The interiors of apartments in a modern style: inspiring photo of the apartment

Making home in a modern style, consider that the ultimate design needs to be cozy, comfortable, functional and Mature in the appropriate direction. The design of the room should be originally thought out and not overloaded with elements of furniture and bright decorative accents. The article will examine in detail the most popular interior design in modern style: photo interesting solutions will definitely inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

Modern interior design small Studio apartment

The contents

1 Interior design in modern style: photo examples
2 the Balance between structure and functionality of the room
  2.1 the Game of color
  2.2 Finishing materials
  2.3 Lighting design of the room
  2.4 Selection of modern furniture and decor
3 Photos of the interiors of small apartments in different styles
  3.1 apartment Interior in classic style: photo
  3.2 the Interior in the art Nouveau style: photos
  3.3 Style loft in the interior of the apartment: photos
  3.4 apartment Interior in minimalist style: photo
  3.5 the Interior in high-tech style: photo
  3.6 Provence Style in the interior of the apartment: photos


The interiors of apartments in a modern style: photo examples

Before you proceed with the repair works of the dwelling, you must decide on a style and color palette. Only after that you can start buying furniture and designer accessories.

Beautiful two-bedroom apartment

Wall in a modern style and decorated in a plain neutral color, no variegated patterns. This surface will be an excellent basis for future bright designer accents that can serve as decoration, paintings, murals, photographs and other original masterpieces. Items of furniture should be selected in the same colour scheme that matches the style of the room to achieve the absolute consistency of this design direction, as seen in the photo of modern interior design.

When making a room you can use different colors, but they should be no more than three, and they should combine well with each other. The main trend is the white color that is relevant to each style. It is a good background for the future implementation of the most interesting ideas and unexpected solutions. Photo beautiful interior of the hall in the apartment is clearly demonstrated.

Bright accents can be created with the help of paintings, textiles and cushions

No less popular are the shades of natural color schemes: beige, brown, grey, sand, peach, cream, ivory, the color of melted milk. Lilac & lavender shades often found on pictures of interior design country style.

A useful tip! As the main colors should be preferred quiet tones that will not irritate eyes and will not lose its popularity for many years.

The sleek design of modern apartment

You can also use pastel colors, shades of blue, pink, lilac and green. Add a bright accent, you can use orange, emerald, turquoise color schemes.

Choosing a design style, you should consider the size of the room. In small rooms you need to use a minimum of decoration, not to overload the space with unnecessary elements. In the end, the room should be spacious and bright. Interesting design ideas given on the photo of interiors of apartments Khrushchev in a modern style.

Bright decorative elements will help to freshen up the interior

Furniture should not be placed around the perimeter. Using an island setting it is possible to zone the space, achieving maximum functionality and comfort.

When making a modern home interior should achieve its maximum functionality. But it should not overload the space with unnecessary furniture and extra inappropriate elements.

Modern interiors have sharp lines and smooth geometry


The balance between structure and functionality of the room

The owners of standard apartments, getting to the repair work, trying with the help of modern design rational use of every inch of living space a small apartment. Over the past two decades, modern designers have worked not one solution that allows you to enlarge the living area. Such design techniques are:

  • arches in kitchens and living rooms;
  • the demolition of unnecessary walls and the transfer of doorways;
  • a good play of colors and lighting;
  • the use of multifunctional furniture.

The kitchen in the apartment is decorated in loft style

In large Metropolitan areas often there are apartments-studios, mini-apartments, where all premises are presented one room with a competent zoning of the functional segments. These flats are popular among young people and in change to students for rent.

If we consider a full apartment, then most popular are one-bedroom with total area of over 35 m2 and two-bedroom apartments ranging from 55 m2. Popular floor plans with kitchen-living room or kitchen-diner.

A mixture of styles (eclectic) in the design of buildings

Increasingly, modern builders sell houses with open-plan apartment where new residents are invited to independently construct a future living space, focusing on their own interests.

Here the question arises: to divide the space into rooms or to zone the room using modern design solutions into independent functional areas? The choice is obvious.

Panoramic Windows allow to admire the architecture of the city

To divide the room into separate zones, you can use:

  • racks, multifunction racks, screens, mobile partitions;
  • game contrasting colors;
  • the lighting elements.

Photo interior of one-bedroom apartments in contemporary style demonstrate such solutions.

Mirrors from floor to ceiling visually expand the space


The game of color

Modern designers in the design space use the entire color palette. However, the traditional is the use of pastel, bright and monochrome callers that visually enlarge the space. To make contrast by using dark colors that look great in spacious rooms. Chosen color palette must match the chosen style.

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For example, avant-garde, glamour and fusion fit bold experiments with rich vivid colors. In the traditional classical style are appropriate restrained bright colors contrasting with dark. However, there is no place for a bright, geeky, juicy shades. Photos of interiors of small apartments in Scandinavian style output in the first place the use of virgin white, which is a characteristic feature of this trend.

Natural wood and stone in interior decoration


Finishing materials

In a modern design place of honor reserved for the use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, cork, stone. Clearly display photos of the interiors of the apartment-style Chalet, where the wood blends perfectly with the walls of natural stone. However, the use of laminate, linoleum, vinyl Wallpaper and other synthetic coatings, which are much cheaper and more affordable in the construction market.

Photo kitchen interior in modern style involve the use of synthetic, impact resistant materials such as tiles, plastic and paint. For each style there are certain materials, which characterize a given direction.

Beautiful kitchen interior decorated in creamy white tones

Photos apartment interior in English style prove the dominance of wood, natural fabrics, carpets, leather. Loft style involves the use of metal and stone. Provence, country style and the Scandinavian love of natural fabrics and wood noble breeds.

The high-tech style in the interior of the apartment (photo graphic evidence) welcomed the presence of the chrome-plated elements of furniture.

A bright, playful design of modern apartment

In modern design used for hanging or suspended ceilings. They may have glossy decor, which visually increases the height of the room. Built-in features, artificial lighting will help to zone the room.

Today, preference is given to the smooth design of floors, without the use of carpets. It can be stone, wood or ceramic materials.

Leather upholstery will bring to the interior a special comfort

Photos of interiors of small apartments in a modern style, characterized by the presence of glossy surfaces of furniture, use of mirrors of various shapes, which increase the size of the space. The use of plastic and metallic finishes, chrome surfaces accompanies virtually every modern room design.

Current emphasis in the design is a kind of incompleteness, incompleteness in the decoration of the room. This design is suitable for unusual, adventurous personalities. The simplicity of modern design allows many creative people to complement the room of personal ideas: the author’s picture, wall, manuscript, sculpture.

Modern apartment decorated in a minimalist style


Lighting design of the room

Light plays an important role in zoning. Increasingly rare in modern apartments Central lighting of the rooms, which is enough for the remote areas of the room. The modern solution is the use of point lighting, the use of various floor lamps and sconces, bright lights of the furniture.

To ensure maximum flow of natural light Windows in the rooms should be very open. It is not necessary to hang them thick heavy curtains and set them on the window sills are many flowers. Photos of apartment interiors in a Scandinavian style demonstrate different design solutions to provide room sufficient flow of natural light.

Apartment with partially exposed areas, living room and kitchen

A useful tip! To create appropriate contrast you can paint the window opening and sill bright paint that will complement the colors of the room and curtain window transparent, light curtains.

Well established Roman blinds, which in the daytime are open, providing maximum natural light for the room, and at night, fully adhering to the window, contributing to a comfortable sleep.

Décor for the wall can serve as frames of paintings and photographs

A useful tip! The window sill can be used as a tabletop, extending its dimensions.


The choice of modern furniture and decor

In the modern design of the premises should be a minimal amount of furniture. It must be made of high quality natural material, have a strict form, simple construction and enhanced functionality. These criteria perfectly fits mobile furniture, which can be used to increase the free space.

Zoning space using different colors of finishing materials

Despite the fact that the main requirement of contemporary design is minimalism, this does not preclude the use of the original elements. A good solution would be bed or sofa a non-standard shape coffee table unique design, interesting wardrobe combined with unusually decorated doors.

A useful tip! To create a more intimate atmosphere of the room, all the furniture should have rounded corners.

Easy mobile furniture can be moved anywhere in the room

For the design space we can use the unique statue, magnificent vases, elements of painting and sculpture, as seen in the photo of interiors of apartments in the style of Neoclassicism.

A touch of sophistication to the modern interior of the kitchen will make use of glass furniture. This can be tables, open shelving, which can be supplemented with elements of translucent plastic.

Kitchen-dining room with French Windows


Photos of interiors of small apartments in different styles

The standard layout of the modern apartments has a number of limitations of space. So the designer has to solve a lot of issues with smaller rooms in which to accommodate all functional areas and at the same time not to clutter the room with unnecessary furniture clearance for storing large items.

As a result of a long search of the overall design proposals formed the list of modern styles of interior. Each style combines the ability to fit several functional areas in the same territory, without violating the General harmony of the room.

Apartment interior in classic style: photo

Rooms are decorated in classical style, distinguished lush and rich decoration. Such luxury is typical for interiors of apartments in the Baroque style, photos clearly confirm this. This area is often used for large sized apartments with high ceilings, where a heavy crystal chandelier do not clutter up shared space.

This style is characterized by the use of vintage sofas and chairs, distressed cabinets, antique furniture, large mirrors with unusual shapes, bronze candle holders art paintings posted on the walls of the room. Photo classic interior design is clearly demonstrated.

The classic interior looks solemn and noble

As seen in the photo of apartment interior design in classic style, the facilities should be all the necessary furniture made of high-quality natural materials, and equipment to each member of the family did not feel deprived.

The decor of such rooms must be kept simple and concise. Together converge symmetry, simplicity and complete harmony. The quality of materials used stone, wood, wool, leather, cotton, as seen in the photo of interior design of apartments in a classic style.

The interior of the apartment in art Nouveau style: photos

Modern style plays safely with all sorts of varied shapes and flowing lines. Here in the first place is being built expressive perfection of form, then the emphasis is on convenience. Premises in the art Nouveau style is characterized by refinement, simplicity and minimalism. This style involves a lot of natural light, so great attention should be paid to the design of the Windows.

Purity, freshness and lightness in a room decorated in a modern art Nouveau, makes a crystal white color, which creates a cozy atmosphere that allows you to escape from everyday Affairs and dissolve in space. This interior should be diluted with bright items and accessories decor, which will give a certain liveliness and comfort of the home environment.

The art Nouveau style is characterized by clarity of forms and light playfulness

This style involves brevity and restraint in the colour design of the rooms. It is sufficient to use 2-3 shades of one color. The modernist does not accept the excessive oversaturation of the space with bright accessories, decor and flowers.

In the selection of furniture, the main emphasis is given to the combination of compactness and functionality. Therefore, an important will be the use of embedded technology and mobile furniture. Modern modern does not love the intricate, colorful patterns. To design the room will have natural wood, glass, stone, metal.

A distinctive feature of decoration in the art Nouveau style is the use of simple geometric shapes, emphasizing the simplicity and conciseness of design. Vases of regular geometric shapes, pots for indoor plants perfectly fit into the overall picture of the room.

Loft style in the interior of the apartment: photos

This style is suitable for the free, creative individuals with a flight of fancy, and have the right to put it into the design of your home. The room, decorated in this style, different free space without partitions, with high ceilings and lots of natural light, which provides overall window. The rooms are separated from each other by using the techniques of zoning. Clearly, such a design can be seen on the photo of apartment interior design American style.

American industrial style often used for decoration of apartments of young people

Furniture for such facilities should be modern and fashionable, made of natural material. Style eliminates bulky cabinets and drawers. All things are placed on open shelves or niches in the walls. It is clearly possible to look at photos of the interiors of small apartments, loft-style.

Walls can be decorated with rough concrete or brickwork. For lighting suitable spot lamps or long fluorescent lamps.

The loft has a special “attic” spirit


Apartment interior in minimalist style: photo

Architecture is considered one of the most common areas of modern design. This style eliminates the use of unnecessary details, a large number of furniture and bright color palette. The walls of the room should be light and uniform. For one of the walls, you can use blue concrete, with relief of natural or artificial stone, texture, cork panel.

A useful tip! Effectively for the minimalist look of the glass.

The architecture assumes a minimum of finishing materials and furniture

The ceiling should be done in clear, straight lines with smooth, solid texture. The furniture should be understated, simple, to blend with the overall space, creating a feeling of airiness. There must be a minimum of decorative elements. All personal belongings should be hidden from the eyes of others.


The interior apartments in high-tech style: photo

This is the direction most popular among today’s youth. This style is characterized by the use of new technologies that appear in finishing materials, furniture, and technology.

The high-tech style is characterized by the metallic and chrome elements

The room design is made with elements of unusual geometry, unconventional accessories, made in rich colors. It is widely used metal, plastic, glass.

For finishing the floor using self-leveling floors. The suspended ceiling is performed, silver or white. The furniture should be multifunctional, mobile, trendy and modern.

Modern hi-tech requires the availability of household appliances and electronics


Provence style in the interior of the apartment: photos

This style is characterized by simplicity, elegance, unobtrusive old and non-luxury. The room is decorated in bright colours. Walls can be decorated with a rough texture, bricks, stone, friezes, and decorative moldings. This design is visually displayed on the photo of apartment interior design in Provence style.

A useful tip! Some details in the interior to create a light aged effect.

French country style has a special romantic atmosphere

The furniture should be made of wood. You can also use wicker or wrought iron furniture with antique effect. Interesting photos of apartment interiors in the French style is clearly demonstrated. The ideal would be the use of antique buffets, dressers, sideboards, coffee tables.

Casual flair will make decorative items with pictures of flower motifs, various carving subjects. The textile should be chosen from muslin, chintz, sateen with a bright pattern, which will give the liveliness a plain boring room.

The interior style of Provence, you can use furniture made of pallets and pallets

When making a room in one of the modern styles should take into account all the peculiarities of this area.

The premises must be strictly observed rule of color combinations. All items of furniture and decor should be placed in their places, creating visual balance of the room. Do not overload the rooms with textiles, numerous colorful decorative elements.

Despite the chosen style, the living room should be free, comfortable and cozy, where every member of the family will feel happy.

Expert advice and tips in this article will help to create a modern and comfortable interior.


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