The best photo finishing baths inside and a description of the stages of work

When viewing a photo finishing baths inside, it is not always possible to understand the sequence of actions of repair. Therefore it is necessary to elaborate on the main points.

Compact steam room are decorated with natural wood

The Contents

1 Materials for finishing baths
2 Rules of finishing floors in the bath
3 Photo finishing baths inside and the stages of work
4 Mount lining
5 Insulation and wall insulation
6 Finish bath inside (video)
7 the Construction of the bath (video)


Materials for finishing baths

The main stage in the arrangement of baths is the choice of material for finishing, which should have several advantages:

  • resistance to hot air and moisture;
  • hygiene;
  • the lack of toxins released when the heat;
  • strength and durability;
  • beautiful external characteristics;
  • pleasant texture.

The interior of the steam room with a pleasant combination of wood, stone and steel

The best option for interior decoration is the lining. It has excellent medicinal properties, the material is safe, its aesthetic merits. As raw materials, the optimum is cedar and basswood are perfect and larch. But pine battens should only be used for the decoration of the anteroom. The combination of a variety of wood will allow you to make a certain zest to the interior of the bath.

Correct lighting helps accentuate the natural beauty of natural materials

A useful tip! To obtain high-quality and original finish, it is undesirable to use in different rooms the same wood.


Rules for finishing floors in the bath

Traditionally, modern bath finishing inside the photo that I liked start to run from the floor. It is advisable to steam up a bit. It is desirable to do in order to protect the premises from unwanted drafts, providing better conservation of heat. Flooring is done with tiles, although quite suitable and edged and grooved boards.

The shelves in the steam room is made without the use of metal nails

The surface temperature of the floor is not above 30°C, so a rough level may be concrete, earth or clay. The main rule – the most rapid withdrawal from the room of water. To ensure the security of movement required to cover such a floor covering made of cork, a fibrous Mat, wooden flooring. Also perfect tiles or polished boards.

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The process of wood floor is quite simple. First stacked logs, then performs the laying of the boards. The joists are placed on brick columns, which are located on the rough ground.

Special panel for saunas have great features and look great

Select the size of the lag varies from 20×20 to 25×25 cm with a step of installation close to the meter, since the floor would not experience a significant load. For flooring use edged better floorboards. The wood used should have a thickness of about 30 cm All the material in advance to handle the antiseptic substance, which will protect from the reproduction of fungus and spread of mold.

The interior of bath with a spacious relaxation room

If the floor tile is selected, the installation process next. Pre-made screed, the surface should be perfectly smooth. Attach the tile with special glue. To handle the seams, apply a water-resistant grout that allows you to protect the material from the mold.

In the interior of the steam room must not use a resinous wood

Later on similar floor covering must be laid low boards or wooden grating, which then after each bath procedure, you have to make out for drying. This is done to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

A useful tip! Sex in the bath made sure with a slight slope, then the water will be good for it to flow and not stagnate.


Photo finishing baths inside and the stages of work

The popularity of lining is due to the fact that it enables to solve two tasks simultaneously — walls and insulation.

The location of the oven must be made of noncombustible materials

This material is made of wood, it represents the ideal sheathing panel. Decorated paneling wall look nice. Besides, visually, Board level any surface. This is the best option for wall design, because it provides excellent ventilation all other materials. The lining allows the walls to freely “breathe”, it does not allow condensation, and therefore mould.

The most optimum lime Board. The technology of finishing this material is simple. Initially, the lining will wear in the steam room, where the material adapts to the microclimate of the premises. If the walls have differences, they are aligned slats.

From metal furnace to protect themselves with wooden panels to avoid burning

Joints and cracks are carefully caulked. Work begin by mounting the sheathing that runs from the rails. They are attached to the walls in half a meter distance. Originally nailed outermost bars of that then they lock the thread, which will serve as a guide for fastening the other rails.

Although the presence of the smooth surface of the walls, the crate can not be mounted. In such a situation, the facing material is fixed directly to the walls. However, this option interior wood is durable, beautiful and durable, only when perfectly smooth surfaces of the walls.

The thermometer and clock are necessary functional parts in the interior of the steam room


Fastening the lining

Completing the preparatory stage, begin the process of finishing baths inside photos will help to Orient in a sequence of actions. You must select suitable mounting elements made of materials that are not dangerous effects of moisture and high temperature. Immediately forget about traditional nails, as they will rapidly corrode the walls spoiled by stains of rust. Yes, and when the temperature in the steam room, touching the nails dangerous – they are able to burn the skin.

Battens are cut from the size based on the height of the bath, and then attach it to the previously prepared grid (or directly to the walls) with special brackets. If necessary, the width of the lining can be slightly undercut in the corners.

Lounge in the bath, the place where a large amount of time

To furnish steam to be used in high-quality wood that can withstand the high temperature and high humidity.

All steps must be performed using level, to obtain a perfectly smooth design. After fabrication of the frame it is covered with antiseptic. It should also handle siding, but even before its installation on the frame. The laying of the material starts from the corner. As the fasteners used are nails, staples and cleats. The material used for interior walls, it can be applied to the ceiling design.

Light species of wood are best suited for small spaces

You must understand that the ceiling is holding the maximum temperature, that is why to choose siding for the surface of rocks, which is a small number of pitches, otherwise they drop in the fall can burn the skin. The decoration of the place where will stand the oven, you need to perform of non-combustible materials – tiles, bricks.

A useful tip! For steam it is not recommended to choose spruce or pine. Better this material to unjam the dressing room.

Sex in the bath can be made of non-slip tiles


Insulation and insulation of walls

Interior finish bath also involves the issue of the insulation of the room. Sometimes experts recommend the use of mineral insulation. It is placed under the sheathing, but in this matter everything will depend on the type of load-bearing walls of the structure. In that case, if the room is made of stone or concrete blocks, it is better to do without the insulation, otherwise you will have to decide the problem with poor ventilation.

Diagram of the device of the steam room: 1) Exterior wall; 2) Insulation material; 3) Sheathing; 4) Siding

In addition, it is necessary to be properly waterproofing the surfaces. Good waterproofing will protect the material of all bearing structures. The most common material is aluminum foil and vapor barrier, as its more modern counterpart.

When you finish bath the inside is completed, will equip it with furniture and begin to water procedures. Lightweight pair!


Finish bath inside (video)

The construction of the bath (video)


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