The arrangement of ventilation in the cellar in the garage. The intricacies of the process

The improvement of the quality of ventilation in the cellar in the garage contributes to the formation of a healthy microclimate in the room. Proper ventilation allows almost year-round to store vegetables, fruits or canned. Permanent change of air prevents the formation of moisture and, as a result of mold and mildew. Otherwise, the product will quickly deteriorate, and the resulting moisture can not only eventually destroy the cellar, but also hurt the car standing in the garage.

Cellar demands a construction quality of ventilation

The contents

  • 1 Choice of type of ventilation
  • 2 Choice of pipes for arrangement of ventilation
  • 3 Improvement of natural ventilation in the cellar in the garage
  • 4 mechanical ventilation
  • 5 When natural ventilation is not enough?
  • 6 Control of ventilation systems
  • 7 Installation of ventilation system: main stages
  • 8 Ventilation in the cellar in the garage (video)

Select the type of ventilation

For normal healthy microclimate in the cellar should receive a sufficient amount of air. The inflows can be provide in two ways:

  • arrangement of natural ventilation;
  • creating a forced exhaust mechanism.

Natural ventilation works on the principle of thermal convection. The intake of more dry air descends to the bottom of the basement, and then, warmed up, freeing space for a new portion of fresh air.

Forced ventilation according to the principle of arrangement is very similar to natural, but only at its Assembly electric use additional mechanisms to facilitate faster movement of air. Used blowers provide greater efficiency of the ventilation system.

The scheme of ventilation in the cellar

The choice of pipes for arrangement of ventilation

As the basis of the entire ventilation system in the cellar in the garage you can use pipes of virtually any material:

  • metal;
  • asbestos;
  • plastic;
  • aluminium and other.

Will fit other variants of the pipes for example of cast iron, but their use is often impractical due to higher cost. Usually use duct with a diameter of 110 to 200 mm.

A useful tip! The diameter of the pipe is calculated as follows: for 1 square meter – 15-25 mm diameter.

Both duct that provides ventilation in the cellar in the garage must be equipped with flaps. Their goal is partial or complete overlap of the movement of air. This can be necessary when frost.

The cellar with ventilation, reinforced Foundation walls and floor and insulated ceiling

Improvement of natural ventilation in the cellar in the garage

This system consists of only two tubes. One of them is responsible for the supply of fresh, dry air, and the second for the removal of waste, by displaying it outside. The best places for laying pipes are considered opposite corners of a cellar. With this arrangement, significantly reduced the probability of formation of places that will stagnate the air.

The supply pipe should be lowered to the level of about 0.4-0.5 m from the floor, while the exhaust up to 1.5-2 m. the Exhaust duct must be longer than 2.5 m to provide for a sufficient difference of temperatures, conducive to air movement. The upper part rising above the roof, install a special vent. It will protect the basement from dust and rain, and will take care of more effective the hood.

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The inlet part of the duct is located so that its upper part was about two feet off the ground. She additionally set a fine grid, which will protect from penetration into the cellar of all living creatures: rats, mice, cats.

The scheme of natural ventilation in the garage, which is located under the basement

Forced ventilation

Design of forced ventilation in the cellar in the garage is almost the same as with natural ventilation only is additionally equipped with a fan, powered from the mains. It is therefore necessary to observe the basic rules of electrical safety, because accumulated in the pipes, condensation may cause a short circuit. Need to purchase equipment that can work in wet conditions and always perform quality waterproofing.

The fan can only be installed in one tube. This is usually done in the exhaust air duct. If you put the supercharger in the air supply pipe, the efficiency of ventilation in the cellar in the garage will be much higher. Another advantage of mechanical ventilation is the independence of the system from weather conditions. In any case, the room will be quickly drained and to maintain the necessary humidity will not be easy.

Options for ventilation of the cellar with one or two exhaust pipes

Forced ventilation can be organized only with the help of the fan. You can use:

  • Diffuser-vane. It is set on the upper end of the supply duct. Running this design through wind energy.
  • Low-powered light bulb Mignon. It improves the quality of air by the heating flows.

A useful tip! If the forced ventilation system in the cellar in the garage is equipped with two fans, then the output should be set more powerful, for example, two-speed.

There is also the possibility of creating an automatic system that will work independently, with virtually no oversight. Such vent design are equipped with special sensors that will be expected to include supply and exhaust mechanism when changing parameters of air humidity, temperature. Turn off such system is also self-normalizing all indicators.

Scheme of the Assembly of ducted fan

When natural ventilation is not enough?

An organized system of natural ventilation may not be sufficient in the following cases:

  • A large area of the cellar (40 m2). In this case, in the frosty time of year the exhaust pipe can be completely closed by frost, formed by the frozen condensate. As a result, the movement of air is greatly reduced and becomes insufficient for the proper organization of the microclimate. If the basement is a square, divided into separate rooms and each has a tube, then mechanical ventilation is not required.
  • Natural ventilation is not enough, if in the garage cellar is planned to arrange a workshop or mini-gym. With the supply of sufficient oxygen can only be fans.
  • The movement of air by the blowers will be required if you plan to store a large amount of supplies. If the cellar is stocked with vegetables, the exhaust will still struggle with an unpleasant odor.

An example of improper ventilation devices (tubes are on the same level and equipped with valves)

Control of the ventilation system

The quality of ventilation in the cellar in the garage, and its performance should be checked periodically. To do this, go down to the cellar and light a match. If the flame quickly went out, the room is large amounts of carbon dioxide, therefore, the air exchange is quite weak.

The ventilation system in the cellar in the garage requires periodic inspection and cleansing of accumulated dirt and debris. It periodically acquires cobwebs, layers of dust. Should also test is mechanical part of the design. For more efficient operation and control of the amount of air one supply channel is divided into two parts using a special partition. Thus, it is possible to normalize the volume of incoming air.

Cellar under the garage

Installation of ventilation system: main stages

When mounting the system of ventilation will not require a large number of tools. You will need:

  • the tubes themselves;
  • retaining clips;
  • screws and dowels;
  • grilles for protection;
  • deflectors or visors;
  • a drill and a hammer.

Air removal occurs through the exhaust channel, the receiving hole which is located opposite the gate

For fixing pipes in the walls of the punched holes, are mounted fasteners. Sections of the ducts going to the floor, after which the ready design is fixed in prepared mounts. All joints must be sealed with special tape or sealant.

The process of arrangement of ventilation in the cellar in the garage, as you can see, simple. The best option is a system created at the stage of construction. But if it is not, then to collect myself the whole construction will not be difficult.

Ventilation in the cellar in the garage (video)


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