System of storage for a dressing room: range of brands Ikea, Elfa, Aristo

The question of storage of clothes and items is absolutely necessary in everyday life, is particularly acute in urban apartments. Compact and easy distribution of things largely depends on the functionality of filling the dressing rooms. System of storage, walk-in closet have a lot of constructive solutions, each of which has its advantages. Correctly selected design form the basis of the internal organization of the space of this room.

Functional dressing room will allow you to compactly place the clothes and things

The contents

1 system of storage, walk-in closet: main types of structures
2 Options of filling for cabinets and closets
3 the Designer of systems of storage, walk-in closet
4 Where can you buy the system for storage: wardrobes systems from the best manufacturers
  4.1 Model wardrobe systems, IKEA
  4.2 modification of wardrobe systems Aristo
  4.3 Practicality of the wardrobe systems Elf
  4.4 Range of wardrobe systems Leroy Merlin
5 Where can you buy inexpensive wardrobe systems


System of storage, walk-in closet: main types of structures

Dressing room can be arranged in a separate room, in an alcove or closet, and is separated from the main room light barrier. But whatever the layout of the dressing room, the space should be equipped with elements and accessories for storage. It depends on the internal filling of the functionality of a modern dressing room.

Spacious dressing room in a separate room

There are a variety of storage system for the dressing rooms. Basic designs can be divided into several types:

  • Cabinet filling system;
  • panel system;
  • the frame structure;
  • net (cellular) system.

The shell filling of the dressing room is a dressing room design a modular system consisting of sections with the sides, top and bottom walls. Sections have closely along one or more walls of the room and lock the couplers in a single complex. This stuffing made for the wardrobe under the order on the individual sizes. Used for the production of laminated chipboard. The benefits include affordable prices wardrobe systems, a large selection of colors and presentable appearance.

Designs, which consist of decorative panels fixed thereto different storage elements, referred to as panel systems. The panel is rigidly fixed to the wall. Such complexes have no side-splitters, none of them, neither the floor nor the ceiling. In addition to the functions of storage, panel systems may hide possible defects in the walls, all their elements can be moved or swapped depending on needs. However, they are quite expensive and can be only compatible with genuine parts for wardrobe systems that you can buy in combination with panels.

A small dressing room in the attic

Frame filling is a structure of metal struts, mounted vraspor between the two walls, a ceiling and a floor or a wall and a floor. To guides to the desired height, set dressing components for the system: rods and holders, the number of which depends on the number of storage containers. Are easy installation, the possibility of moving components, good ventilation belongings in storage.

Steel mesh modules on the rails pretty much a universal type of storage. They represent the rail, screwed horizontally to the wall. It mounted guide rods, which fix the brackets for the placement of baskets, shelves and hangers. The shape and length of rails for net dressing metal system depends on the elements used. This complex is quite stable: a single rail capable of withstanding a load of 300 kg.


Options for filling cabinets and closets

The presence of wardrobes and dressing rooms contributes to the maintenance of the house in immaculate order, protects from daily searches of a thing, and also gives you the opportunity to save the space of the room from the heavy and bulky furniture. The practicality and functionality of cabinets and closets depends on how well thought out their internal content.

Multifunctional filling a U-shaped walk-in closet

The number of shelves, baskets and boxes, hang and pantographs should be carefully planned. In addition special attention is given to the narrow focus of each Department for storage. To purchase a storage system for a dressing room can be of any type. The most popular set of hull sections that build along one or more walls. Manufacturer of dressing rooms to order in your size do all manufacturers of wardrobes.

According to the size of the internal filling can be implemented for sliding-door wardrobes having 2 to 5 leaf sections. All shelves and racks are developed keeping in mind the proportions, the optimal spacing between racks and shelves in which to store and things will be as comfortable as possible. Calculated height rod for hangers, in which it will be convenient to take things. In the case of high location of the rails provides a special lift for clothes – pantograph.

To achieve maximum optimization of the space dressing room can be, acquainted with various collections to fill the wardrobes or separate rooms allocated for the storage system. An incredible assortment of various components will allow to choose components that will transform your wardrobe in a perfect place for storage. Manufacturers offer products tailored to different styles of interiors and existing furniture.

Dressing room with two-sided location of cabinets

Internal filling separate dressing rooms must take into account the characteristics of the premises and the wishes and lifestyle of home owners. For this calculation of the number of racks, retractable and stationary clothes hangers, baskets, drawers, shelves. It is possible to equip premises with Ironing boards, transformers, retractable mirrors, outdoor dressing rooms with hangers and other elements.

A useful tip! If the arrangement of dressing rooms to maximize the use of space will help of combination of different parts of the content.


The designer of systems of storage, walk-in closet

A distinctive feature of modern metal wardrobe systems is an innovative design and the ability to adapt to any architectural layout. Photo wardrobe systems of this design illustrate, that they like can be assembled in a single complex, taking into account personal preferences. A wide range of elements of the dressing system which can be bought on the manufacturers ‘ websites.

Very convenient are the sliding drawers for shoes

The main advantage of storage in the type of designer that they can easily be transformed for specific needs. It is not always possible to foresee the location of the storage of certain items or household equipment. Buying equipment for dressing rooms the body type, you will not be able to change the position of shelves and racks. And in the case of systems designers can quickly and easily change the position of any module.

Considering personal needs, in such systems it is possible to change the height of the racks, shelves, baskets, and move them between other sections of the complex. Additionally, the number of elements of such systems at any time to increase and also buy shelves for closets. Thus, you will always be able to satisfy the growing needs for storage.

One of the advantages of mesh wardrobe systems collected by the type designer is the ability to fully review the laid out objects and things. Many of us do not remember what is stored on the high attic of the usual wardrobe. In the case of a mesh design all racks and shelves are made of metal grating, so you can always see that on which the shelf is stored. Good insolation will only strengthen this effect.

A dressing room in a simple and elegant design

A useful tip! When building a wardrobe is to plan its coverage: best are ceiling lamps, to shelves design.


Where can you buy the system for storage: wardrobes systems from the best manufacturers

Manufacturing of wardrobe systems and also the production of components for the internal filling, do many companies around the world. The leading position is occupied by the models wardrobe systems Larvij (England), Elfa (Sweden), Aristo (China), Element System (Germany), Ikea (Sweden). Of the Russian manufacturers of the popular walk-in closets complexes of the company “Ronikon”, “the Closet wizard”, “New furniture technologies” and others.


Models wardrobe systems, IKEA

System storage for closets IKEA are undeniable popularity due to its excellent performance, functionality, ability to link in various combinations to adapt for the size of the room and your personal needs. In addition, such complexes can additionally be equipped with various accessories (shelves, baskets, etc.), making them the most comfortable.

The storage system of Paks manufacturer Ikea

The Swedish company presented several series of IKEA closets. A manufacturer gives a visual representation of models that can support any style from classical to minimalist. Captivating the installation of storage systems at any free space at home. Design can be placed in the attic, on the balcony or the balcony, in a free corner of the room and other unused places.

Wardrobes pax models designed in such a way that things are stored in them, entirely foreseeable and easily accessible. Besides, customers can create a dressing room, thanks to a special program of modular design and availability of the necessary internal components of the dressing. The choice of elements and accessories is very diverse.

A useful tip! Ordering the model storage systems pax, it is worth considering that the manufacturer offers only two options for height and depth.

Filling for closets IKEA Stolmen

Regarding the doors for the dressing rooms, IKEA as part of a series pax offers two options: sliding and hinged models. Color scheme door design has more than thirty varieties of that allows you to choose colors, including under the existing interior. Buy door coupe for a dressing room by making a reservation on the website of the manufacturer.

A series of complex storage Stolmen with height-adjustable uprights allows to use the construction, given any height dressing room. IKEA produces such storage systems with racks in length from 2.1 to 3.3 m. Another advantage of these systems is the incredible mobility: design easy to install and, if necessary, quickly dismantled for transfer to another location.


Modification of wardrobe systems Aristo

Wardrobe systems Aristo is made of high quality steel for structures of high load-bearing capacity. Such systems can be used to store not only clothes, but also sports and household equipment, tools and some equipment. Amazing ergonomics and stylish appearance allows you to place the system in a separate room, and as filling walk-in closet. Photo shows a possible use of the complex Aristo in the interior.

Sliding baskets walk-in wardrobe systems Aristo

A distinctive feature of this storage system is the ability to maximize the use of every inch of space. Thanks to the rational distribution of the elements of filling (baskets, drawers, etc.) can provide a significantly larger storage volume. The system is simple to install, it can be modeled according to their own desires, changing the location of the shelves. To upgrade the complex if, in addition to buy a wardrobe racks, shelves and other components.

The manufacturer produces several modifications of wardrobe systems: economy, budget, exclusive. Economy options include a set of standard components does not have retractable mechanisms. Used mainly on the cottages, garages and storerooms. In the budget model has a simple standard elements in combination with a small number of shelves with a pull-out mechanisms. They are used for decorating dressing rooms.

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Through a variety of drawers and various elements of the storage (end hung, sliding obuvnits, hangers and bruchner), an exclusive complex of Aristo combines style and functionality. Dressing room system in this class is presented in two colors. Completeness of the complex attaches to the decoration elements of valuable breeds of wood, available in several colors.


The practicality of wardrobe systems Elf

Systems for the system storage from the Swedish company ELFA represent sets of standard guides and elements, easily connects with each other. System components can be interchanged to complement depending on your needs. Huge range of accessories (including racks, containers, baskets) allows you to collect design for bedroom, kitchen, hallway or dressing room.

Constructor for producer Elfa walk-in closet

The manufacturer offers four options for mounting the elements of the system:

  • hinged wall – fixing of slides is made to the horizontal rail;
  • wall rails rails are attached to the wall;
  • rack – to the upright or side walls of the fixed tiered shelves;
  • U-shaped support structure is not fixed to the walls and can install itself, relying on the support leg.

For details of the supporting structure, holders, brackets and shelves used solid steel. The decoration is made of natural wood in several colours.

Section a dressing room fit perfectly into any space. Particularly convenient such complexes for corner closets. Storage system ELFA easy transformirovalsya, taking any desired shape. This allows us to use hard-to-reach remote places under the storage area, without overloading the space. The components are not deformed during long use.

Mobile corner dressing room Elf

The practicality and functionality of storage systems is explained by the special attention the manufacturer to detail. All brackets, hooks and hangers design is thought over to trifles, making dressing Elf in the Assembly is a model of elegance and comfort. In addition competently planned space allows you to store not only clothes and shoes, but also bedding, home appliances, sports equipment and other household items.

Manufacturer of systems Elf is constantly improving, releasing new components for designs. New from Elf plastic containers with a pull-out frame, which are a great addition to wire containers and give new possibilities in organizing storage. Containers with lids that can be purchased separately.


Range of wardrobe systems Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin offers clients an impressive range of quality wardrobe systems, affordable to many buyers. Here it is possible to buy inexpensive wardrobe systems from known manufacturers. In addition consumers can take advantage of the opportunity of purchasing component parts for storage systems for self-Assembly of locker complex.

Simple dressing for men

So, thanks to the flexibility of producers, buyers can buy components to wardrobe systems Larvidzh, Aristo, Chapelton and to create designs that would fully meet their requirements and desires. This approach allows us to individually consider each element of the storage system, given the configuration of the room or niche, reserved for the dressing room.

As a universal complex for the storage of Leroy Merlin is dressing Kansas (made in China). A classic wardrobe, which includes three sections with a total width of 2.4 m. the kit includes shelves for clothes and shoes, drawers, cabinets, and other items. Various dimensions of the components allow you to organize a system of storage not only things, but also small items and accessories. Compact size and small depth of the storage system (30 cm) makes it indispensable for small closets.

A useful tip! Dressing Kansas, if necessary, you can easily adjust the dimensions of your room.

Collapsible dressing room system Kansas

Dressing room system Kansas quick and easy attachment, and its installation can handle even a woman. Placing several rods for clothes are provided so that you can keep as long things (cloaks, coats, fur coats) and short (shirts, blouses, skirts). Many users have noted the strength of the shelves for linen, despite the fact that they look pretty weightless and fragile. Its total weight amounts to 10 kg.

Owners of very small apartments can be purchased online Leroy Merlin dressing outdoor clothes rack that will not occupy much space in small hallway and allows compactly to place on her robe. For small bedrooms the best fit model dressing room clothes racks with wheels. The rod can be positioned a large number of hangers with casual clothes. The hanger itself can be freely moved around the room in an excellent location.


Where can you buy inexpensive wardrobe systems

Like most other purchases, buy wardrobe systems, visit the official sites of the manufacturers or Internet magzine for the implementation of such products. Purchasing through the Internet will give the opportunity to explore models of storage systems and to choose the variant most suitable for your room. Convenient system of search and cost information allows you to quickly find and book inexpensive dressing.

If your house is under the dressing has its own spacious bathroom, there is no need to buy occupying part of the space wardrobes. In this case, you can equip the room with custom-made inexpensive wardrobe systems. The price will depend on the size, material, and filling elements, included in the kit. The customer has the option to choose your own components of the system and the color of her performance.

A small dressing room in the niche

The advantage as expensive, and purchased inexpensive dressing rooms to order is that the client may invite the expert to the place to carry out measurements and drawing up a design project. In addition, the designer will consider all your wishes regarding the content and design of the dressing room and will acquaint you with samples of materials. The customer is given the opportunity to review the sketches and designs storage systems, made in several variants, of which he will choose the most suitable price and configuration.

Everything you need to order the wardrobe system contact the Manager of the company at the telephone number listed on the website, or fill out the order form. You will receive expert advice on all your questions and will be able to see the design projects and examples of works of the company. In addition, if you already have a finished project, the company’s specialists can provide recommendations for improving the construct to the effective complex, where will be well thought through, each component.

Custom wardrobe systems directly on the official websites of manufacturers will provide an opportunity to get the design without overpaying for the services of intermediaries. All companies have their own production, offer their products at the lowest possible prices using the latest technologies and diverse design of the hardware and components.

Homemade rack for walk in closet in eco-style

Walk-in closets storage systems are an essential attribute of the home of modern man. They replace numerous shelves, racks, cabinets, bulky cabinets, combining different types of modular systems for storage while using minimum space. Storing and finding the right things becomes simple and convenient. And wardrobe systems, made to order for individual sizes, will become examples of the unlimited versatility and comfort.


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