How to build a story for Your child, and bring dreams into reality today? Our tips will help you to do everything with the maximum benefit ! First rule: spot zoning and is not dangerous furnishings Pick up the Sunny room , the intended area of creativity , sleep , school and games and get a perfect inner world for the development of Your baby. According to the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui , the center of the success and concentration of energy is located at the center of the room. Directly there the most suitable place for the location of Igor, a successful acceptance of the cognition of the toddler world .

Comfortable bed will give a comfortable sleep , the head is better positioned at the Eastern wall . Traditional room design for baby thanks to the properly selected color palette , simple and high quality furniture will look fashionable in the years of growing up. Add a bright and personal accessories for the personality of Your toddler and kids ‘ room won’t resemble a living room for adults.

Energy for growth and fill the area with natural wood furniture , fill with peace , warmth and confidence.

The main thing – to find the furniture that meets the needs and age of the particular child. You come to the aid of an extremely practical modular system that can grow along with Your child’s growth.

Second rule : reliability , floor and interesting wall. It does not require a complex device and heated floors. The perfect solution – the floor or a Mat of cork – it does not attract dust , anti-allergenic , provides a healthy influence on the motor function of a baby.

Of course , can be in the nursery with laminate flooring or parquet. Then you need to think about not a very large rug near the bed.

The walls important not to “overdo it” – painting, Wallpaper , colorful appliques , wall murals for their sketches , accessories or pictures – all of this grows with the baby and after a while his need to change.

The room is decorated with fairy-tale characters and heroes to follow – Aladdin , the little Mermaid , Batman, Spiderman , or other fairy-tale characters will create a distinctive world , even including a bit theatrical , which can help to grow Your child and be a true man. Theme cartoon design can perfectly complement toys , lamps , linens for the bed. Pay special attention to detail ! According to experts on psychology , examining the time-consuming intricate ornaments on the wall can help to develop the imagination of the baby. And for the formation of the creative potential adorn walls with pictures of the baby or shelves with his favorite products.

The third rule: the colors and the light

Color scheme of the nursery is a starting point . The character formed under the influence of color. Color can help to deal with problems or further distraction from negative feelings . Children’s reaction to and perception of color differs from the perception of an adult and depends on age. So black – and-white perception of the world in infants , immediately after birth , only gradually changing the perception of shades of red , yellow , green and blue. Eco-style with balanced colors are perfect for curious kids . Natural color of the Earth and the world around us. Their room can be decorated with images of plants , birds , animals , insects. These drawings will learn to love nature , to cultivate respect for our brothers the least , learn to appreciate natural beauty .

To 10 favorite color remains reddish , sometimes yellowish and pink. Range of color preferences are depending on the sex of the child. The color used for the formation of particular capabilities and skills , learning and harmonious development. Color is very important part of our lives , so it is much better to consider this issue in a separate article.

The principle of the decision of the children’s room light is maximum utilization of natural lighting and the sun. And in addition to the main ceiling chandelier , the correct Supplement solution is a table lamp and wall lamp – night-light.

Pastel pink , purple , lilac , large number of flowers , toys , pillows will create a fantastic romance for the room of the younger Princess . In this space the child will grow up a girl , turning into a adult lady. Furniture sets don’t forget to include mirror and vanity as the love for beauty is inherent in any representative of the fairer sex at the genetic level.

The fourth rule: age , belonging to the sex , the interests and tendencies of space Design for girl and boy vary greatly in design. It would be incorrect to assume that the goal is achieved if boy’s room is reminiscent of army ground and room girls a precious casket . Thing in various techniques of construction and decoration . Your kids will love spending time in the room decorated to a specific theme . For boys will fit bandana or pirate theme , a space ship or a race; girls will appreciate the metropolis of the elves, or the carriage for the Princess.

Watch carefully and ask your own kid what color he is focusing on . Do not miss out of his field of view, his inclinations and tastes. This will help You to surround your child with things that will continue to develop his curiosity. Adolescents need a comfortable workplace which with age will change under the new interests. Be sure the room should be a place for sports area and educational games. Students dream to surround himself with various appliances – computer , TV , stereo . Children’s room gradually Matures , turning into a full guest room , where Your children will be happy to call friends .

Modern and high – tech – model solution for students. Ergonomic , easily and economically solves all these problems modular furniture . Complementing the interior with suitable storage , You will be able to provide comfort to the child as it grows . The fifth rule : clothes and accessories designer multi-purpose set that can alter the mood , style and even age coloring space – Ottomans , rugs , toys , pillows , soft bags, chairs. It’s no secret – any thinking parent wants the child grew up is a versatile , developed , creatively gifted man . And it is entirely dependent on his entourage . The child pulls all the information , lays it “on the shelves” and then , as if by “magic wand” pulls it in specific circumstances. So take our advice , surround guys attractive atmosphere. You will feel great joy if Your child will willingly spend time in his room , will feel the warmth and comfort.


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