The laminate on the wall in the interior: pictures of walls with laminate

The laminate on the wall in the interior: a photo of design solutions of a very unusual, but they have their right to exist. Today to surprise someone with a non-trivial use of this clean floor covering anymore. As to the walls with laminate photo which can often be found, she began to have popularity among the most modern and fashionable designers.

Laminate flooring on the wall looks stylish and original

The contents

  • 1 Laminate on the wall in the interior: photo works
    in different rooms

    • 1.1 Hall – a contrast and its use
    • 1.2 Kitchen is a great alternative to tile apron
    • 1.3 Living room design accent
    • 1.4 Bedroom – decorating headboard
    • 1.5 Balconies and loggias – a great alternative to the paneling
    • 1.6 Attics and cottages
  • 2. Technology of finishing of walls with laminate photo and description
    the installation process

    • 2.1 the Peculiarities of installation on walls adhesive laminate
    • 2.2 How to attach the laminate blade on the walls
    • 2.3 Mounting on a wall surface of groove laminate
  • 3 Laying laminate on the wall (video)
The laminate on the wall in the interior: photo works in different rooms

Today, laminate flooring has become so versatile material that it is not the purely outdoor use. Moreover, some manufacturers produce a special laminate for the walls, having a system fastener that is more convenient for vertical surfaces. However, the conventional laminate is quite possible to apply to interior walls.

Wall partition lined with laminate

Hallway – contrast and its use

The hallway is often a small-sized room. Before the walls it is often trimmed with panels of lining. Everything is changing and siding today less and less used in the design of dwellings. In the hallway walls with laminate photo these options there are many design decisions are made on the principle of contrast. If the floor is covered with dark laminate flooring, the walls make the light and Vice versa. Not taken to close this material, the entire surface of the walls.

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Most often in the hallway make panel to a height equal to the length of the laminate or trim one of the walls completely, often one where there is furniture for the hallway.

The laminate on the wall in the hallway

A useful tip! It must be remembered that the horizontal panels visually expands the space, but also reduces it and increases the vertical height of the ceiling. In low small rooms to do vertical stacking. Horizontal suitable for high rooms.

Laminate contrast decorated the ledge in the bedroom

The kitchen is a great alternative to tile apron

In the kitchen with laminate often trim apron over the kitchen. I choose the colour so that it is sure to blend in with the facades of furniture. This apron is almost not inferior to ceramic wall tiles in performance. He is much cheaper and easier to install. Very easy to take care of the sanitary condition of the cooking area if the kitchen made wall decoration with laminate. Photo of these solutions impress with their cleanliness and tidiness very susceptible to contamination of space in the house.

Working kitchen wall laminate

Living room design accent

To decorate the walls of the room the laminate is already overkill. But to use this material as an accent on one wall or part of it – a very good design decision. It is very important for the living room. In this room with laminate often cover a wall or part of it, near which stands a dresser with a TV. Things like lighting and shelves with figures give the interior a beautiful and romantic look. The laminate is attached horizontally or vertically. Sometimes you can find finishes with the diagonal direction of the laminate panels.

For the decoration of the column in the middle of the living room used laminate

Bedroom – decorating headboard

Very perfectly in this room looks like laminate on the wall in the interior. Photos of the most interesting options to say that in the bedroom, it is customary to decorate the wall surface, which is located behind the headboard of a large bed. Select the panel in strict accordance with the furniture color. This creates the impression of a single headset. Finished with laminate on the wall can also hold a variety of shelves and accessories that give warmth and bring to life any interior.

Wall decoration with laminate in the bedroom

Balconies and loggias – a great alternative to the paneling

Today, many insulated loggias and balconies, creating for them comfortable conditions. As a finish coating on insulation laminate fits best. Laminate wood balcony looks very elegant. In addition, this material creates an additional layer of heat insulation. The only thing you need to worry about the quality of waterproofing insulation, as the laminate is afraid of too much moisture.

On the walls and floor of the balcony used finish laminate

Attics and cottages

Looks great attic on the wall in the interior. Photo, trimmed the material of the attic floor, indicate that designers prefer to mount the panel in large areas not only on walls, but also on sloped ceilings, and in different directions. For finishing the country house laminate fits perfectly. Because of its wood texture emphasizes the closeness to nature and creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in this rustic haven of comfort.

Laminate wall and ceiling attic spaces

Even casual touching finishes laminate walls of the various rooms, it becomes palpable the full potential of the use of this material in unusual locations. But how to implement it mount on vertical surfaces, unlike sex, where specific fasteners are not required?

Finishes for bathroom use moisture resistant laminate

Technology of finishing of walls with laminate photo and description the installation process

In contrast to laying laminate on the floor, decorating the walls of this coating involves some difficulties associated with the need for mounting panels. The method of fixation depends on the type of laminate. Today, there are three

  • The adhesive type laminate.
  • With bladed type of connection.
  • The sheet laminate.

Wall and floor in the bedroom has the same laminate

The peculiarities of installation on walls adhesive laminate

Feature of adhesive laminate is that it does not have special locks on the ends. For this reason, its mounting is possible only with the whole plane on a completely flat surface. So no question of installing sheathing can not go. Attach these panels directly on a flat wall with special adhesive composition, which is applied in zigzags on the rear surface of the panels and on the wall itself.

Laminate is practical and durable material

A useful tip! The best way to align the walls at the finish of the laminate is the installation of drywall on the frame. Panel adhesive laminate will perfectly adhere to the drywall sheets.

After alignment of the walls, they begin to glue the laminate. Possible to finish horizontally, vertically and diagonally. It should be noted that the use of adhesive laminate for the walls is not very convenient, so rarely used.

Walls laminate

As fixed bladed laminate on the walls

Bladed type of laminate, in contrast to the adhesive, has at the ends of a safety lock by which it is possible to fasten the panels together very tightly. In addition, these locks can drive small cloves or staples for fastening to the sheathing. Its installation in this case is mandatory. Do obreshetku from wooden bruskov 25Х50 mm, which was Packed to the walls at a distance of 20 – 25 cm. this will require a level of construction, dowels, and screws. From the tool you cannot do without a hammer, screwdriver and jigsaw.

The vertical location of the laminate on the wall

Consider how to attach the laminate blade on the wall. In the interior photos of this type of laminate dominate over the others because of the convenience of installation:

  • initially, the crate is constructed. To do this, each bar attached to the wall anchors with the screws. Mount produce strictly on the level, since even a slight deviation from it will cause deformation and will spoil the appearance of the wall;

On the wall of a country house laminate looks perfectly

  • panel laminate adhesively bonded to the sheathing with glue, lubricating both surfaces. After that, each bar is nailed small nails into the tongue of the lock. Carnation drive deeper, not to create an obstacle for the installation of the next panel.

Water-resistant laminate on the bathroom walls

A useful tip! For mounting the blade laminate is possible to use a construction stapler. Its bracket will securely fasten the panels to the sheathing. While they won’t be visible, and installation of the following panels they will be fine.

The laminate on the wall of the nursery

Surface mounting of wall mounted laminate

Lock design of this type of laminate is very durable and reliable. So it can be secured to wall with nails, staples and even small screws. It locks similar to the locks of the plastic wall panels, so the installation is identical with them. First is a crate, which then alternately beat laminate panels. Before mounting, you need to accurately measure to the whole panel is placed symmetrically.

Design wall panels using laminate in the office

Before you clean the walls with laminate photo available samples can be studied in more detail. This will help you to Orient in the desired style and choose a design. To make the finish yourself using the most common hand tools is easy, if you follow existing instructions.

Laying laminate on the wall (video)


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