The design of the ceiling

Any room, before being subjected to repair and decoration, primarily, is a box: the ceiling, walls, floor. The ceiling is considered to be the final point in the work, however, it is not so. This ceiling, according to interior designers, “making” room, provides guidance for the future design of private homes and offices.

Consider the ceiling from a technological point of view, without being distracted by anyone already uninteresting finishes like pasting Wallpaper or painting. Now the ceiling – a great field of activity, the realization of your fantasies and exclusive ideas. A variety of construction materials allows you to apply various methods of finishing and decoration of the ceiling.

All methods have their advantages and features.

Facing the ceiling, at first glance, it seems the simplest way to trim that does not require special knowledge, tools and physical effort. What is easier – to buy tiles made from foam with embossed pattern on her, and with a special adhesive to secure it to the ceiling. This method is acceptable for bathrooms and kitchens in a private home, but for office it is not suitable.

Professionals believe that simplicity is deceptive facing the ceiling. For an inexperienced person who decided to implement the pasting ceiling tiles, will be the opening of that plane, on which they will be attached, must be pre – prepared- removed burrs, residues from previous coating, etc. Besides, not last role in the final result is the quality of the glue. In terms of color solutions can also cause problems, because the foam is painted poorly. In the end, a seemingly simple job can turn into real headache and disappointment.

Trendy false ceilings, apart from their aesthetic value, have practical advantages. Design is a frame composed of metal profiles, to which are attached the finished items (often cut out the desired shape drywall), which are selected in accordance with the required properties: increased insulation, improved lighting. The technology of suspended ceilings is very beneficial for rough, bad planes, allows you to mask all the flaws, provide protection for equipment and wiring, and create a completely new, three-dimensional shape. With the help of suspended ceilings, interior designers realize the most amazing and unusual ideas, which become the highlight of the apartment.

One of the most popular ways modern finishes ceilings – suspended ceilings. They differ in aesthetic appeal, although are not cheap. Design of the stretch ceiling involves a frame that is fixed around the perimeter of the ceiling, he stretched the material, impregnated with vinyl. Ceilings embody the dream of man, who is responsible for repair – combine decorative beauty with practicality. The latter should include such an important point – the discharge of water accumulated under the ceiling. That is, if you happen to force majeure, and you flood the neighbors, you will be able to get out of the situation, without incurring significant losses. Stretch ceilings – the perfect solution for rooms with excessive humidity levels. The material that serves as the basis for their fabrication may have a variety of shades – from bright to pastel, rich color palette and texture.

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