The flue for the gas boiler. Safety requirements and efficiency

The most convenient and affordable method of heating is considered a gas equipment. Most consumers living outside the city, are just such methods for space heating. This is not only necessary to properly install the boiler, but also to offer a high quality removal of all harmful products of combustion. You need to know how to construct a chimney for the gas boiler. The requirements for such heating elements of the rigid enough so that their compliance is mandatory.

Internal and external chimneys made of metal

The contents

  • 1 the Basic design of the chimneys and their components
    • 1.1 Brick chimney
    • 1.2 Metal structure
    • 1.3 Plastic flue system
    • 1.4 Ceramics and asbestos
  • 2 Types of arrangement: internal and external
  • 3 the Main elements of the chimney
  • 4 the flue for the gas boiler. Requirements to designs
    • 4.1 Strictly prohibited
  • 5 the Construction of the chimney for the gas boiler. Installation requirements
    • 5.1 Internal structure. Milestones
    • 5.2 External device. The build order
  • 6 the combustion gases from wall mounted boilers
  • 7 Chimney (video)

The basic design of the chimneys and their components

For the construction of the chimney system can be used by multiple designs. They can be made of:

  • brick;
  • asbestos;
  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • plastic.

The chimney is made in the same style as the facade of the house

Brick chimney

For erection of chimney systems use a special refractory bricks. The temperature inside the pipe is so high that the use of conventional red bricks are not enough. It has a porous structure that easily absorbs the products of combustion together with water vapor. Such a process leads to a rapid destruction of the brickwork. The use of refractory materials will ensure a long lifetime of the structure.

Internal chimney lined with clinker bricks

Metal construction

When using metal for the organization of disaproved need to think about high-quality, reliable insulation. Place in contact with the roof, insulate carefully. It is here possible contact of the heated exhaust gases, pipes and wooden parts of the roof, which can lead to ignition and fire.

Exterior metal chimney

In some cases, the metal pipe is used together with brick construction. The system is more reliable. The inner surface of metal pipe protects the accumulation of waste substances on the walls. In such systems, the thrust is much better, the efficiency of the boiler maximum.

Metal chimney brick construction

Plastic flue system

Modern development of plastic can also serve as a chimney. They are commonly used with condensing gas boilers. Plastic parts are pipe sections made of a sandwich type panels. They are inserted into each other, and the space obtained between them is filled with a special material with high insulating properties.

External flue system

For isolation of commonly used stone mineral wool. Itself the flue system can be assembled in just a few hours and will have an aesthetic appearance. The advantages of this imoproved: good resistance to destructive influences.

The chimney is made in one plane with the facade

Ceramic and asbestos

Method of reconstruction of ceramics is not widespread, because these materials are already obsolete. But they have sufficient reliability and fire safety. Their installation is simple and the cost low.

The chimney is painted in a single color facade

Asbestos was formerly used as the cheapest material. However, low strength, unaesthetic appearance, too, made a similar options for resettlement leave in the past.

A useful tip! To select the optimal variant of construction of the chimney, you need to know regulated by the rules all existing rules of operation.

Chimneys made of stone

The types of arrangement: internal and external

Flue system can be installed within the heated space and the outside. Interior design usually is isolated just outside the room and passing it through the roof. The construction of such a system is a more complex process, which needs to be performed special moves in the ceiling and roofing elements. Maintenance of the chimney can also cause difficulty.

Internal chimney near the stairs

The best option is the arrangement of the system of removal of smoke by way of an extension to the house. The device of this design is much simpler, but it requires careful insulation along the entire length. Operation and maintenance of the chimney will not cause difficulties to its owner, observing the requirements for flue gas boiler achieve high efficiency.

Internal chimney in the living room

The main elements of the chimney

All existing variants of the arrangement of the chimney, also brick, imply the presence of some required elements. They need to pick in accordance with the developed scheme. You will need:

  • Couplings, adapters.
  • Tubes of different lengths.
  • Audit tee for condensate removal.
  • The tip of the cone.
  • All kinds of taps.

The constituent elements of the chimney

The flue for the gas boiler. Requirements to designs

The correct structure of chimney constructions must comply with the requirements of SNiP 2.04.05-91, all details should be taken into account that security was at the highest level. From the exact execution of existing norms and rules may affect the safety and health of the person. In all standards quality of work of the gas boiler will also be higher.

Internal metal chimney

The basic requirements for a flue gas of a boiler include the following:

  • the chimney is equipped with a moisture farmer, is installed in the bottom of the tube;
  • to the extent possible tightness for better traction;
  • monitored the verticality of the structure allowed the slope can not be more than 30 degrees;
  • the pipe connecting the boiler to the chimney, must, in its composition have a vertical section;
  • along the walls and ceiling where the flue system must be noncombustible insulating material;
  • the top of the chimney should be above the roof not less than a meter.

Brick fireplace in bedroom interior

Strictly prohibited

  • install the cap of the chimney vent and all sorts of other elements;
  • to build more than 3 bends;
  • to arrange a chimney in areas where there is no ventilation;
  • use for arrangement of the structure of porous materials;
  • to lay the whole chimney through the living room.

A useful tip! Each manufacturer of chimney structures there is the Assembly manual, which is required to adhere to. Such instructions are coordinated with regulatory and service organizations.

Internal chimney is painted with gray paint

The construction of the chimney for the gas boiler. Installation requirements

As already mentioned, the installation of depoprovera can be done inside and outside the premises. For each method, there are separate stages of design.

Diagram of the device of the chimney

The interior of the unit. Milestones

  • The priority is the marking on the plate-ceiling and roof for future holes disaproved.
  • Cut openings.
  • Connect the pipe coming from the boiler, with a suitable adapter.
  • Connect audit and tee, the design is attached to the main bracket.
  • Producing capacity of the chimney to the required height, using if necessary the “knees”.
  • The finished disaproved put a sheet of galvanized metal with a slotted hole, which is subsequently attached to the ceiling.
  • The joints are reinforced by the clamps.
  • Fix the main pipe in increments of not less than 2 m.
  • Completes the whole system is similar to the cone tip.
  • Performed insulation.

As can be seen, particularly complex, the requirements for the flue gas boiler are there.

Flue pipe stainless steel

A useful tip! Compliance with the above stages will allow to organize the effective work of the equipment and proper elimination of harmful products of combustion.

Outdoor fireplace

The outer device. The build order

The order of Assembly of the outer disaproved virtually no different from the stages of construction of its domestic counterpart. The only difference is that the hole will be underneath the house in the center of the basement and will need pipe insulation along the entire length. The exterior design is recommend to paint a special, resistant to high temperatures, paint. It will provide a good protection against external influences.

The chimney developed above the ridge of the roof

The combustion gases from wall mounted boilers

For wall-mounted gas boiler specialists recommend to use the bypass pipe. This method of arrangement is called – coaxial duct. It consists of two inserted in each other’s pipes, through one of which the system receives the oxygen needed to sustain fire, and through the other displays remnants of the exhaust gas. Installation of the coaxial system is quite simple.

A stone chimney on the facade siding

Now information about the structure of the chimney is enough to be assembled by hand. And using the services of masters to exercise control over the work in.

Chimney (video)


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