Tablets for pools for water disinfection: proper care of the pond

Any pool in the country or near a private house needs proper and regular maintenance. Water is a good breeding ground for bacteria. In outdoor pools in windy weather hits the dust, foliage and debris. Improper maintenance of the reservoir will lead to the fact that it is turbid, begins to blossom and turn into a swamp, exuding a more unpleasant smell. One of the ways of care — tablets for pools for water disinfection.

Tablets for the pool is one of the best methods of water purification

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  • 1 Ways to care for the pool
  • 2 Green pool water: what to do?
  • 3 Cocoa chemicals for the pool should I use?
  • 4 Tablets for pools for water disinfection: how to clean pool at the dacha with his hands?
  • 5 How to clean swimming pool water, of iron?

Ways to care for the pool

There are several options of care for water in the pool. They are divided into physical, chemical and electrical. The first embodiment includes various devices, such as nets, brushes or vacuum cleaners for the pool. Their hands using the net from the surface of the water literally caught all debris. And the dirt that settled on the bottom and sides of the bowl and is removed with cleaner.

Contamination that is inaccessible to the human eye, displays specially installed filter. To purification by the filter, it is necessary that the pumping equipment was working at least 6 hours. Filters for swimming pools are sand, cartridge and diatomaceous. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Regular cleansing of the pool will avoid a complete replacement of the water long enough

Electrophysical method of pool maintenance is the use of the latest devices, water ozone generators, UV lamps, ionizers silver and copper. Each of these devices addresses a certain group of contaminants, so for maximum effect you need to use these devices in the complex, which is quite costly.

A useful tip! If your pool is sizeable, use for water disinfection ultraviolet lamps uneconomical.

The most affordable and popular method of disinfection is the chemical method. Chemicals aimed at the destruction of different types of bacteria and dirt. For effective cleaning it is necessary to select a composition that contains chlorine, active oxygen or bromine. The most commonly used are tablets for disinfection. Action of tablets will be enough for the water in the pool was green.

A common indicator is considered to be pH 7,2-7,4 in that state water does not promote corrosion and multiplication of microorganisms

Green pool water: what to do?

There are a number of reasons why blooms the water in the pool. These include:

  • the presence in water of organic substances in outdoor pools gets the dust, leaves, dry grass and other small litter. All this creates a perfect environment for microorganisms;
  • comfortable temperature — warm water in the pool promotes intensive growth of algae and bacteria;
  • sunlight — water bloom occurs in the hot and Sunny weather. At this time there is a process of very rapid growth and proliferation of blue-green algae.

There are many factors that contribute to water pollution in the reservoir

The risk of algae exists not only in open water, but the pools closed. What measures should be taken to not bloomed, the water in the pools? First of all, it must be remembered that the guarantee of clean water in your pool is stable disinfection using special chemical compounds.

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Depending on the doses and the preparations used, there are emergency (shock) and prophylactic disinfection.

A swimming pool, where children bathe, you need to constantly be kept clean and regularly clean the water

Cocoa chemicals for the pool should I use?

Chemical preparations for the care of artificial ponds used to clean filters and bowls inflatable, frame, and built with his own hands basins from scrap materials. You can select the following types of funds for the maintenance of swimming pools:

  • disinfecting compositions are used for water treatment to prevent the development of viruses and bacteria harmful to the human body. Their use prevents the spread of fungi and blue-green algae. They contain active chlorine, bromine or oxygen. With the aim of permanent effect the tablets and liquid long-acting;

The composition of disinfectants are necessarily active bromine, chlorine or oxygen

  • algicides — chemical means to destroy existing algae and prevent their occurrence. The use of algaecides is particularly important for swimming pools under the open sky;
  • means for normalizing the pH balance — these substances normalize the level of hydrogen ions to the optimum value. Deviations in pH adversely affect the operation of the filter system and the functions of other chemicals.

The net for cleaning the pool is used to catch water from various debris

Relevant and the most effective method of shock processing liquid from bacteria are tablets for the pool. That has not bloomed, the water in the case of long-term treatment using long-acting products every day dosed allocate the required amount of active substance.

A useful tip! If the pool is indoors, it is recommended during processing to ventilate.

Quite effective is the pill “Elongator”, manufactured in Russia. The dosage is one pill is 20 g. the Drug is completely dissolved in water and immediately starts to act. If during a dip in the pool the smell of chlorine irritated skin and eyes, is a sign of lack of the current component. In this case, produce shock treatment and after 12 hours you can again swim in the pool.

Pills “Legator” for water purification in the pool

Combating algae growth is particularly relevant in outdoor pools when replacing or adding fresh water does not help. The sides and bottom of the pond covered with a greenish tinge becomes slippery, the water in the pool blooms. What to do? To cope with the problem will help the algaecide, which not only can destroy the algae, but also to prevent their formation.

Algaecide comes in plastic cans with a capacity of 1.5 l and 10 L. the drug is active, without forming foam. In addition to the function of the destruction of algae, the algaecide has antibacterial and antifungal activity. Prior to treatment with the drug is water in the pool should be familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended dosages.

Antibacterial and antifungal agent for water purification

Tablets for pools for water disinfection: how to clean pool at the dacha with his hands?

The seasonal pools in the country cannot be left without treatment, especially if the reservoir is open. Leaves with located in the immediate vicinity of the trees falls into the water, and filled with the liquid, settles to the bottom. If it is not promptly removed, it forms at the bottom of the dense and slippery grounds. In addition, when the bowl is served hard water, the walls of the formed limescale. All this makes the swimming pool an unpleasant and even dangerous for health.

Before cleaning the pool at the cottage, it is necessary to remove contamination from the walls and bottom of the bowl and the gutter overflows. The frequency of pools depends on the load of the bowl. If the capacity is small, which is operated by a family of 2-3 people processing do once in 2-3 weeks. Cleaning of reservoirs volume is up to 3 times a week, given the extent of the contamination.

Swimming pool vacuum helps to cope with the sediment and bloom, which is formed at the waterline of the pool

For mechanical cleaning use a brush or vacuum cleaner bottom with variously shaped tips. Besides, it is necessary to wash the purification filter. For this purpose, the reverse movement of water, in which water is fed from the bottom up and all the dirt goes to the sewer. After washing the filter, the sand in it is placed evenly with the movement of water downwards under low pressure.

A useful tip! The water in a small inflatable wading pools should be changed every day.

Even if the water seems to look clean, the walls and floor of the pool need to be cleaned from deposits of lime, dirt and grease

Then use the gin – means for prevention and destruction of algae, bacteria and fungus. To disinfect water using various tablets with chlorine or oxygen. The dosage of the drugs depends on an initial treatment or preventive. Below is a table describing the action of some drugs:

НаименованиеСоставПрименениеСвойствамеры predostorozhnosti-T tablets for disinfection of water long deystvitelnie chlorine 90%Shock and prophylactic disinfection of water in swimming pools with a capacity of more than 20 м3Таблетки slow dissolution of 200 g, are used to water any gestastional in packaging in a cool, dark place inaccessible to metamultimedia All-in-one for algae removal and disinfection bassanini chlorine 80% Long-term disinfection, are dosed with a capsule-float or sommercable multifunctional 20 g, are used to water any zhestkostyu to throw in the water — possible discoloration of the material chicamocha-SN, tablets for water disinfection in swimming pools and drinking bodyactive chlorine 70% For primary and long-term treatment, are dosed with a capsule-float or sommercable dissolve quickly, suitable for soft odigrana in packaging in a cool, dark place inaccessible to detachment 02, tablet for swimming pool disinfection bodyactive oxygen in tabletservice and the following types of water disinfection in swimming pools with a capacity of less than 20 м3Таблетки 20 g, are used primarily in the basins of the closed type, odorless chlorochromate in a dark place with lid tightly closed, keep away from Dyachenko-Kzt65, tablets for shock disinfection of water in massanfertigung chlorine 50% For the shock and long-term treatment, are dosed with a capsule-float or skimmerhorn stable tablets fully dissolve, have a neutral pH, suitable for hard Bodine to mix the drug with other chemicals!

How to clean swimming pool water, of iron?

Another problem, trapping the owners of suburban swimming pools, is the water turbidity from rust. When filling the bowl comes from water, the liquid is purified and is composed of a large volume of chemicals. This water is quite suitable for use in home pools. However, not all gardeners have the opportunity.

To check the quality of the pool water, it is recommended to use test kit strips

Swimming pools in country conditions is often filled with water from boreholes or wells: chemical composition of such a medium contains a large amount of iron, which Equilibris settles to the bottom in the form of rust and gives the water an unpleasant color. Before filling the pool, it is necessary to make an analysis of the composition of water. If it will contain a lot of calcium and iron, you should buy a special filter.

How to clean the pool water, which contains iron and calcium? There are several variants of such treatment. One of them is to give the water to settle and remove sediment from rust mechanically. The second option consists in the oxidation of iron. For this purpose, quick-dissolving chlorine, which is dissolved in the shock dose in a small container and poured into the pool.

A useful tip! For uniform distribution of chlorine throughout the reservoir, it is necessary to include a filter unit in the circulation mode.

Feeder-float for tablets, purifying water in the pool

If the iron content in water is very large, you should increase the dose disinfectant 2 times. After some time, the iron will settle to the bottom of a bowl as sediment and can be removed. This procedure optionally can be repeated.

To facilitate the care of private pool owners, we recommend purchasing a tester. It can be used to check the number of disinfectants in water, and the pH (hydrogen index). On the basis of the tester you can find out the amount of cleaning agents must be added to the water.

Water testing in the pool will help to determine the degree of contamination and to determine the method of its cleaning

In the operation and maintenance of artificial reservoirs is vital to maintain normal pH. For the efficient operation of disinfectants, it is necessary that the pH was in the normal range from 7.2 to 7.4. When using the pool, there is an increase in pH, so it must be correct. This can be done using acidic products that lower the pH level.

Manufacturers offer a huge range of chemicals for pools. Properly chosen means and methods of cleaning will guarantee clean fresh water in your pond. It is much easier to regularly maintain the pool water in pristine condition than to try to clean the Cup from the sediment, lime scale and algae.


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