The layout of the apartment

The residential real estate market currently offers buyers a variety of options, from the most modest to true luxury. Most of the apartments and houses suggests the typical layout, which is almost impossible to modify according to their tastes and needs, it can only slightly modify. Housing in new buildings, although much more expensive, gives you the opportunity to implement the ideas of the perfect home.

Feel like a Creator of your own cozy nest!

First we need to calculate what dimensions should have a new home. Made in Moscow norms – 18m2 for one person – rather designed on the basis of health indicators, but for the comfort this little. Future apartment should have enough space to ensure that its tenants do not felt uncomfortable, but not “lost” in its depths. So you need to keep in mind the number of family members, their occupations, the possibility of increasing family (birth of children), the risk of a correction of the space as a result of any change. To divide the apartment into functional zones, the corresponding purpose, to provide character and taste of living, their habits. A significant impact on the choice of the apartment will have conceived interior styling.

For example, the family of 3 will be comfortable in the apartment, whose area is 120-180 m2., that is, the person accounts for about 40-60 m2. Such apartments are most in demand in the elite real estate sector. For single people is considered appropriate apartment in 60-80 m2, as for large families in this case should be based on the calculation of 60-70 m2. Sometimes you will need extra space if the family has a housekeeper or a nanny with a permanent residence. This zone is called the zone staff.

The light in the apartment
The natural lighting of the apartment is another important aspect when choosing housing. As a rule, Windows in a large apartment placed on two or three sides of the world. The best option would be the apartment, whose Windows are in a straight East-West, then the illumination of the apartment will be the maximum.

A distinctive feature of apartments in new buildings are high ceilings in the 3.3-3.5 m2. This height allows you to install large Windows that, on the one hand, well, as the apartment becomes lighter, and the other involves a significant loss of heat. Due to the large window areas have to reduce the size of the radiators, or place them almost in the floor. All these details are considered by architects and engineers during the development phase of the project, and size of the Windows is calculated based on the individual characteristics of the building. Often there are big Windows in those houses, which are located in the Central part of the city, not too noisy, and offering a good view. Otherwise, increased the window parameters will be inappropriate.

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