Terraces and porches to the house, photos of projects and designs

There was a time when country house was perceived as a place of persistent struggle for the harvest. Today, every owner tries to create for sure a small Paradise island. One has only to see what are attached terraces and a veranda to the house photo projects can be viewed in our gallery. Delicate and monumental, shady and filled with light design surprises with its diversity.

Original terrace with awning and glass walls

The contents

  • 1 What distinguishes the terrace from the veranda
  • 2 Terraces and a veranda to the house photo project
  • 3 Design of the veranda
    • 3.1 materials for the construction
    • 3.2 Design and dimensions
  • 4 Design of terraces
    • 4.1 Combined terraces
    • 4.2 detached terrace
  • 5 Verandas and terraces (video)

What distinguishes the terrace from the veranda

Confusion in terminology has led to the fact that the difference between these two concepts in the representation of the people was almost obliterated. So, before we talk about designing of buildings, let it be clear in your questions.

The terrace is a great place to stay in the suburban area

The terrace is the outdoor summer terrace, deck, mounted on raised platforms. The construction of the can adjacent to one wall of the house, mostly near the porch, and can encircle the entire building. Terrace is usually made of wood, has a roof and side rail in the form of a handrail. Restaurants also are freestanding platforms overlooking the garden, forest, lake. Instead of a roof over a deck set umbrella, tent, awning or a mobile canopy of dense tissue.

A spacious veranda with wooden furnishings

Considering terraces and porches to the house, photos projects, you can see the difference of these two extensions. The veranda is a closed, unheated room. The walls and roof are made of different materials: polycarbonate, glass, wood, brick. Veranda is used for the device dining room, summer kitchen, winter garden.

The terrace is an outdoor space attached to the house

If the room is going to be used in the winter, I do hydro and thermal insulation of the walls, is carried out heating.

Attention! If the extension is not heated, the interior is made of moisture resistant materials that will not mold and will not go mouldy.

Cozy veranda with glass walls and ceiling

Verandas are usually built in areas with cold climate. Terraces are also common in the southern regions, as in Central most of the year they are covered with snow.

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The terrace and veranda to the house photo project

Summer playgrounds may be built-in and attached. Built-in premises provided at the design stage of a cottage, correspond to design of the building and are on the same Foundation with it. Attached design is tied to the existing house and put on a separate Foundation.

Attached porch, which is placed on a separate Foundation

The design of the veranda

Modern terraces and porches to the house, photos of the projects presented on the page look very presentable. Veranda is no longer a vestibule with hangers for work clothes, or a warehouse for household supplies. The view from the annexe should be pleasing to the eye. It is not recommended to place the porch near the neighbor’s fence, and overlooking the technical area (compost pile, tanks, wells). Better if permanent objects of surveillance will be flower beds, trees, children’s Playground.

3D project of a modern private house with a terrace

Materials for the construction

Porches are built of various materials. Wooden extension look original if decorated with carved panels and canopies.

A small summer terrace with original interior

The brick porch is set on a strong Foundation. In the design used brick of different colors, which emit pediments, plinth or corners.

The brick porch is a great place to stay

Monumental looks outbuilding made of natural stone. Lined semi arch-can be glazed or closed with stained-glass Windows.

Natural stone is often used for decorating verandas

Widespread translucent design. The frame porch is made of brick or thick timber to support the glasses were durable. The openings shall be double or triple glazing.

Tip! Instead of glass you can use polycarbonate sheets — they are lighter, stronger and cheaper.

The design and dimensions

The appearance of the premises must conform to the General look of the house. It is considered that the extension should be made of the same material as the main building. But this rule is not mandatory. You can see many examples when summer facilities made of fiberglass and wood, in harmony with the stone facade of the cottage. The size of the veranda depends on its purpose and on average 3 m wide and 6 m in length.

The original design of the summer terrace with the use of colors and decorations

Designing terraces

Many developers think that the plans of terraces and porches to the house (photo projects, see below) should be standard. Make a rectangular extension, of course, easier. But should we strive for such simplicity, when the structure decks semi-circular or curved shape is only slightly harder. Summer Playground two – or three-story house can have multiple levels connected by stairs. This is useful when going to a mixed-age society.

Porch with sliding Windows allows you to turn the outbuilding into a summer terrace

Tested! Veranda is one of the factors of keeping warm in the house because the door of the main building opens on the street and indoors.

Three-dimensional project of the open summer site, adjacent to the house

Combined terraces

Pad is often combined with pergolas and gazebos, connecting them to different transitions, paths, steps. Not uncommon connection summer deck with swimming pool.

Design summer terrace with an outdoor pool

An artificial pond can be inflatable, made from an old bathtub, and the present full pool — depending on the financial possibilities of the owner. On the terrace are often organised barbecue area, reliably isolating wooden platform from high temperatures.

Artificial pools are often used for arrangement of terraces

Freestanding terrace

If the home project does not allow to attach to it a terrace, it can be installed separately. Here its advantages — at the remote site, you can relax in privacy, in silence of the garden. Or, on the contrary, there is an opportunity to play and make noise without fear to disturb the peace of the household. If a scheduled party with barbecue, terrace with barbecue, set the depth of the lot, will relieve the house from Intrusive odors.

Comfortable terrace with steps made of wood

Recently, a popular extension with sliding walls allowing you to turn the veranda into the terrace. The walls are made of sections connected with metal hinges (so called harmonica). Each section consists of a bottom wood panel and glazed top. If necessary, shift them to one or two sides, fully opening the review.

The large terraces to the house of wooden frame

In conclusion. The terrace and veranda to the house photo projects which you see, not only play a decorative role. It is a complete space with good functionality that can increase the useful area of housing. They can hold office, a place to relax, a playroom for children. And very soon it turns out that if verandas and terraces properly furnished, all warm time the family spends there.

Verandas and terraces (video)


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