepare the necessary materials and tools.

In advance to make sure:

  • file or sandpaper (for metal surface);
  • welding machine;
  • electrodes;
  • capacity to mix the solution;

Swings made of metal are distinguished by elegance and the apparent ease of construction

  • ingredients for preparing solution (gravel, water, cement, sand);
  • fasteners (nuts, bolts);
  • metal pipes;
  • wrenches and shovels;
  • the grinder and discs for the metal.

Modern design metal swing for garden

Creating swing in the dacha with his hands: drawings and technology

The first thing to do is to prepare the pipe. Cutting the material is as follows:

  • side front – 2 pieces, length – 2 m;
  • element base – 2 units with each side length at the discretion;
  • crossbeam – 1 piece length – 1.5-2 m

Mounting dimensions swing made of metal and wood

A useful tip! After cutting metal pipes they can develop burrs. To remove them, use a file or sandpaper.

Elements for the base should be fixed by welding at an angle of 45°. Further to the posts welded to the crossbar at an angle of 90°.

For the installation design should be to dig two trenches. The width of these grooves must match the resulting Assembly to the tripod, and the depth is at least 0.8 m Between trenches must fit the width of the crossbar.

Hanging swing unusual shape with a metal frame

The depressions will be established supporting part of the swing. Previously on the bottom should create a pillow of sand. The thickness of the layer 0.1-0.2 m. After that, the embankment is thoroughly compacted. On top of the installed base of the structure, deepening pour concrete solution.

To prepare the mixture, mix the sand, cement and gravel in the following proportions: 2:1:1 (respectively). To the mixture add the liquid and mix the solution. As a result, you should get a homogeneous mass. Ensure that it is not too liquid.

Diagram of the device of garden swing: 1 — screws for fastening the slats back and seat; 2 — lath; 3 — corners of the seat frame and rocking; 4 — rod Foundation farm swing; 5 rivets; 6 — connecting strip stiffness of the seat and seat suspension; 7 — lateral bar of the swing farm; 8 — connection of the ends of the support frame of the awning; 9 — cord suspension seat rockers; 10 — carbine; 11 — ring; 12 — solitaire-brace; 13 — upper rod farm swing; 14 — bolts with washers and nuts; 15 — bolt-clamp liner; 16 — liner with a hole and the internal thread of the connecting bolt; 17 — a wide spacer washer; 18 — support frame for an awning; 19 — washer; 20 — a bolt, connecting the upper shaft with lateral; 21 — bolt — 2 PCs (steel bolts)

The hardening of concrete takes about a week. Up to this point, it is not recommended to mount to the rod in the seat that can be held by cables or metal beams. Making sure that the solution is hardened, attach by welding the hooks and install the seat on the ropes. If you are using metal beams, weld the seat to him. When the design is completely installed and ready, it can be covered with paint to give the swing a beautiful appearance and protect the metal from corrosion.

Metal swing for garden with cover and soft pillows

How to make a swing at the cottage with his own hands from wood

This technology is the creation of his own hands children’s street swing for garden made of wood, which is able to simultaneously accommodate several kids. The dimensional parameters of the swing can be changed at your discretion.

A useful tip! Use the material wood of the following breeds: birch, pine, spruce.

Children’s outdoor swing, made of wood

Preparatory phase: tools and materials

The list of materials needed to create designs from wood, and includes:

  • Board – 15 pieces, length – 2.5 m, section – 2,5×10 cm.
  • Board – 1 PCs., length 2 m, cross section – 5×15 cm;
  • carabiner – 6 PCs.;
  • screws – 250 PCs., size – 3,5х52 mm;
  • the chain is welded, the length of which is selected based on the height of the swing, the thickness of the links is 0.5 cm;
  • the screws galvanized – 2 PCs. size 1,2×10 cm + 2 PCs of size 1,2×8 cm

Children’s swing with his own hands: 1 — side outer frame part of the seat – 2 PCs (90х35х375); 2 — lateral internal part of the seat frame – 2 PCs (70х35х375); 3 — cross member of the seat frame – 2 PCs (90х35х375); 4 — vertical detail of the armrest – 2 PCs. (45х35х275); 5 — vertical detail backless – 2. (90х35х650); 6 — the horizontal part of the armrest – 4 pieces (45х35х530); 7 — the upper part of the armrest – 2 PCs. (145х20х585); 8 — upper chain holder – 2 PCs (45х35х300); 9 — lower chain holder – 2 PCs (70х35х150); 10 — front and rear part of the seat frame – 2 PCs (90х35х1300); 11 — cross back 1 piece (90х35х1400); 12 Board seat 1 piece (90х20х1170); 13 Board seats – 3 PCs (90х20х1230); 14 — Board backs – 12 pieces (90х20х850)

The market offers a range of screws of different colors. Shade fastening elements can be effectively to defeat the design of the swing, so you should pay attention to the color of the screws. Picking up fasteners in the tone of the wood, you will be able to hide the joints between the parts of the structure. Screws contrasting colors will allow to achieve an interesting effect.

Hanging wooden swing, painted white

Don’t forget to prepare the instrument:

  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • a square to measure the size of angles;
  • circular saw type for cutting wood;
  • drill and bit set for it;
  • the plane and the saw;
  • hammer.

Diagram of the device of wooden swing with dimensions

Technology of creation of children’s swing: how to make your own hands design

If you undertake the production of swing himself, to facilitate his work in one simple way – make a plan and try to stick with it. It is recommended to prepare in advance a project, make drawings and outline all dimensions, locations of fasteners, to analyze the future of the product for reliability.

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If you do not have experience in preparation of drawings, use ready-made projects. Photos of children’s swing with his own hands, which you can find on the Internet will help you to choose the appropriate design. Don’t forget, there is a big difference between a swing designed for adults, and children’s products.

Suspended swings from used tires

To prepared the details (length 1.5 m each) to perform a cut strictly at right angles. The Board, having a thickness of 2 cm, is intended for installation of seat. For the manufacture of the backrest is better to let the boards with the thickness of 1.2-1.3 cm For the seat will need 32 strips, 15 of which must have a length of 0.45 m, the remaining 17 – 0.5 m.

A useful tip! To prevent cracking of the wood during installation of the screws, drill structural members that are subject to binding, small holes.

Mounting dimensions swing with metal frame

Work with the back and seat of the swing

If you wish to make more comfortable and convenient design of the seatback, it should give the figure shape. To achieve the desired results, use Board with a large thickness (cross-section – 5×15 cm). You need to make 6 parts. With a marker or pencil, apply the appropriate markings on the workpiece.

After that, you need to determine the angle at which to gain a foothold back. Fixation of the straps is carried out with the same pitch. Ensure that the straps were installed smoothly. To do this, first perform the fixing at the sides, and then in the middle.

Baby swing suspended from the frame by chains

To increase comfort of operation of the swing will allow the installation of armrests. It is recommended to use timber. Width in this case has no special value and is selected based on your needs. The armrests on the one hand bolted to the frame of the backrest, on the other – are attached to the seat.

The next step may be to fix the chain welded to the frame. The best place is the lower area of the armrest where it connects to the seat. Take a special connector, which on the one hand there is a ring, and on the other – marked thread. It attaches to the crossbar and frame of the seat. Subsequently, using these rings will be the chain.

Drawing chair with back and side walls to swing (cm): 1 — horizontal element of the sidewall 4 pieces (5х5х70); 2 — connecting rod — 3 PCs. (d = 2.5 cm, length 80 cm); 3 — elbow reinforcement — 4 units (2,5х10х10); 4, 11 — vertical elements side — 4 pieces (5х5х37,5); 5 element of the backrest frame — 2 PCs (5х5х37,5); 6 — element lattice back and seat — 13 PCs (d = 2.5 cm, length 58 cm); 7 — element seat frame — 2 PCs (5х5х67,5); 8 — guiding cord-charms — 2 PCs. (d = 2.5 cm, length 10 cm); 9 — pin — 4 PCs. (d = 1 cm, length 7 cm); 10 — seat retainer (d = 2.5 cm, length 68 cm)

To secure the swing is better to use the A-pillar-shaped. As the reference elements you need to take a solid log. Someone who knows how to treat welding machine, can take up the manufacture of the metal frame.

Bright baby swing with original design

Manufacturer reference parts for children’s swing with his own hands

Many artists engaged in manufacturing of swing for suburban areas prefer uprights And shaped, as they provide a high level of reliability, robust and withstand high loads. At this stage you need the same set of tools as when working with the seat. Of course, if we are talking about the rack is made of wood. Otherwise, you will need a welder.

The supporting pillar-shaped reliable, durable and can withstand heavy loads

The first thing you have to do is to make a stand. They should be the same and have the same size. Then you will be able to install them on the distance that you will need. This figure depends on the width of seats. For connection of supports, use the crossbar.

Important! Perform accurate calculations of the angle at which are connected to vertically arranged elements racks. The upper part of the column needs reliable bond. Otherwise, they can lead.

Reliable fastening of the upper part of the pillars will provide a high level of durability of the whole structure

For mounting rails set 1/3 support frames. It is at this level to install. As the locking elements can be applied to the screws and parts made of metal. Ensure that the bar was placed at the same height. Swings usually have one bar, but if you wish to increase the strength of the structure, it is possible to install two.

For mounting the base dig depressions in the ground. Maximum depth is 0.8 m. the Building is set on a bed of crushed stone with thickness of about 0.2 m. After the rack was placed inside, them pour a concrete solution.

Baby swing hanger type with a wooden frame

Given the fact that wood is extremely prone to rot, you should work on the lower part of the uprights antiseptic and execute the insulation prior to concrete Foundation. For these purposes, is to be waterproofing material. Suitable roofing material.

So in the future, design will be exploited children, you need to protect it. Sharp corner part is rounded off bumps and burrs are removed by grinding.

The process of building a child’s swing set out of wood

Photo baby swing to give your hands and features of their production

Even if you don’t make friends with the plane and welding machine, it does not mean that swing at their summer cottage and will remain for you a luxury. There are many simple designs, with which you will be able to cope. And most of them do not require purchasing any expensive materials. You can always arm themselves with improvised means.

Simple baby swing for the garden, suspended by ropes to a tree branch

Swing from scrap materials: pallets

Pallets are a very popular type of material from which made furniture for home and garden. Thanks to their versatility they can be used to organize the swing in the suburban area. For this it is necessary to have one pallet, a rope and a tree, where will be suspended from the structure.

A useful tip! As a replacement for the tree to establish a strong supporting pillars.

Pallets are excellent material to create an original garden furniture

Even the product created on the basis of a single pan can have multiple versions. One-piece element can be locked in limbo at the four corners with ropes. That’s enough to swing performs its function. To create a cozy, on top of the pallet enough to put a small mattress and cover it with a blanket or sheet. Some pillows on top will be a solution to the problem of the lack of back support.

Cozy baby swing from a pallet with a soft mattress and pillows

Designs of this type can be operated not only for reading books outdoors, but also for elementary rest from the midday heat in the shade. You can use them even to sleep.

To create with your hands a children’s swing with a full back will need two trays. As in the case of wooden structures made of boards and beams, it is also necessary to treat the surface of the skin to get rid of burrs. The product should be well cleaned and painted using a stain designed for wood and street conditions. It is sufficient to use varnish which will not spoil the beauty of the tree.

Hanging swing for the garden, constructed from pallets

Other types of swings with their hands

The simplest option is considered the swing seat in the form of boards, suspended by ropes. In order to prevent the rapid chafing of the ropes on the sides of the boards can be nailed two more details. Thereafter, 4 holes, through which are passed the ropes. For fixation at the ends of the tie strong and tight knots. The design can be attached to a tree, and on the supporting base is U-shaped.

Beautiful hanging swing will adorn the infield

A swing, suspended on ropes, can be made in another way. Instead of holes in the Board are formed, the grooves: a pair in the middle of the pair and the edges in the corner area. The seat (the Board) can take the form of a semicircle or leave it straight. Due to the tension of the rope will pop out of the grooves, despite the fact that they are open.

Safe baby swing from textiles and wood to create with their hands

A useful tip! If you have the skateboard or a Board for riding on snow, it can be used instead of the seat, giving the swing an original appearance.

To create swing on the dacha you can use a large number of different materials down to the tires. Enough to hang a tire on a tree branch with a rope. If you care about nature, it is not necessary to use a chain – it’s too much injure the bark.

Hanging swing chair from wicker, decorated with bright ribbons

Some craftsmen give the tire swing, intricately carved forms. To obtain the original design enough to get a sharp cutting tool, and blueprints. Cutting tires can be done with a construction knife. Pre-apply on its surface a marking for the cuts, using a chalk or black marker. The finished product can be painted in a bright color or cover pictures.

Swing from two logs of small size, connected by a rope, is very popular among gardeners. Importantly, the wood has been cleaned, aligned and firmly connected.

The plan of creating a swing in the form of horses from old tires

Beautiful designs and methods of fastening

There are several options for mounting systems that can be used for a swing. These options are most common:

  • carbines – in this case timber obkladyvaetsja element having a round cross-section (used for round bars) or rectangular (square shape carabiner clip for beams);
  • anchors – in fact, they are the same rifles with a through type mounts.

Reliability and structural safety are the main properties of good swings

Swing with four attachment points (2 on seat and 2 on the back) can be suspended in two ways. In the first case you are making chain or rope in total the ring is the connecting carabiner. Then one of the ropes or chains fastened to the rail main carabiner. As a result, you get two fixation points on the bar.

Another option involves the installation of a fastening system, which is based on the use 4 carabiners, locking each of the ropes or chains leading from the design.

Versions of the device for swing seat and method of attachment of anchors to the bar

Swing in the form of benches can be mounted on hooks which are mounted in the side walls of the supporting pillars.

Materials to create beautiful swing for the children at the dacha with his hands

If you do not wish to be limited to the materials at hand, and want to create original and beautiful design, can be used interesting woods and metals.

A useful tip! Improve the product, adding to its design comfortable backrest or the crossbar on the front. Due to this limiter, you can increase the level of operational safety of the swing.

For outdoor hanging swing it is better to choose the Board of deciduous trees

To create beautiful swing you need:

  • carbines of durable metal;
  • boards from deciduous trees;
  • chain for hanging;
  • screws with various size parameters;
  • screws with rings, which are used for hanging children’s home of swing installed in the room.

Comfortable baby swing hammocks of the type of thick colored fabric

A set of tools for the job is:

  • drill and set of drill bits;
  • a saw and a hacksaw;
  • a jigsaw and a plane;
  • hammer;
  • devices for measuring and marking (a square, a tape measure, chalk, pencil/marker).

Regular old tires can be turned into original swings for children

For the installation of swings you need to find a shady place, for example, a location under a tree or under the roof of canopy, terraces. It is even possible to equip the structure with a roof or canopy, otherwise will have to cover product with tarpaulin or plastic in bad weather.

The initial stage of manufacturing the product

Any sustainable design of the swing begins with the dropping of the supporting pillars to a depth of 0.8 m. the Remaining space in the recess is filled with concrete mortar. Then the crossbar connects to the uprights.

The device of the wooden swing: 1 — top of bundle (length 115 cm, width and thickness of the Board 10×5 cm); 2 — Board-cap covering the bolt head and protects the screed from the elements (length 145cm, width and thickness 22,5×5 cm); 3 — two stands (height: 275 cm, width and thickness 22,5×5 cm), the distance between the posts is 105 cm, the ends of the uprights were concreted in the ground to a depth of 60 cm; 4 — galvanized chain, attach top and bottom to eye-bolts on the tightening couplings; 5 — seat (length 60 cm, width and thickness 15h5 cm)

Further actions depend on the type of material used for making the product. If the swing is generated on the basis of metal pipes, connection of all elements is carried out only using the welding machine. For the pillars of wood will require pre-treatment with antiseptic and nuts and bolts as fasteners.

The seat is created from two frames. One of them will be back, second seat. Install and fasten them on pieces of plywood or wood. After that we will need to fix the frame at an angle strictly 120°.

The process of building the play set with swings and a slide made of wood

To attach the seat to a rope or chain, installation of special brackets or hooks. This will allow you to hang the design to the crossbar.

Please note! A swing suspended so that the legs of the person sitting in them could touch the ground.

The design can be improved by decorating it or setting as the seat of some unusual object.

Children’s swing hanging from a tree on a rope

Installation the mounting mechanism on a seesaw for the garden with their hands

Hanging seat swing to the crossbar is carried out by brackets or the special hooks. If the design is held down with ropes, you will need to buy more clamps that will perform the function of locking devices. Allowed to use other materials such as chain or rope.

It is recommended to take a chain with links large size. This will increase the life of the product due to the fact that the metal from which they are made, not afraid of the negative impact of weather conditions and temperature extremes. Moreover, the circuit is often used for decorating the landscape. It will complement the design of the yard in the suburban area.

Installation fasteners for hanging swings

The mounting area of the suspension requires a thorough strengthening. For decorative purposes on wooden seat you can put a pillow, mattress or pull on top of the awning. These elements not only can decorate the product, but also increase the comfort of use will make it pleasant for guests.

Since the construction is done for the children, it is better to equip the seat a comfortable back swing. As for suspension, it is in this case less important.

Diagram of the device of the suspended swing of the tires on the metal frame: 1 — stand; 2 — cap; 3 — welded calibrated chain; 4 — bolt M12 eye; 5 — segment channel number 14, whose length is 200 mm; 6 — steel plate 140×200 mm; 7 — bolt M12

How to make a baby swing with your hands safe and comfortable

Area where you relax and have fun children, should be safe. Following these simple rules, this can be easily achieved:

  • use the safest and most trusted sites;
  • rope of nylon less harmful to the tree than the other;
  • the best option of wood – oak;

Baby swing made of wood, created with his own hands, in the form of mouse and beetle

  • understand how to make a swing in the country, before you place them on the tree, carefully inspect the branch to which they will be suspended. Verify the absence of cracks, excessive dryness, signs of the disease;
  • if hanging the swing chain is used, it is recommended to place it inside plastic tubes. Otherwise, the child’s fingers can get to the links;
  • you should check out the branch with swing for reliability, as in the use of construction wood gradually frays and breaks. This should be done every week;

Before using the swing kids be sure to check the design for strength

  • before allowing children to use the appliance, check it for strength. This will suit the largest family. If the swing his weight, then can be put into operation;
  • use only reliable versions of the carbines.

We should not forget about the aesthetic side of the issue. Make the side of the swing figured, it was interesting to children. The sidewall can be performed in the form of dinosaurs, or cars, ships.


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