The annexe to the wooden house. Projects and main types of extensions

A great option for expanding the area is the annexe to the wooden house. The projects proposed by experienced craftsmen will help you choose a suitable option and also to prepare in advance all required materials. Additional space can be used to create verandas, summer kitchen, boiler room or terrace. Such a room is easy to do with your hands, but first you need to choose the type of extension.

Annex to the house will help to expand the usable area of a private home

The contents

1 The Annexe to the wooden house. Project designs of different materials
  1.1 Extension to the house
  1.2 the Extension to the house from foam concrete blocks or brick
  1.3 the Annexe to the wooden house from a bar
2 Few tips for building extensions
  2.1 the Extension to the house (video)


The annexe to the wooden house. Project designs of different materials

Depending on the construction of the material include the following types of extensions:

  • of timber;
  • frame;
  • brick;
  • of foam blocks.

Small glass extension


The extension to the house.

Frame structures shall be installed promptly. The installation process is quite easy, so when creating an extension to the house frame you can do on their own. The quality and insulation characteristics of timber frame construction is not inferior to the more solid and bulky structures made of bricks or foam concrete. Especially important to use this type of construction if the planned construction of two storey extension because it has significantly less weight.

The frame structure is the fastest in terms of installation

A useful tip! Frame outbuilding to a wooden house in need of Foundation. Suitable conventional tape coated with waterproofing materials.

The construction of timber frame extension


For the wooden frame of the required beam 15×15 cm and Board – 15×2,5 cm If you need a metal frame, then used pipe, channel or angles. At the beginning of work on the perimeter of the Foundation laid rail. Then use a level set of the angular supporting pillars, and then the intermediate rack.

The planned height of the ceiling also made from tying boards or pipes of smaller size, and then stacked beams and are attached to the upper harness. Mount the wooden structure is carried out using drills and screws for wood, metal by welding.

Annexe with large Windows

For the cladding of an extension to the house frame you can use any materials. It may be boards, plywood or other, depending on the selection in the Annex of the budget. Once the frame is fully assembled, insulated him using any insulating material.

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For this purpose they usually use:

  • mineral wool;
  • polystyrene;
  • basalt mats;
  • foam.

In addition to the house is possible to equip living room with kitchen

Pre-project records we can make a rough sketch of a future extension to the wooden house. Projects of any structure with schematic images will greatly facilitate the task of the wizard.

Extension can increase living area by half


The extension to the house from foam concrete blocks or brick

Technology of erection of extension to house of foam blocks and bricks are practically the same. The blocks of foam is the more common material. Due to the lower cost and simplicity of work it is used much more often for creation of capital homes, and outbuildings.

Extension with green roof

A useful tip! If the extension is planned to organize the bathroom, the foam blocks for its creation should not be used. They are too good at absorbing excess moisture that often leads to their destruction, especially in the absence of proper ventilation.

The use of stone and wood in the arrangement of the extension

Extension of foam blocks also provides pre-arrangement Foundation. It can be monolithic or ribbon. Still need to pre-determine the method of attachment of this extension to the wooden house. A project generally include all sorts of subtleties that affect the shrinkage of structures made of different materials.

Specialists will perform the correct calculation, depending on soil quality, groundwater levels, and extensions and make a conclusion about the necessity of attaching one structure to another.

In addition to the house-equipped kitchen

About a month after installation of the Foundation can begin work on laying of foam blocks. Do not forget about the laying of the waterproofing layer, it will protect the walls from excessive moisture. Construction begins at one corner. Subsequently, it will be a guide for the alignment of the walls. After raising 2 ranks in masonry is to spread the reinforcement rods. This need for more robust adhesion of the walls future design.

Diagram the arrangement of an extension to the house

The last step is to complete the roof. It can be done separately on an addition to the house of foam blocks, and can removing roofing material from a primary structure to carry a single roof. When creating a roof should provide the correct angle of inclination to implement the full removal of precipitates.

The annexe to the wooden house


The annexe to the wooden house from a bar

The option of creating an extension of the timber depends on how the room will be home to: residential or non-residential. For the living room, a Foundation of the connecting wall. The space between it and the main building is filled with foam – settling the so-called expansion joint. It is necessary that the shrinkage of the new design will not damage the wall of the house.

The extension of the timber

A useful tip! The depth of the monolithic Foundation of the extension should be the same as the capital structure. Foundations require a connection between them. For these purposes the reinforcement.

The wooden extension to the house

It is possible to provide a pile Foundation for an extension to the wooden house. The project should enable the calculation of this design. A Foundation is much more economical than its monolithic counterpart and greatly facilitates the building.

A small outbuilding with wood

The walls are of profiled timber as well as in the construction of residential homes. For walls use timber 15×15 cm and for the floor and walls inside of the extension will fit thinner material with a cross section of 10 × 15 cm. After laying the first row of wood is treated with antiseptic and have it stacked logs. The spaces between them are filled with insulating material to avoid in the future drafts, and then mounted the main floor.

Open the Annex — terrace

In the construction of walls, each set is sealed with each other using the nails (wooden pins). Such a vertical joint provides structural strength, not allowing the timber to move. The corner connections are made in a special way, called “warm corner.” To do this in one of the connecting bars is cut a groove, and the other is a ledge about the same size. Special attention should be paid to create window and door openings.

The project to build an extension


Few tips for building extensions

Before the start of construction should take into account some of the subtleties of the construction of the annexe to the wooden house. The project usually involves many nuances, but at its creation need to know that the length of the extension must match the length of the wall of the main house. Width additional space can be any. The best option is 3-3,5 m.

Living room with sitting area in the annexe

Choosing the location for outbuildings, it is not necessary to tie it to the front door. Pretty handy when you exit to the terrace or summer kitchen is from the living room. When creating bathrooms, an extension pitch with access from the hallway or from the bedroom. A doorway in the wall of the main house it is best to equip in place of any window, because there already is a bearing design, reduces the load on the wall from the pressure slab.

Annex building-veranda

Following the basic rules of construction of buildings and considering some of the nuances, you can create a really solid design that will last quite a long time. It’s easy to do with their hands, but you need to carefully consider each of the work stages and perform all in accordance with the prepared project.

The extension to the house (video)


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